Session with NL Ann

Session with NL Ann

Master: Shane

This encounter took place at somewhere near Bkt Jalil. 

For me it was quite difficult to find the place as it’s quite deep. Anyway I got the contact from a friend and texted her. She replied after about an hour and we agreed to a time the next day. I arrived and parked downstairs while waiting for her to text me her exact location. 

she instructed me to go to a certain level before taking the stairs to her unit. As expected, the place was small but tidy. Anyway, her friend opened the door and we went into s small room. There was no aircon though and it was kept cool with a ceiling fan. The room was also very dark. She asked me to pay first before the action started. 

Actually, nothing much special to talked about since the rest was just standard operating procedures. I laid flat and let her do the action of bj and riding. After about 20 minutes, everything was released. It felt good for a moment. I couldnt stay for a 2nd round so I decided to leave. 

Note: There was no shower available, that’s one of the reasons why I didnt stay.

Name: Ann
Age: Looks like 25
Looks: 3/10
Size: Average height but big size
FJ: 7/10
BJ: 6/10
Price: 150

Location: Bukit Jalil
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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9 Responses to “Session with NL Ann”

  1. awok says:

    sila bagi no. telefon untuk dihubungi. berminat ni area KL

  2. Kevin says:

    Bole minta no anne itu bro?

  3. Arul says:

    bro, can i have her contact?

  4. AhWan says:

    Boss pm me number n golden key plz

  5. bossman says:

    master shane….please do share her contact number. tq

  6. Ryan says:

    Boss ctc no pliss

  7. Kking says:

    How do I get the golden key

  8. roy says:

    hi…i interested to get anne hp no.tq

  9. suresh says:

    I want to contact her

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