Satisfying morning with Mo Xiao Yi(pic)

Satisfying morning with Mo Xiao Yi(pic)

Master: adam

Ok, this is my FR fresh from the oven after visiting Mo Xiao Yi. I just came back and straight away write this. Got her number from webmaster and added her on wechat. She chat with me a lot and sent me a lot of photos which i like because i like the connection. So decided to pay her a visit today and called her around 10.30am and she just woke up. Appointment set at 11am and i reached. My mind was picturing all kinds of things when travelling up in the lift.

Knocked on her door and she opened it in her famous black lingerie. Straight away kiss me and hug me when she saw me. Turn off…she has bad breath, maybe because just woke up. So i didnt kiss her much. Proceeded to shower and she put on another G-string as requested. As mentioned in other FR, she is very gentle, no rush and very good GFE.

Proceeded to kiss her all over and played with her pussy, she gets wet very quickly. Then my turn to lie down and she kissed my nipple and proceed to BJ. Then she cowgirled me for a while and i came. After i came, she remained on me and lie on my chest. I asked her to get up but she refused, so we both lie there for about 5 minutes. After that, we both lie on the bed while she surfs internet. Overall good experience and she is very gentle. I recommend for everyone looking for GFE.

PS: She is going back on the 5th and say will not return anymore.

Name: Mo Xiao Yi
Looks: 6/10
Body: ok slightly plump
Fj: 6/10
Bj: 7/10 (very good tongue work)
Price: RM180 for 1 hour
Wir: maybe

Location: Sunway
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese

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