Sweet and Friendly Kimmy FL

Sweet and Friendly Kimmy FL

Master: Tom

Name: Kimmy
Age: 29
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Malaysia

By now I believe from the literature my fellow brothers probably already know that Kimmy is a very lovely and friendly (talkative) FL. I know it’s not fair to judge a person by a mere 2 hours encounter, but what I can say about her is that she’s simply a kind hearted person trying to make some extra cash. Maybe not the best Girl Friend Experience I have ever had, but at least I felt like F-ing a friend, no rush at all. 

The encounter:
I can already feel that she’s a nice person thru the SMS exchange I had with her. We had to reschedule our appointment a few times but she is still very accomodating and we finally found a free slot and I straight away confirmed. She prefers for customers to check-in first, or at least check-in together, mainly because she got FFG a few times before. Fair enough. I even felt like she’s a bit insecure when we walked to the room because she kept on saying sorry when we first met because she didn’t have time to ‘make up cun cun’ (as she put it). 

First impression:
Face: Not awfully beautiful but pretty nonetheless (7/10)
Skin: Fair, clean and smooth (8/10)
Height: Average about 160+/-
Body: Average w no tummy (approx. 34-26-35)
Boobs: 34B with small pinkish nipple
Pussy: Very thin bush with pinkish abalone
Overall looks: with clothes (5/10) naked (7/10)

The action: 
I told her I’m in a bit of a rush today so she undressed right away when we reached the room. She let me hold her boobs (handy) while she unbuttoned my shirt, but my lil brother remained calm. She offered to shower me and I said yes please. 

She took her time showering me front and back. When I’m done she showered herself while I wait (impatiently) on the bed. When she’s done, she wispered to me asking me to relax while she catbath my whole body. She spent a few minutes licking my backhole and it felt great. Finally she asked me to turn around and continued to catbath me. Before I know it, she BBBJ me while her fingers gently tickle my balls and nipples. It was very relaxing. Her tongue movement was superb and I nearly exploded (twice!) before I had to stop her. She said ‘lama tak kongkek ye’ while smiling and I said ‘yes, nearly one week’. I know that she knows (and vice versa) that this is going to be a pretty quick session. I remember saying to myself ‘shit this girl is so nice and I want to have a long fuck with her, so please lil brother, not too quick please’. 

After a good 10 minutes, she capped me and asked what’s my favorite position. ‘Want to fuck already?’ I said to myself. I actually wanted to Daty but somehow I didn’t say anything and just let her do her staff. She raped me with cow girl position + B2B for a few mins before I turned her around and took control. Picked her up and doggy her in-front of the mirror. She moaned so loud (didn’t feel like she was faking it) and I felt her pussy squeezing me and and moaned even louder and I knew she reached her peak already. So since my ego already satisfied, I brought her back to the bed and asked her to cowgirl me again and she obliged. Since this is my favorite position, it didn’t take long before I exploded. She smiled while she is still on top of me and said ‘wait here, I’ll clean you up’. 

Catbath: Nice naughty licking job (7/10)
BBBJ: Very good tongue and finger technique (9/10)
Cow girl: Nice B2B while F-ing (7/10)
Doggy: Felt like a pornstar (8/10)
Daty & DFK: Didn’t get to try, will do next time
Overall GFE: Talk like she knows you, and blows like she care (7/10)

After she showered me, we talked like old friends do and later, walked out the hotel together. We talked so much she almost forgot to ask me for the money (until I reminded her, haha). 

Damage: RM250 including room + RM10 for the cab
WIR: I very rarely RTF, but for sweet kimmy, will probably do. 
Recommended for: shy / stressed out guys who prefer sweet girls (without tummy)

Guys, treat her nicely and she’ll make you happy. 

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  1. masti says:

    hi – Can you please give me Kimmy’s contact. thx

  2. skyhawkdarren says:

    Hi can u give me kimmy contact number? Thx

  3. skyhawkdarren says:

    Hi bro can u give me kimmy contact number? Thx you

  4. Ivan says:

    Contact please.

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