Pretty tattoo Tom yam in Cheras – Penguin(pic)

Pretty tattoo Tom yam in Cheras – Penguin(pic)

Master: blablabla

After a strenuous 1 week of 12 hours work daily, I decided to reward myself with a fully loaded gun release!

Went to this place in cheras and mirror the available girls, but in my mind I already have one that I wanted to pick!

In the room, there is these special things that I like about this place, the toilet is a see through kind of toilet, beside the bed, the wall is covered with full mirror and you can actually enjoy the view while having sex! Last but not least, there is a TV facing the bed with Japanese AV on. Well some people is more turned on having sex while watching porn, but not for me J.

Back to this tomyam, she has a hot curvy body with a 34B boobs with a rose tattoo on it J and she is seriously pretty!

So we start with a bath in the toilet and becuz of the see through toilet + mirror on the wall, I keep attacking her boobs while pushing her to the toilet wall squeezing the boobs on it!

Went on bed, started with B2B, BBBJ and I just cant stop looking at the mirror enjoying the moment! Since she turned me on so much, I requested to cap and she sat on top, grabbing her boobs while she doing her job was so nice and I almost lost control.

She agreed to every position, so I requested for a stand up doggy in the toilet, banging her from behind and looking at the mirror was fantastic and I release my full loaded gun with a BANG!

Then we took our bath and back to the bed and chat for a while. She is very talkative and have a good command in English. No rush at all and worth for the cash!

Name: Penguin
Face: 9/10
Boobs: 9/10
Body: 8/10 little fats with perfect weight for her to be on top :p
FJ: 9/10
DATY: nvr try
GFE: 10/10 no rush
WIR: yes, my 2nd time on her
Damage: RM148

Location: Cheras
Category: Tom Yam

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38 Responses to “Pretty tattoo Tom yam in Cheras – Penguin(pic)”

  1. Lan says:

    Where in Cheras can I find this hottie bro

  2. William says:

    hi, golden key please

  3. Mal says:

    Hi can share golden key and contact at

  4. AhWah says:

    Where is this place

  5. Carlos says:

    Master… pls share with me the contact no and golden key plz
    spielencraft@gmail. com

  6. Qwz2604 says:

    Bro can share golden key?tq

  7. Bobo says:

    Mind sharing the golden key pls tq

  8. Kenny89 says:

    Golden key pls! Tq

  9. Les says:

    Please provide golden key and contact thanks.

  10. Tks123 says:

    Golden key pls

  11. Storm says:

    Penguin Contact no

  12. bzdude says:

    hi can you provide her contact and golden key please..thx

  13. mess lee says:

    can share the golden key and contact…thx

  14. Jerry says:

    Pls share ctt bro… Tqvm…

  15. Ben193 says:

    Hi Master , mind to share golden key and contact numbers , thanks bro..

  16. urbestman says:

    Sahre location and contact

  17. PleaseNtq says:

    Contact and GoldenKey please~

  18. mpower says:

    …Contact n password to view……tqvm

  19. Miner says:

    Interested in ctc & key

  20. Sean says:

    Master, golden key , address & contact pls….TQ

  21. Wong says:

    Hi Bro, golden key , address & contact pls….TQ

  22. uva says:

    Can I know the place and contact num?

  23. Max says:

    Can i have the golden key please

  24. kafir says:

    ctc and golden key pls

  25. bro_please says:

    Hi Bro,

    with all respect, can you please share me the golden key?

    thanks in advance. appreciate.

  26. Din says:

    Bro, please provide me with the golden key and the location in cheras. Tqvm

  27. Din says:

    Bro, please provide me the golden key and location in Cheras. Tqvm

  28. fxdd says:

    Where in Cheras bro ?

  29. foo says:

    golden key please

  30. Alex says:

    Contact n golden key please

  31. Jason says:

    contact number pleasee and golden key

  32. Jim says:

    Golden key and contact number please

  33. brown&cuddley says:

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  34. Ah xian says:

    Bro send me contact

  35. Ah xian says:

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  36. Ah xian says:

    Bro can send me the contact of this tomyam

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