Quick evening with Ah Ling the Legend

Quick evening with Ah Ling the Legend

Master: Adam

Got her number from webmaster. WhatsApp her immediately and she reply her location and rates. Message her again when i arrived at the hotel and she give me her room number.

Seems like she using this hotel for very long time because the receptionist already know who I was and show me the exact room, btw just beside the counter.

Saw her inside the room and she is really beautiful with glasses on. Small chit chat, undress myself and she lead me to the bathroom. Taking shower together, she clean up my private area herself and the action begin on bed.
Her BBBJ and Rimming is out of this world and she will do it on different position. My favorite was when i’m in doggy position on bed and she on her back doing BBBJ below. Its like i’m face fucking her deep and long.

The reason i’m seeing her because i wants to saw somebody who can squirt and trust me, she will squirt like waterfall. I’m rotating between DATY and fingering about 15 minutes and she will keep squirting and coming every round.

Take a short break and continue with 69 for the last stretch and finally give CIM and she will take every last drops.

Take a shower by myself, pay her the money and i left as happy men.

Name: Ah Ling (CKT)
Face: 9/10 with glasses on and 8/10 without – she really beautiful
Body: 7/10 – what do you expect for 40’s?
Boobs: 7/10 – again, suitable for mature age
Pussy: 8/10 – really nice to look at
BBBJ: 20/10 – i’m not laying
Rimming: 20/10 – she really that good
HJ: 8/10
CIM: Yes
Fingering: Yes
Squirting: Yes
DATY: Yes – normal smell
GFE: 8/10
FJ: not this time but can do it twice shot for 1hr
Damage: RM150 for 1hr
WIR: Of Course

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT

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  1. Kei says:

    Can i get her number!

  2. Nasri says:

    Hi, can share contact? TQ

  3. Jason says:

    Hi bro! Would appreciate it if you’d share me her contact number. thanks! mighty_89@yahoo.com

  4. King Lek says:

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  5. Chris says:

    I have tried to get contact number for other ladies before but failed. Can I get the number for Ah Ling this time? (TQ in advance)
    My e-mail address is : aseanlink@gmail.com

  6. Yang says:

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  7. Kev says:

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  8. Zealous says:

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    Hi all cheongster can share ths legend contact?

  10. john says:

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  12. Hihihi says:

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  14. Johnny says:

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    Pls share her contact number

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  20. Bryan says:

    Can I have her number? Tong5636@live.com

  21. Dave says:

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  22. lcw says:

    HI can PM the number? Thanks

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    Bro number please and email me

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    Bro can share contact? Appreciate a lot!

  25. AJ says:

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  26. KC says:

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  34. Notic says:

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  35. Dex says:

    Could I get a pic of her and her contact please? Thanks

  36. Dex says:

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  38. Loong says:

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  39. Louis says:

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