Reunion 3P fest with Celine and JoJo

Reunion 3P fest with Celine and JoJo

Master: Ray

Hi brothers,
As I was commenting on a 3p session on webmasters telegram it brought back memories of my first 3P encounter with Celine JoJo way back in the early cheonging adventure of mine back in the day circa year 2016.  

Even the fr I submitted then for webmaster it is still in the archive section of the 1 Malaysia Women webpage. 

Contacted Celine and asked if JoJo was around and lo behold she said yes when you want setup an engagement?  Told her only free on weekends. No problem she said and we arranged a time to meet and the venue at a hotel near the pudu market.  She asked me why never engage her as well too so we make a sweet deal to include her in the package! 😆 Turns out cheonging business due to covid 19 also affected Celine and gang. 

Come weekend as per her instructions I booked a room in the suggested hotel. Next text her room # and the stage was set for the epic reunion 3some meeting.

Celine was the first to arrive. She still looks like the same as we met in 2016, no change except her status; she’s now a grandmother in mid 40s. Then she was telling me how covid affected her business with the hotels she frequent had closed down due to poor business.

As per her sop she washed my Didi and simultaneously washed her pussy and took a brisk shower in the process.

On the bed she got down to doing BJ and 2 mins into the act JoJo turns up at the door. She also looks the same as in 2016, never age! She’s so happy I remember her and she still remember my daty which she said was great.

JoJo body is average not chubby and her asset is her lovely rounded ass…can get me horny anytime.  She got A cup boob but with knobby nipples which in my opinion good for sucking.

Me lying down JoJo takes the opportunity to kneel over my head to lick her pussy, still non smell and she makes the moaning as the tempo builds up. Meanwhile Celine gets the ok to cowgirl me after making my Didi hard.

The only thing that I found distracting was in the midst of copulating, both ladies find time to gossip 🍵😋

After a while Celine says she got another client in the room nearby and excused herself. Maybe why I got such a fantastic package price ha ha ☺️ and why she had 1st dibs on cowgirl my Didi. Now with Celine solo as per my original purpose I got her lie down and straight gave her a good licking till she orgasm.  The moment of truth when I stick Didi up her pussy it’s still quite tight and she reacts by saying it’s so good.  Missionary her for a few minutes before she herself cowgirl me. 

Final was giving her a deep fuck session with her legs over my shoulders and hearing her moans with enthusiasm.

Came inside her and after remove the cap we lie down for a few minutes to chit chat.  She next leads me to the washroom and cleans me up and offer mouth wash too.

After dressing up I thank JoJo for a good reunion fuck.  She replied it was good for her too.  Asked me recommend her services and I told her will assist and hence this fr to you brothers out there!

7/10 for 3some
JoJo solo 8/10
Celine is short and chubby w 36 c cups
JoJo is tall and milf w 34 a cup with nice to lick suck nipples.
BJ yes
DFK JoJo  yes 
Daty JoJo yes Celine no
Damage RM 300 for 3some but as stated above I got a great packaged price! 

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT

* She serve 1Malaysia
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  1. Ahman says:

    hello bro can u share me their number

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    Sir, will be very kind of you if you may mail me Celine’s number. Thank you.

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