Unbelievably good BBBJ – CKT Melody

Unbelievably good BBBJ – CKT Melody

Master: Adrian

Got number from webmaster and went to contact her to make appointment.

Meet her around noon, she seems a little in a rush since I was there already and she’s not. Quickly get changed and started with b2b massage, for those who like a good massage I would recommend it.

Bbbj, it was unbelievably good. She got the techniques and know exactly how to please my little brother

She turn her pussy toward me after 5 mins of BJ. I’m DATY guy, so it was fine. But no fingers allowed.

Then CG, after about 5 mins she ask to change position so go for missionary and she surprisingly came very fast, so I shot along.

Then ask me to lay down as she is cleaning litter brother. After that chit chat a bit, paid and left.

Name : Melody
Face: 6/10
Body: 6/10, broad &  tummy, a bit heavy
Skin : 7/10 smooth & fair
Boobs: 8/10 (36E)
Ass: 6/10
Pussy: 7/10
Massage: 7/10 pretty good than most
Bbbj: 9/10
FJ: cw and missionary only
Gfe: 7/10
Wir: maybe

Remark: She all Malay and Chinese 🙂

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: CKT

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37 Responses to “Unbelievably good BBBJ – CKT Melody”

  1. Kac says:

    Boss how to contact her? So pm ?

  2. Leo says:

    Boss, need contact pls hehe Are_Ref101@yahoo.com

  3. Kac says:

    Brother in arms. Do share contact. Thanks in advance?

  4. Kac says:

    Contact pls brother in arm. Much appreciated ??

  5. Kay says:

    Boss can you share contact with me? Wanna try while im in KL

  6. Nk says:

    Pls share a contact nkum30@gmail.com


  7. chickenriceseller says:

    hi bro can send to me at stella.artois@hotmail.com.hk

  8. Horny boy says:

    Do share her contact asap, would be interested in the next 24 hours

  9. EzGoing Guy says:

    Pls pm me her contact. Thx Bro…

  10. abangnik says:

    Hai bro.. pls email me her contact

  11. Adam says:

    Bro need the contact urgently adamshanns69@gmail.com

  12. Stan says:

    Contact number please.


  13. MassimoReddy says:

    Bro… sharing is caring. Please share contact

  14. jack says:

    bro, can share contact number?. Thanks

  15. Puddy says:

    pm her number pls boss.

  16. John Yang says:

    Hi brother, I appreciate if you can kindly email me her contact.

  17. Sonic says:

    Hi bro can you please share me her contact? My email is ultramarine_930@hotmail.com

  18. Jj says:

    Bro please give me her contact way, 0178786616

  19. Hg says:

    Hi bro can share contact?? 0142324329 or gg_account1@yahoo

  20. Wooi says:

    Can i have melody contact

  21. Wooi says:

    Can i have melody contact 0169954641

  22. BTa says:

    Bro can share her contact

  23. BTa says:

    Bro can please share her contact number

  24. Frozen says:

    Contact please dude

  25. Sonic says:

    I have her contact. Whoever wants can email me at sonicaudio93@gmail.com

  26. Jay says:

    Can pm me the details? Thanks bro

  27. Law says:

    Everyone ask for her contact ans no one had? If anyone got please reply. Tqvm

  28. con says:

    I need contact!!!!

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