The Lady Next Door – Xiao Ya, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Cheras, Caliber Hotel

The Lady Next Door – Xiao Ya

Cheongster: LUV2SAG

The Lady Next Door

When to visit Xiao Ya this afternoon. She just woke up and with light makeup … man … i think i prefered her with light makeup .. she really looks like those Lady next door that you really wanna bonk. Her sis Yang Yang was there but seeing red.

Enough talks … Here’s the FR:
Name: Xiao Ya
Place: Cheras
Origin: PRC
Age: Who cares

Face: With MakeUp (6.5/10), With Light Makeup (7.5/10), pretty fair

Body: 8/10 Thin and fit. nice waist line. Firm butts, smooth skins …. really like
baby skin …. hardly can find any pimple scar.

Boobs: 9/10 34C??? … i dunno … but is one of the best boobs for a WL …..

Pussy: 8/10 Trimmed. Clean. Nice clit. Lips a bit darker compared to her skin. no smell … she will wipe herself with BABY TISSUE before u DATY

Ass: 7/10 Nice shape, firm

DFK: Yes

BBBJ: 7.5/10 Yes, with some teeth action, finger will play with your balls


FJ: 8/10 Accomodating, changed a few positions. ack and reack nicely

GFE: 8/10 Very good, offer u drinks, wash ur entire body with. Even playing naugthy by telling me to put baby lotion on her back …. reminds of those HOT
CHICK on the beach ….


Damage: RM100.


Firstly, Xiao Ya and her sister Yang Yang are back for the next 20 days!

Yesterday’s weather was nice and I was horny. Took and punt and called XY number as it had been on voicemail for the last week or so. Have been wanting to try her ever since her FR was posted. Got a pick-up and quickly asked where she was based. (As I learned later, she has changed hotel and no longer at Mxxxxi). She just landed the night before. Had to call the hotel number she SMS to get the address as I couldn’t understand her. Quickly made my way there….

Knock knock on the door. YY opened the door and I went in. Asked which 1 was XY and YY pointed to the 1 sitting on the bed.

Slim and quite pretty lady. Very difficult to think that she is over 30! Dyed frilly hair with make up. Sharp features. Party girl look. Not a girl with the look you would bring back home to meet mum, unless you want her to have a heart attack!

“Yau Suang Fei ma?” (Want double fl?) she asked

“Wou Pu Hui” (I don’t know how) I answered and she didn’t insist further. Gave her my Durex featherlite ultima and she smiled. They always smiled when I bring my own.

She stripped naked. (She was wearing a funny looking G-string). Very gorgeous body! My type. I like! Slim with a very nice part of large boobs. Fit with nice firm tummy. Very nice cleavage before she took her bra off and she knew how to show off her assets. I got naked as well for shower. Pretty strange to have 2 girls in 1 room but I’m not the shy type so stripped naked in front of both of them.

She showered me and wash me thoroughly, including giving me a mouth gargle.

Got out and dried myself and plonk myself on the bed with YY looking and smiling. I smiled back. She later locked herself in the bathroom when XY came out.

She came over me and we DFK to start things rolling. Lots of tongue play while I fondled her very nice firm boobs. This is the third Szechuan girl I have encountered who has very firm and large-for-Chinese boobs. Must be something in their genes.

She moved down for a long and shiok catbath before giving me a nice BBBJ. Her BBBJ skill is good without overpowerful sucking. Just the way I like it. Warm and moist with good up-and-down speed as well as variations. I gestured for her to turn so that I could feel her so she turned 90 degrees to me while still blowing me away. “Kuo lai” (Come over) I said and she straddled my face for a 69. Nice clean and trimmed pussy. DATY only the clitoris for a while with her moaning away. After 5-6 minutes of BBBJ, she capped me.

“Ne te tai hen hou. Hen pau” (Your CD is very good. Very thin) she commented. “Wou sian lai?” (I go first?)

She inserted my did slowly, closed her eyes and moaned.

Pussy felt quite nice and tight. She moved herself slowly forward and backward to get the rhythm started. “Hen chiu mei yu chuo. Hen shuang” (Haven’t f*** for a long time. Feels very nice). I could feel the gliding getting smoother as her juice started flowing. Grabbed her ass and assisted from below with slow deep penetration. “Ahhh….ah….”. I could feel my didi touching her cervix. Held her close to my body and speeded up my pace but she couldn’t stand it. “Ne lai pa” (Your turn) she said.

She laid down and spread her legs. I went in between and guided my did in. “Uuuhhh” she moaned and closed her eyes. I slowly let my whole didi in and just held it there but made small grinding movement with my hips. “Uuuhhhh” she moaned and sucked her breathe. We DFK somemore. I leaned forward and buried my face next to her neck and kissed it while pumping her slowly with my hips. Only at moderate pace but going deep fully with each stroke.

I then hooked the back of her knees above my arms and pumped her with long and deep strokes increasing my pace a little. After a few strokes, I held both her wrists down over her head and she gave an apprehensive look. Smiled at her and dived down to give her left inner arm my special catbath, flickering my tongue all the way down to the side of the body to the edge of the left breast. She “Ahhh….” and “Ohhh….” while arching her body. I then moved towards the nipple and gave it a catbath. “Hen yang. Bu te liao. ….Hen shuang” she moaned. Can feel her wetness increasing.

Putting both her legs over my chest/shoulders and with both hands making a fist, I supported myself on my outstretched arms with my back straight and pumped her deep and hard. “Phiak Phiak Phiak” as we made heavenly contact. “Tung ma?” (Painful?) I asked when I noticed her frown. “Bu. Hen shuang” (No. Feels nice). Nice to see the whole didi going all the way in, going nearly all the way out before plunging in to the hilt again. Went of for a while. Very tiring move so not easy to come. Must have pumped quite a bit of air in because when I pulled out to change to doggy, she let out some pussy fart. Hee hee.

She gave me a satisfied CFM look and said “Ni hou li hai” as we changed to doggy. I held my covered helmet over the heavenly gate and stroke it up and down for a while spreading the wetness before plunging it in. She moved her legs together, increasing her grip. Not my usual style as I prefer the lady’s legs apart while my legs are inside hers during doggy. Slightly uncomfortable but never mind. Pumped away holding her nice ass. The slightly out of usual style and slight discomfort meant I was a long way from cumming. Played with her back door and elicited no protest. “Hmmmm….maybe got chance here” I was thinking. Inserted tip of my thumb slightly and played with the area between front and back door. No protest, more moaning and could feel the pussy tightening spasmodically.

Tucked a pillow under her abdomen and pressed her down to lie nearly flat. “Yao se che pian ching ma? (Wanna try to go in here?) I asked while pressing her anus. Without waiting for a reply, I leaned forward and thrusted. I thought I went in the backdoor as it felt nice but alas it was the frontdoor I entered. I wthithdrew and steadied my didi and took aim. I pressed it on the front of the backdoor and tried to push it in. High resistance and she withdrew in protest. “Wou pu kan” (I don’t dare) she said. Without further persuasion, I plunged it through the front door. I supported myself on outstretched arms and straight back and pumped for a few stroke. Tired already and cannot do for long, so just leaned forward and kissed her shoulder and back while grinding my hips to and fro. I moved in slow strokes so that I could feel my didi literally rubbing the front of her vagina with each thrust. She was high in heaven and moaned, saying that just come back to work already cumming so many time. Hee hee.

Requested for a rest and cuddled in a sideway position and kissed. Didi also slightly sore. Laid back and requested her to go on top so she did so. Started pumping me in a squatting position. After a few hard stroke I protested saying it was causing me pain. So she started her grinding back and forth cowgirl. Very vigorous and amazing to see. Also got to handle both the headlights simultaneously. Went on for a while but honestly this position is “good to see but not really good to eat” so to speak. Will never come as I couldn’t tell if didi still up or not inside. Hee hee. “A bit painful” I said, trying to think of an excuse for her to give me a break. “If painful cannot come” I added. She got off and came to lie on my side. She gave me a brief DFK before catbathing my nipple and gently stroking my didi. I then requested for a reverse cowgirl. She inserted and pumped for a few strokes before I asked her to lean backward towards me. She was inexperience in this position so had to guide where to put her hands. Lifted her hips up and pumped from below. Quite shiok as I could play with her clit from the front but alas not the best performer . Just couldn’t get the long stroke feel as she tended to squeeze her thighs together and she couldn’t relax her hips region (Vivi is still the best for this!).

“Hou mian lai” (Doggy) I requested. This time I positioned her legs so that they were outside mine and pumped away. Pumped for a long time until sweating like mad. She was moaning loudly away. Increased my speed greatly and finally unloaded in waves after waves of ecstasy.

Rested for a while before she came to remove my CD and went into the bathroom. As I followed her in, YY came out and gave me a cheeky smile. “Ni hou li hai”. “Bu hou ee tze” I apologized for keeping her too long in the bathroom. Hope she enjoyed the sound effects.

XY gave me a manja slap on my chest and said “Ni tai li hai le” before washing me up.

Chit chat for a while. XY looks great in her low cut tight shirt. Very eye catching cleavage. She requested me to try out her sister next time.

Paid and left.


Name: Xiao Ya
Place: Hotel in Cheras
Origin: PRC – Szechuan
Age: Apparently >30 but unbelievable.
Looks: Party girl. Fair.
Body: Thin and fit. Amazing.
Boobs: Yummy and big and firm and perfect and …..
Pussy: Trimmed. Clean. Nice clit. Lips a bit darker compared to her skin.
Ass: Nice shape
DFK: Yes (Hindsight: Probably shouldn’t do)
BBBJ: Yes (Hindsight: Probably should have requested CBJ)
DATY: Yes (Hindsight: Probably shouldn’t do)
FJ: Accomodating
Anal: No
CIM: Didn’t try. No my fav.
Sound effects: genuine
GFE: Very good. No rush.
Doublefly: Preferred but did not try.
WIR: Yes
Damage: Unbelievable for Rm100.

She is a gem. Ever fantasize about those slim gorgeous and sexy looking girls you see in the shopping mall?

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