Polite tomboyish Ann

Polite tomboyish Ann

Master: Shane

Earlier I was thinking whether to get the contact or not but alas decided to go for it. Once I had the number, I smsed her and immediately got a response. 

The next day after I have finished my agenda, I went straight to her place in Bkt Jalil. It wasn’t that difficult to find the place but in order to reach her apartment, I had to smsed many times for the step-by-step directions. When I reached, I even had to call a few times as her procedure was to go to a certain level and then take the stairs to her unit.

Finally reached her unit. It was quite a hassle and I nearly became fed-up but since I was already there so I complied only. The unit was clean and her friend opened the door. The minute I saw her, I was thinking oh really looks like a tomboy. 

She is chubby and I really mean it but she was really polite. We entered a small and dark room with fan only and had a small chat. She asked for the money first and everything was so difficult since it was really dark. But anyway, things started.

She began to suck my didi slowly for a few minutes and went on top for cowgirl. After a while, she continued sucking and went back to cowgirl before I unloaded. I didn’t really feel like doing other positions mainly because I wasn’t interested in her looks and body to be honest. 

I was kinda tired as well so didn’t take 2nd round. Anyway, there wasn’t enough time for my didi to revive so no 2nd round. We chatted for a bit and we dressed up before I left. Although her overall appearance might be a turn off, she was really polite and chatty which made me feel comfortable. Definitely one of the plus points for me.

Name: Ann
Age: 26
Looks: 3/10
Body: 4/10
Boobs: Standard
Other actions: Didn’t try, just cowgirl and lollipop
BJ: 7/10
GFE: 3/10
Damage: RM150 + 10 top up
WIR: Not likely

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4 Responses to “Polite tomboyish Ann”

  1. Karim says:

    Hallo,how to contact dis fl girl…newbie here and how to get golden key…to see pic

  2. kenneth chia says:

    Master shane, can I get the contact numb and golden key ?? Thanks shane…..

  3. Anthony says:

    Newbie here. How to get NL Ann’s contact info and golden key ?

  4. suresh says:

    Can i get her contact number

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