Papaya Melody

Papaya Melody(pic)

Master: Badman

Call Melody at night set the time next day noon. Meet her in pj hotel and first impression an average looking milf. I took 2 hour package with full service including batin.

She ask me to naked and lie down to the bed, she undress herself left bra and panty. Can see her voluptuous body..very nice for a milf. Start with standard massage all over the body. At one point she keep rubbing my asshole with oil syioknya. Later we go to toilet for cleaning. She keep washing my didi and asshole. Then she said time to ice cream, she use the warm bath water put in her mouth and then suck my didi. Feeling hot inside…..then she will lick my ass for a while..

On the bed she will cb my whole body including my foot. 1st time being suck on foot. Feeling high lo. When she lick my ear she will ask “song mo” really horny. Put my finger into her pussy she said high and ticklish. She move to back and then batik my didi wah feeling very good and my cock getting harder. She put cap on and continue to suck .

Then she come on top to ride wah can feel the tightness. After few bump I move her into spoon style. She said she like this position most and moan so loud not sure is it fake or not but who care. I continue until unload inside.

Wah damn tired, then she move on the batin again and this time she prest and pull my ball until very pain leh. Said very good for men wo. Then just bath and chao as she got another one waiting lol.

Face : 6.5/10
Boobs: E ( little sag but big nipple that’s turn on)
Bbbj: 7/10
FJ: 8/10
DATY: didn’t do
Wir: yes
Damage : 350.

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay 🙂

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  1. thormonkey says:

    Bro, can give me her contact?

  2. Jamie says:

    Golden key please

  3. Hunter says:

    Bro pls PM me location of the MP Melody works in. Really wanna try her. Thanks.

  4. Shaun says:

    Please leave me her number ! Thank you 0126639137

  5. LordZevil says:

    PM contact pls

  6. jona says:

    Pm details.

  7. JC says:

    Pm contact pls

  8. kitman says:

    call 012 2090 518 for appt

  9. Fatty says:

    Golden key please

  10. Fatty says:

    Goldenkey and contact pls

  11. Breast lover says:

    Golden key and contact please….

  12. Jack0lanturn says:

    Bro can give her contact? Would love to meet her. 🙂

  13. Danny says:

    Golden key pls

  14. marcus says:

    Bro pls share with me want to book her.

  15. Prosampah says:

    Bro pls share contact thx.

  16. Joe says:

    Bro can send me her photo? Really interested to know

  17. Ben says:

    Bro, can pls save me from my curiosity. I would really like to try her out. Appreciate if can give me golden key

  18. Jeams tan says:

    Bro can share her contact?

  19. jacky says:

    bro, I am MILF lover too. Can share Melody’s contact no? Thanks bro

  20. Emmett says:

    Need her contact please, such a beauty should be celebrated.

  21. Jack says:

    Bro, Please share her contact. Thanks.

  22. Windsor says:

    Hi, can you share the contact no pf Melody? Thanks a lot

  23. Meek says:

    Share contact pls

  24. thewolf says:

    Share contact thanks

  25. bryan yap says:

    hi melody
    I m bryan Chinese guy
    I m looking fro friendship fun
    I m caring and understanding
    can wasapp me 0129035554

  26. Tony says:

    Pls share golden key and contact buddy!

  27. Don says:

    Can share golden key boss?

  28. Jasper says:

    Hot to get the golden key

  29. Cougar says:

    PM melody contact. Thk u

  30. eric says:

    PM meloday contact plz. Thank you.

  31. wonderman says:

    Request for Melody contact

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