Super BBBJ lick the balls – Jenny(pic)

Super BBBJ lick the balls – Jenny(pic)

Master: Ninja

This is my first FR, so bear with me.

Saw her advert saying she can do unlimited shots for rm300, what a deal. So decided to contact her.
After a few minutes of asking her package, she drop me the location via maps. So I drove there. Walked up to the door.

Door open. Wahlaowei so cute, so sexy lor lingerie. Big boobs make my Didi want to salute oredi.
Went in, small chat asking me what I like. Then she say she can do AR but shower 1st.
Went to clean up. Then action starts.

Started by licking my nipple while her hand stroke my didi. Quite gentle and nice without too much painful suction. Moved down to the didi. Surprisingly good at the BBBJ. Fairly good suction with aided hand action. Licked the whole length of the shaft then flicked her tongue at the tip before continuing with the BBBJ and repeat. 

On and off took a breather by going to lick the balls. I complimented her on her BBBJ skill and she chuckled and wanted to know who intro her. Reached down and tried to finger her pussy. Damn. She had applied KY. Did not proceed further as a bit put off by this.

So let her BBBJ for a bit longer. Asked her to cap me when I was beginning to feel a bit bored. Action started with forward cowgirl. Up and down type. Real moans as they come only when I went really deep. Very disappointed because her pussy felt very loose and had no grip at all! Didn’t allow FK so just gently squeezed her small boobs while she rode me. 

Tit not big enough to reach my mouth in this position. Ha ha. She pumped quite hard and quite tirelessly for a PRC. Almost hurting my lil’ bro so I grabbed her ass and control her tempo a bit. This also enabled me to time my pumping from below. Told her to slow down as she was hurting me a bit and she pumped harder. Damn. I think she didn’t think I would last and was trying to hurry things up. Sneaky.

Stopped the cowgirl before the pain caused didi to retreat and changed to doggy. Pump pump pump. Noticed her skin near her back got small soft ‘bulu bulu’. Same thing. No grip so had to grab her ass and pump harder and faster to compensate.

Tired. Changed to missionary. Did my usual rounds of variations. She was damn ticklish when I bend over to lick her small pink nipples and inner arm. Giggled away like a small girl. Licked her calf when I did the “legs together straight up” variations and elicited some more giggles. However couldn’t convince her to FK.

Missionary went on for quite sometime and then she volunteered to be on top again. Actually took a breather to adjust her hair which broke the flow of things a bit. Anyway, she accommodated my request for a reverse cowgirl. Hurray! Finally got a PRC to do this! She did the squatting style first and pumped away. This position made her pussy have more grip so I just laid back and enjoy while grabbing her ass to control the tempo. This girl was damn hard working! Didi again starting to hurt a little bit due to her hard pumping so asked her to lean back. Yipee! So grabbed her ass to steady her and pumped from below. She yelp when I went deep. Reached around to tickle her clit a bit but too difficult to multitask so continued to do my deed.

Very damn tired so tried for the last dash in doggy again. Pumped away. Felt lil’ bro protesting and hurt from the hard pumping. Saw lil bro retreating in front of my eyes so laid down and ask her to TFK. Lil bro struggled to pay attention for a while before regaining the rigidity. She took off the CD and wank away after applying gel. She had very long finger nails so could only only make a ring with the thumb and index finger to wank! 

Ha ha. She was damn tired with the TFK until she had to take a break to “shake” her hands as lil bro’s stamina today was very good. Then she did the TFK with both hands on the shaft! (Both making rings lah, I’m not that long). I would say her HJ skill was not great as she tended to hurt it when she got impatient. The double hand grip felt better although she turned down my request for a CIM. Finally shot the load after nearly 10 min of TFK.

Name: Jenny
Nationality: ckt
Face: 8/10
Boob: 9/10
Pussy: Shaven.
Service: 10/10
Damage: 250, 300 unlimited
WIR: Yes

Location: Subang Jaya
Category: CKT
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

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  1. Sonic audio says:

    The 300 for unlimited had a time limit or not?

  2. Michael says:

    Share contact pls

  3. supermankm says:

    I read it well. Interesting.
    Can I get the golden key through email?

  4. Fairy says:

    Bro, can share contact? Tq

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