The hidden thosai shop – Abi

The hidden thosai shop – Abi

Master: Ind ian

Was the usual day looking for a rub down and had the sudden urge for a regular at pj was not available so decided hunt for  massage by thosai..friend of mine gave me the ctc,  quickly call and ask for pricing..they said 110 for full body massage and left a hint that “others discuss with ML’

Was surprised they said last call was at 11pm (location is in the middle of an industrial area). Had quite a tough time finding the shop as they had no sign boards..called back the center and they guided me.Was greeted by the counter lady and after asking for 1hr massage she showed me the bad luck it was the first room and only think curtain between reception and room.

then the thosai ML came..typical local thosai look..not the dino type luckily..stated massage with chit chat.. massage was really good with strong fingers. As usual started asking more on MP and she mentioned that there was 4 workers, 2 offered b2b. I asked her y she did not give, she said because her boobs too big..(was really voluptuous) and giggled.

after continuing and came towards batin time, she open the “offer”. finally settled for bbbj and ar..unfortunately could not ask for full AR cause of room placing. she straight cont with bbbj. was really good untill bro was instantly up..she gave a good bbbj session i got tired because cannot cum. she was so nice and said nvm i HJ for you..after continuing for a while finally unloaded and left. she was very accommodating and was asking to return. Can definitly kautim for more services after few visits..i think even Fj would not be a prob if you get the room at the back. she asked to be quiet with the place as shops around think its a beauty parlour.

This place is for tosai lookers but service is above par.. their signboard is at the back lane (near melaka restaurant).. front access is above nsk electrical shop. (10am-10pm normally ). contact no. available

Name: abi
Age:30+ early
Race:local Indian lass
Pussy: na
Ass: very seductious and rounded.
Massage : 9/10
BBBj : 7.5/10 good suction
GFE: 8/10..can chit chat well..all races welcome..advantage if can talk tamil

Damage: 150 for massage, ar + batin + bbbj
Location kota damansara
WIR: yes, other got offer B2B and FJ (price all in total can nego to abt 180)

Location: Kota Damansara
Category: Indian

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61 Responses to “The hidden thosai shop – Abi”

  1. daz says:

    Can Give the number broo?

  2. ranok says:

    Bro can share the shop ctc number?

  3. Kevin says:

    Number pls

  4. jay says:

    Can u share the contact

  5. David says:

    Bro can share contact pls

  6. kavin says:

    contact no pls bro. thank you

  7. Giant81 says:

    Bro, can share the contact no. pls

  8. Jay says:

    Please send contact and pics to always wanted to try thosai but never got a chance

  9. poo says:

    Bro can share contact pls..wanted to try thosai

  10. qaa says:

    Please share contact details thanks

  11. Mike Dave says:

    I need her contact no pls

  12. mf says:

    May i have the contact no please.Tq

  13. razak says:

    Email number bro

  14. nikon nikon.. says:

    bro can i have the shop name..

  15. Jack says:

    Bro . Please give me the contact no bro..

  16. adam says:

    I’m also have a liking for thosai. Can I know where exactly is this located at kota damansara?

  17. Adrian.Ray says:

    Bro i have a huge liking for thosai. and i can speak tamil can you help me ha…. kindly give me contact details to that beauty parlour 😉

  18. Joe says:

    Bro . Please give me the contact no bro..

  19. lidahbuaya says:

    Bro share no hp tosai Abe…

  20. niceg says:

    Bro, can you please send name and address of the place to thanks

  21. Jake says:

    Hi, Can i get her contact number? thanks

  22. Jake says:

    Hi, Can i get her contact number? thanks

    PM me ( )

  23. eric says:

    Hi, Can i get address of the place and contact no? thanks

    PM me ( )

  24. gijoe says:

    i’m also have a liking for thosai. Can I know where exactly is this located at kota damansara?

  25. sam says:

    Bro can share contact pls

  26. Sycog says:

    Bro share me the contact number.. thanks

  27. cool jack says:

    hi contact no for hidden thosai shop – Abi, pls


  28. ALPACINO78 says:

    can send the contact number bro.. 012-3753425

  29. Mike says:

    Bro, contact pls.

  30. Rasta says:

    Please pm me 0162645373

  31. jokumar says:


    Please share the contact no to


  32. raj says:

    Golden key pls and contact

  33. Viknesh says:

    Bro can give contact num?

  34. Shan says:

    I got the contact… we can exchange

  35. Alan says:

    Contact number please

  36. Ken says:

    contact no pls bro. thank you

  37. Sasikumar says:

    Plss send the num bro.. Thank you

  38. Ricky says:

    Pls sent me the number bro

  39. Paul says:

    Bro pls share contact and location sms 0126315447

  40. Suriyaakumar.s says:

    Bro pls send me contact

  41. roy says:

    Hi,golden key and phone nmb pls.. thanks

  42. hazze says:

    bro.. Share contact and location.. tq

  43. Joe says:

    Call 0133682115

  44. Joe nathan says:

    Call 0133682115
    Location Pls wt contact no

  45. Jason says:

    Mind sharing the contact?

  46. Raj says:

    can share contact number

  47. Naidu says:

    Contact num pls?

  48. Jon says:

    Any got her ctc pls?

  49. Satish says:

    can i know the thosai shop name ??

  50. Banner says:

    Please email number. thanks

  51. shobi says:

    Can i have golden key and phone num please. Tq

  52. thosailover says:

    can give me number for thosaishop please?

  53. Silverneo says:

    Pls share the location and contact MP

  54. awwie says:

    share the contact no please

  55. Hhh says:

    Location pls

  56. Playboytown says:

    Hi hi hi
    Can be exchange contact if u give me this location and details

  57. Ronney says:

    Pm her number

  58. James Raj says:

    Please share with me the contact pls –

  59. Crazy danny says:

    Bro need contact @

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