PJ super big big boob 36E cup chinese Melody

PJ super big big boob 36E cup chinese Melody

Master: Wong

thanks admin for the contact no. last week feel very horny n want to try new stuff. we chat her for appointment. she reply very quickly. so set on

8pm at ss2 hotel. once arrived then only she give room no. after enter the room i saw a very beautiful young lady with big big boob. her look really

can categorize into pretty girl group. trust me her look never disappoint u. chit chat a bit then we take shower together. she clean my ass hole. after tat

she knee down to blow my didi. her skill very nice. after tat i go to bed wait for her. she start catbath my back with horny moan n slurp slurp sound.

tis turn me on. then she ask me do doggie position, i know something will happen. walao she lick my ass hole n insert her tongue inside my ass hole.

she keep making horny moan sound make u feel like she really enjoy to serve u. then turn around now she kiss n lick my nipple with one hand molest my

ball n ass hole at the same time. walao i orede reach heaven. then she cat bath me till my toe. she use her teeth to scratch my toe. tis make me very

enjoy. then finally she suck n lick my didi like no tomoro. her sucking skill very very very good. i almost cum inside her mouth but i hold on although

cum in mouth is allowed. then i ask her to lie down, and i do boob licking in 69 position. she said tis is the first time she try 69 boob licking. she very

enjoy it. at the same time i check her pussy water level with my middle finger. walao she is damn wet. i keep rubbing her clit down to her ass hole.

i repeatedly do so. she moan like like no tomoro. i am afraid next room can hear her moaning voice. then ask her to blow my didi again then she cap

me n ride on me. her riding skill very good. she can fuck me n lick my nipple at the same time. tis make me almost cum. then stop her n change to

missionary position. at tis time i feel my ball got water.then i check it out, really got water. is her juicy water flow down to my ball. can imagine how wet she is.

she ask me to give her some suprise, she doesnt want tradisional fucking style. i said ok. then i do standing doggie in front the make up table. i bump her

gao gao. can see her boob bouncing up n down in front the mirror. tis make me very very enjoy. her horny moaning sound never stop. it is too excited. i cannot

tahan anymore. i shoot inside her. i feel very very satisfy like make love with girlfriend. conclusion, she love sex a lot. this is the girl that i looking for.

Name: Melody (CKT)
age 30 below
height 165 cm consider tall
boob 36E very firm n nice to squeeze 10/10
look 9/10 very pretty girl
blow job 10/10
cat bath 10/10
cowgirl skill 10/10
standing doggie skill 10/10
gfe 10/10 no rush at all
moan 10/10
pussy 10/10 very very very wet till her juice flow down to my testis
foreplay skill 10/10
damage rm250 no need pay for hotel bcos she long term stay at hotel.
definitely will go back to look for her.

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay 🙂

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    Bro..thx for ur amazing report! I can imagine it until want to be the lucky guy too! Mind to share exchange contact? I got a little girl ckt without condom fuck and cum inside pussy is allow as well if u wanted.. 😉

  3. Louis says:

    Oh ya,, my wechat is louismarcus

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