Xiao Qing FR – Ritz Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Ritz Garden Hotel, PRC

Xiao Qing FR – Ritz Garden Hotel

Cheongster: KLBigDick

Two weeks back, my little brother gave me a holler cause he needed servicing after hibernating for 4 months, so thank Malaysia Women Life for provided me the contact of xiao Qing at Ritz Garden, and decided to gave her call, but was quite nervous cause I am very inexperienced in the cheonging scene. First I smsed her a few times, and fixed up a time, and arrived at the hotel and straight called her for room number afterwards. Her voice is really soft and sweet, as a result, help pumped my more blood into my ever growing little brother 🙂

Went to the the lift, saw an uncle inside, I pressed the floor number but Uncle hesistated and only pressed 2 where the spa is located when the lift was already at the third floor :), I guess Uncle was scared I would look down on him cause he was attemping some sexual escapade 🙂
Reach the floor and Knocked on her door, she hid behind it, and gave a nice smile, immediately felt welcome. Face is ok only,body is small and petite, little tummy fat and slightly saggy boob (see below for detailed ratings). I sat on the bed, she came onto my lap, and touching my brother, and invited me for bath, then she complimented me on my big sized little brother, saying it’s both big and long.
After bath, she gave me a very comfy ice and hot water treatment on my body, then BJ, but I requested CBJ cause I still want to catch the next world cups in 2014 and 2018… but I think her initial moaning was fake when she was giving me catbath, during the catbath, she also gave me the boobs squeezing the cock action, didn’t feel anything cause her boobs are not big enough lol. Nonetheless, she followed the CBJ by sitting on top of me, followed by missionary, and doggie, back to she on top and finally missionary, I think she got multiple organisms cause she told me that and her reactions showed that, 🙂 In the end, we both got very sweaty and I had unleash my months of stress onto her.

Took a shower and left, RM120+RM30 tips….

Name: Xiao Qing
Age: 24, student, she claimed
Hometown: Guilin, speak mandarin and a bit cantonese
Face: 7/10
Body: Small and petite, I think 152cm, 45kg
Cup Size: B Cup
FK: no kissing, not dare
Catbath: 7/10
CBJ: 7.5/10, no suction sound, but hardworking
Finfering: No, not allowed
FJ: 8/10, accomodating, no rush
GFE: 8/10
Moaning: 8/10, quite seductive
hygiene: very clean, no bad breath, no body odor, no stinking pussy

Room: air cond not cold enough, but she has several clean towers ready which is a plus….

Fellow brothers may go try her, but please treat people with respect and dignity because they are human after all and all men/women are created equal.


*** Xiao Qing will back to China about end of June, please try her quickly. ***
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