The joyful meeting with NL Erin [Happy Ending]

The joyful meeting with NL Erin [Happy Ending]

Master: Gan

I got her number from webmaster. Since, I always have this curiosity to try a NL for a long time but I didn’t had any contacts of NL. Luckily and thankfully I got a NL’s number. 

I texted her a day after in the evening after I got her contact. After two hours, she replied me and let me know the operating time of the massage shop that she works. When I asked her “only batin ke?” and she said “cite kat kedai”. Damnnnn. This spiked my hormones and I knew that I’m gonna be high on dopamine. After that, I booked my session with her straight away. Drive to here in Bt.Caves.

I was late as usual making myself as a typical Malaysian as you guys know!!! Hihihihihi…. Once reached here place I called her and she guide me to her place via whatsapp. First impression on her was that she’s a MILF and I knew that she’s in her early 30’s. She greeted me and guided me into the room. I paid for the massage session first at the counter. 

After that, I undressed myself, and laid on the mattress. She begin the massage session. While the massage session was going on I chit chatted her and get to know about her exact age and etc. She massaged my back first, and then legs followed by my arms. After completing the back massage; she said “pusing”. 

With excitement I turned over. She continued to massage my legs and thighs. The moment of truth that I was waiting for came as she asked me “nk extra tk?” I asked what she offers as extra and she said that she’ll get half naked for RM50 and full naked for RM100. Without hesitating I said “buka atas & bawah laa”. She asked me to pay first and I did it straight away. She started to undress one by one, first her shirt then her shorts. ‘KABOOM’ two C cup melons where hanging out as she took of her bra. She came and sat beside me and let me play with her saggy melons. 

Finally, a dream of having fun with a NL comes true. I licked it and sucked it as she moans softly at some points as she was caring on handjob session. Then, she started the batin session which was painful. Urghhh…

During the batin session she asked me “awak nak main dgn saya tk?” It hit me up!!! I said yes of course I want…. She said that would cost me another extra RM100 and I agreed for that and paid straight away as she requested.

She slide down her panties and she removed it. Then, she reach her bag and grabbed a condom and she made my didi hard with handjob as I fingered her warm pussy. She capped me on and she requested for missionary and I was okay with it. Slowly inserted my didi as her warm pussy welcomed my didi in her and she said “slow slow ahhh I dah 2 minggu tk kene”. 

Well, after fully inserted I banged her as I wished. After reaching the climax point I released my soldiers in her with capped on. Then, she asked me to rest as she massaged my legs and arms. I was still holding her juicy melons and playing with her nipples. After few minutes as the massage session was over, I went and cleaned myself. Dressed up and all set to go with a satisfaction of tasting a NL.

I will go for her again in the upcoming times.

Name: Erin
Race: NL Malay
Age: 31
Face: 6.5/10
Body: 6/10 – MILF
Boobs: 7/10 – C cup/ Moderately Saggy
Pussy: Nicely shaved and warm
Batin: 9/10 – Although it was painful it was done as how it should be done it actual way.
Massage: 8/10
WIR: Yes
Overall: 8/10 (For her massage + batin + extra)
Damage: 100 for massage (200 for extra)

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She serve all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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  1. PAMMY CHAN says:

    hello there…
    can u share her contact number?im also NL hunting…curios to try NL.
    Tqcvm brother.

  2. Zainol says:

    Can share her number

  3. Jack says:

    If u dont mind can share her contact no

  4. Shawn says:

    Bro, would you mind to share contact? Always craving to feel NL. Haha

  5. TK says:

    How to contact? Rindu NL

  6. fareez fareez says:


  7. CK Yap says:

    Bro,share me the contact pls! Wanted to try NL long long time ago

  8. BigmanHe says:

    Share contact please

  9. Andy says:

    Hi master, how can I get her contact number? Thanks!

  10. Robert says:

    Contact please

  11. Deal says:

    Can share contact no?

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