The Hungry Ah Ling

The Hungry Ah Ling

Master: Eric

Was setting appintment with her and she said 2:30pm at the mention location which is easy to reach.
Wait at the room number inform by her,suddenly knock knock,i open up the door, WOw! Wow! Wow! This is the type of MILf everyone is sourcing at!.

Chit chat awhile then naked both of us went for a cleaning session.

Came out from cleaning session she had change to another type of person! The Wild One! Guys! If you cant shoot double at her she will feel uncomfortable,she is Nasty!Wild!Naughty!Hardcore!

She blowjob me holly cow…..from slow…slow…until you feel that youre in heaven…and she will asked are you ok? Comfortable? Of course!.

Then i said is my turn to service you…
I lick her nipples her breast just nice to hold a bit saggy,and i insert my middle finger slowly inside her vagina slowly…slowly… she start to moan aaaahhhhhh…….aaaaahhhhhh……aaaahhhh….harder pls requested by her……i had try my best but she is still not satisfied eventually i am tired i took my middle finger out and is wet like no tomorrow ! Sigh! She shout at me! Wtf!

Pls put it back inside your Finger! I am on the orgasm mode Now! I had to put it back and finger her until the bed sheet was WET! Holy moly ! Then the harder i finger the harder she Moan! Damn loud! Eventually she asked for 2 finger! I say sorry i cant i am tired ! Then she said lets do it! Now! I am high! I was like kena Raped dgn auntie ! Damn high! Damn good Ah Ling!

And she is looking for second from me after i blow up then i told her next time cause i am very tired in serving you,you are really a legend on bed.

Guys treat her gentle and nicely and you will get from her a nice one !

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT

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