Romantic night with Janet(pic)

Romantic night with Janet(pic)

Master: Shane

About 2 weeks ago, i tried message her and immediately got response. Before i finish typing my reply, an unknown number called. I pick up and a very ‘pasar’ kind of voice straight away ask me if i’m interested that night. Feeling a bit surprised and dont know what else to say..then i said ok and we fix a time. That day i cant wait any longer and while driving to the agreed place then i keep thinking how she really look like and hows the service.

When i reach the place and called her, we proceeded to the room and chat a little bit about each other background. She said there’s not much time left and i looked at the watch holy cow it’s already 15 minutes chatting. So i suggested we proceed only and together went into the bathroom. We took our clothes off and i can see that the assets are not bad..touched her a little bit and she started to stroke my didi and suck it. We clean ourselves and went to bed without towels. She continue to suck while i enjoy the view and she will look at me sometimes. Feels great. I look at the watch again and feels a bit pressured since time is ticking. She then started to cowboy and moan a bit saying my didi is very hard.

I wanted to daty but since i always thinking about time so i just ask her to give handjob after 10 minutes like that the game is over. She took some tissue to wipe and then went to bathroom to take shower. Then my turn and put on clothes, we just sit and chat a bit while i smoke. After finish smoke, pay her the money and she will quickly go off. A bit weird there for me.

Name: Janet
Age: maybe about 40
Face: 4-10
Body: so- so
Bj: 5-10
Hj: 6-10
Fj: 5-10
Daty: no time to try
Wir: no

Location: Setapak , Gombak
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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  1. julian carax says:

    contact pm please bro

  2. jayce says:

    contact pls

  3. reyes says:

    golden keys and contact bro..thank u

  4. Knight says:

    golden Keys and contact please..thanks

  5. Zak Son says:

    golden keys and contact bro…thank u

  6. Zak Son says:

    golden keys and contact bro…thank u

  7. Tisu Tandas says:

    golden keys and contact bro…thank u

  8. mpower says:

    …Contact n password to view……tqvm

  9. Goh says:

    contact and password bro ..

  10. Abraham says:

    Mind sharing golden key and contact please? Many thanks!

  11. Tan says:

    Contact pls

  12. Ks says:

    Contact and golden key pls

  13. Ks says:

    Contact and golden key bro. Thanks.

  14. cy says:

    Pls provide me the contact number and golden key

  15. maximus says:

    Hi Can I have her contact please .. my email is .. I can share other contact with you too… tq

  16. addin says:

    Why no.pic…

  17. maximus says:

    Hey bro… can share her contact with me.. I also want to test her out… at the same time I can also share some of my FL contacts with you.. email me at

  18. KH says:

    Mind to share the contact and golden key thanks a lot

  19. john says:

    contact pm me & golden key

  20. Franky says:

    contact pls

  21. Werren says:

    How can I get the goldenkey? Thk

  22. Mr liang says:

    Give me her hp number. My mail is

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