Celine Milf

Celine Milf

Master: Calvin

I visited Celine CKT few years ago tried 3some with another CKT and solo with her. Text her through whatsapp very fast response, ask for 3P but she voice message me to take her only then I agreed.

We set the appointment in the afternoon near Pudu area budget hotel, she arrived at the hotel after 15 minutes of waiting then we go into the room together. In the room, we start chatting first, talk about mco / rmco less client. Celine is very talkative just like your neighbor Milf likes to talk about gossip.

We undress and shower together, very SOP in the bathroom she will clean my didi and whole body with tender. Celine’s boobs used to very solid now a bit saggy, but still nice to grab and suck. 

Back to bed action, catbath me for a while sucking my tits while grabbing my didi. She started to suck my didi like there’s no tomorrow, her blowjob skills still very good, and her tongue action I can hear the slurpy sound. This going to make my didi very hard. She did suck my balls awhile all the way with her tongue it feels very good during the BBBJ. 

Before she put the condom on, I play her nipple with my finger and start to lick and suck her nipple hard. She feels enjoyable cause she closed her eyes and starts moaning. Then the real deal starts, putting the condom on and find Celine’s hole to put it in. Her pussy no smell but a bit hairy, I didn’t DATY her cause I didn’t want to but I assume she allows it. I started to pump her very hard, she keeps telling to me fuck her harder maybe I think she few weeks no dick inside her so hunger for my didi. First, I missionary her while my finger playing her pussy clit little bit juice is dripping out then grab her boobs and keep drilling her hole. 

After that, Celine asks me to lie down she wants to ride me on top. She was so aggressive and this makes me very excited, she riding me and I can see from her face that she was so horny at that time. The cowgirl only lasts around 5 min and I think she’s tired haha can’t complain. Then, I request to fuck from behind with doggy. I always unload with doggy cause this is my fav position. I can grab her ass and hit her pussy very hard and better view. After 10 mins later, I feel like going to cum already. Finally, I unload my cum in her pussy with condom of course. 

I rest on the bed a while, then wait for Celine to clean herself until my turn. I pay her before we left the hotel, and she asks me to find her next time. Actually, just now Celine did ask me for 2nd round, but I told her I got other plans later already. I paid her the rates we discuss on the phone earlier, and some tips for pandemic assistance.

Name: Celine
Face: 5.5/10
Body: 5.5/10 
Boobs: 7/10
Ass: 7/10
BBBJ: 8/10 great effort slurpy 
DATY: NO TRY abit hairy 
FJ: 8/10 
WIR: Yes if got mood for MILF
Damage: 2xx with tips

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT

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Super BBBJ lick the balls – Jenny(pic)

Super BBBJ lick the balls – Jenny(pic)

Master: Ninja

This is my first FR, so bear with me.

Saw her advert saying she can do unlimited shots for rm300, what a deal. So decided to contact her.
After a few minutes of asking her package, she drop me the location via maps. So I drove there. Walked up to the door.

Door open. Wahlaowei so cute, so sexy lor lingerie. Big boobs make my Didi want to salute oredi.
Went in, small chat asking me what I like. Then she say she can do AR but shower 1st.
Went to clean up. Then action starts.

Started by licking my nipple while her hand stroke my didi. Quite gentle and nice without too much painful suction. Moved down to the didi. Surprisingly good at the BBBJ. Fairly good suction with aided hand action. Licked the whole length of the shaft then flicked her tongue at the tip before continuing with the BBBJ and repeat. 

On and off took a breather by going to lick the balls. I complimented her on her BBBJ skill and she chuckled and wanted to know who intro her. Reached down and tried to finger her pussy. Damn. She had applied KY. Did not proceed further as a bit put off by this.

So let her BBBJ for a bit longer. Asked her to cap me when I was beginning to feel a bit bored. Action started with forward cowgirl. Up and down type. Real moans as they come only when I went really deep. Very disappointed because her pussy felt very loose and had no grip at all! Didn’t allow FK so just gently squeezed her small boobs while she rode me. 

Tit not big enough to reach my mouth in this position. Ha ha. She pumped quite hard and quite tirelessly for a PRC. Almost hurting my lil’ bro so I grabbed her ass and control her tempo a bit. This also enabled me to time my pumping from below. Told her to slow down as she was hurting me a bit and she pumped harder. Damn. I think she didn’t think I would last and was trying to hurry things up. Sneaky.

Stopped the cowgirl before the pain caused didi to retreat and changed to doggy. Pump pump pump. Noticed her skin near her back got small soft ‘bulu bulu’. Same thing. No grip so had to grab her ass and pump harder and faster to compensate.

Tired. Changed to missionary. Did my usual rounds of variations. She was damn ticklish when I bend over to lick her small pink nipples and inner arm. Giggled away like a small girl. Licked her calf when I did the “legs together straight up” variations and elicited some more giggles. However couldn’t convince her to FK.

Missionary went on for quite sometime and then she volunteered to be on top again. Actually took a breather to adjust her hair which broke the flow of things a bit. Anyway, she accommodated my request for a reverse cowgirl. Hurray! Finally got a PRC to do this! She did the squatting style first and pumped away. This position made her pussy have more grip so I just laid back and enjoy while grabbing her ass to control the tempo. This girl was damn hard working! Didi again starting to hurt a little bit due to her hard pumping so asked her to lean back. Yipee! So grabbed her ass to steady her and pumped from below. She yelp when I went deep. Reached around to tickle her clit a bit but too difficult to multitask so continued to do my deed.

Very damn tired so tried for the last dash in doggy again. Pumped away. Felt lil’ bro protesting and hurt from the hard pumping. Saw lil bro retreating in front of my eyes so laid down and ask her to TFK. Lil bro struggled to pay attention for a while before regaining the rigidity. She took off the CD and wank away after applying gel. She had very long finger nails so could only only make a ring with the thumb and index finger to wank! 

Ha ha. She was damn tired with the TFK until she had to take a break to “shake” her hands as lil bro’s stamina today was very good. Then she did the TFK with both hands on the shaft! (Both making rings lah, I’m not that long). I would say her HJ skill was not great as she tended to hurt it when she got impatient. The double hand grip felt better although she turned down my request for a CIM. Finally shot the load after nearly 10 min of TFK.

Name: Jenny
Nationality: ckt
Face: 8/10
Boob: 9/10
Pussy: Shaven.
Service: 10/10
Damage: 250, 300 unlimited
WIR: Yes

Location: Subang Jaya
Category: CKT
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Long time no see Lin Batu Caves

Long time no see Lin Batu Caves

Master: Lelaki V

This is the second time I go see Lin Batu Caves after long time no see her, about 3 month or so. Contact her just and set time and date, went home and rest a bit before meeting her. Start my motor then went straight to Batu Caves a bit early text her if she free that time and told her that I want to go see her earlier and she said OK because she was free all day. She text me her house number, parked and go to her house.

Got to her house, and she greeted with a smile, get me seated and we kiss and cuddle at the sofa and say sorry for not see her in a long time. Tell her the package I want and we start get naked. Go to shower with her and we clean up our body together, tease her a bit by playing her massive breast and touch her pussy, and she give me a quick BJ before end it and go to her bedroom for next action.

She asked me, “Abang mau isap2 atau kongkek?” erotically and I just tell her I want BJ first then kongkek. We proceed to cuddle and foreplay, kiss neck, kiss her sexy lips, play with her boobs, and she always moaning “pandai abang romen Lin~”, then I proceed to kiss and lick her chubby pussy and taste her pussy all the way, too bad she does not want to be fingered cause she doesn’t want her inside pussy walls to be scratched by our nails. Then she moan, “Lin nak konek abang~”, then I ask her to kneel, I stood up and she give me the best blowjob I ever get. Slurping, licking, play with balls, lick and slurp my balls. 

After that she want to get 69 and we lick each other, moaning uncontrollably, then went back to kneeling, she give me blowjob again and tell her that I want to shoot on her face. She give the last throat then I pull it out and gush my cum all over her face, She smile and laugh as she smear my cum all over her face and put it in her mouth in such sexy way. She just love a man’s cum. Then we shower again, clean up our body and go to the next session. She even ask you to pee first before go to the next session. Even when we shower we manage to fondle each other.

Before the next session, the “kongkek” started, she massage me first for half-hour. She sure can do her massage good, pressing massage point, and she always focus on my back, maybe I said that my back hurt a bit after a long ride with motorcycle. She always burping, no problem for me, and always see her phone while massaging, maybe other customer message her I do not know.

Then the “kongkek” session started, after she wipe clean all the massage oil on you body, she tease my dick and say “Wah adik abang dah bangun…” then she gave me blowjob once again. I try not to cum before asked her to stop. Then we kissed and cuddle, I go DATY her again, then we do 69 again. Lick all her pussy, her clit and she fondle my balls, deepthroating, slurping the balls and licking all my dick part before she put condom on my penis. 

I asked her to lay on her back, make her spread her leg, and penetrate her pussy. Her pussy is tight and wet. I ride her for a while and she always moan “Ahhhhhh.. besarnye abang~”. After missionary a while she asked to ride on me, we change position and resume by she cowgirling me. Wow she sure does know how to ride like that. Then I cannot endure the pleasure anymore and shoot out my load in the condom. Pretty sure I moan loudly when she ride me.

After that, she get my condom off, blow my dick a bit, maybe want to taste my cum for 1 last time and we proceed to shower again. Always love her clean me up and I clean her too. Fondle her massive breast while showering, dry ourselves with towel and then wear our clothes. She make me milo panas and give me some biscuit to eat. We talked a bit more and before I go, she gave me her mints and say “Kalau senang Abang jumpa Lin lagi yaa~”. I kiss her lips, hug her and go straight home for good night sleep.

Name: Lin
Race: Bakso MILF
Face: 5/10 (But her lips is sexy)
Body: 8/10 (Chubby with tummy but its my preference)
Boobs: 10/10 (Her greatest assets)
Pussy: 7/10 (A bit hitam but no smell)
Bbbj:10/10 (Her lips are make for this)
Moan: 8/10, almost real
GFE: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Damage: RM 250

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂


AFRICAN EXOTICS – Nelly(video)

Master: Alvin

My very first FL, will try to communicate my experience as clear as possible

She’s a South African, read on other FL that she is a student here but after a bit of chic chat I think she is a working full time here.

On her free time she doubles as a hairdresser.

Use to operate at Cyberjaya for the foreign sudent market there but since the pandemic and campuses are closed she moved her operations back to her apartment at Sunway. (incall)

Made an appointment with her, response was good. (coz business is slow, yet again because of the corona)

Nelly is the chubby short type, (about 5″4′ high) has a sizeable boobs and big butt. She is friendly but not the talkative type, respectable in your questions and make small chit-chat.

Greeted me at the door in a black shift dress. No impresession here

As she operates from her apartment, don’t expect great facilities. (ie. Proper towel, shower holder was broken but there was hot water )

From the session I gather she likes doggie style and her tits squeezed firmly.

I thinks she just the girl for fans who like a well rounded bottom

Overall for RM150, ok value plus business is down so if you are in and around the area, can give her a try

Name: Nelly
Nationality: South African
Age: Would say late 20s / early 30s
Face : 6/10 (BBW type)
GFE : 5/10 (respectable chat, not talkative)
Boobs : Original D cup with a slight sag
BJ : 8/10 (quite sporting, bareback style)
DFK : 6/10 (kissable, some tongue action)
DATY : 8/10 (she likes it with some finger motion)
Anal : she swiped at my hand when I tried fingering her
Damage : Rm150 an hour

Location: Sunway
Category: African
Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers

Hotie Ice for cooling down(pic)

Hotie Ice for cooling down(pic)

Master: Adam

I got Ice CKT number for very long from webmaster, but never got chance to try her. 

Gatal recently and contacted her for booking. She reply after few hours and said she busy. Then i tried a few days later again and finally got my booking. 

Discussed the timing and location and the game is on. On that day, I reserved the room early and prepare myself since long time no come out play. Met her at location and bring her up to the room. 

Feel mysterious and fun because she wear mask like everyone else la. In the room i cannot tahan and straight touch here and there and we already start kissing. 

After 5 mins, we go to toilet to clean. Kissing in toilet memang damn syiok. After that go on bed and normal SOP, start with BJ and i touch her boobs. Then i peluk her and start kissing again. My didi then cannot tahan. Cap on and pump her. 

After 5 mins in missionary and she asked if want doggy but i refused. Because i memang like kissing while fucking. Fucking for another 15 minutes and i cum in the bag. 

 Then chat for a while, clean ourself and check out. She not very pretty la but good gfe for me 

Name: Ice
Race: CKT
Age: 28
Face: 7 
Body: 7 
Gfe: 9 
Overall: 8.5
Damage: RM 300 hotel on me

Location: Bangsar Cheras
Category: CKT

* She only serve Chinese

Suck blow my Didi like no tomorrow – Ah Ling MILF

Suck blow my Didi like no tomorrow – Ah Ling MILF

Master: Ray

Hello brothers,
Happy new year to all. Still horny after meeting Diana 2 days earlier. 
Decided to make a nostalgic visit to Ah Ling who’s in kepong. 

She was fast responding to my WeChat request and replied with hotel location appointment 12.30pm.  I arrived early and went to the hotel lobby where an old uncle asked how long I needed a room. Told him I was here to meet a lady and out of the corner of my eye there sat Ah Ling! She wasn’t wearing her signature spectacles so didn’t cast another glance when I first enter the hotel. 

She was surprised I was so early by 1 minute that she hadn’t checked in yet.  The last time we met in this same hotel too back in 2017 ha ha ha 😂

Did some chit chat in the room and the years had been good to her; still looks like yesterday I met her exception of the MCO she gained some weight but still very attractive.

She gave my Didi and back side a through wash and later joined me on the bed.  She barked out some instructions like a drill Sargent and asked me to lift my legs while she started kissing and licking with her fast 👅 tongue 😛 rimming my hole. 

It’s been awhile I had gotten a rimming and she’s still living up her passion to satisfy a guy. Then she asked me go doggy and she pushed herself below me to angle her mouth over my Didi.  She vacuum my Didi like no tomorrow and the sensation was heavenly. Then came another ass rimming while put her face up my ass .. great feeling.

I told her I wanted to paint her pussy and she obliged going 69 with me..her on top and me below.  Her pussy all good no urine smell, liked how she left her bush and we proceeded, she suck blow my Didi like no tomorrow.  As we proceeded I fingered her ass opening and slowly gave her a rimming of my own. Guess I caught her by surprise as her ass twitched! She momentarily stopped her vacuuming and asked am I trying to emulate her 😜!!

She then continued her BJ vacuum until I got enough and asked to fj her missionary.  Due to her high intense sucking action I I didn’t need to pump her long before I let go into the cap. 

She gave me a tissue clean up and did some chit chat.  The place she worked in Jalan Ipoh still open but now converted from karaoke to cafe due to MCO. She invited me to drop by someday for a drink. 
She next gave me a shower as per sop and thanked me for visiting again after such a long time. 

Ah Ling (CKT)
Age 40+
Tits C cup w tattoo above right side boob.
Ass rimming + blow job 8/10
Fk none
Daty yes
Damage RM 150 include room
Location Kepong business district.
WIR yes

Batin with CKT MILF Kate(pic)

Batin with CKT MILF Kate(pic)

Master: Monkey

Texted her and asked for price. She recommended batin n fj mco package. After a few days managed to find time to go meet her.

Looks reasonable when she open door wearing only a black nightie (no panties). Took a quick shower then start batin. When doing batin, i think she talk too much. Wanna rest a bit oso cannot. Haha.
After batin she gave bbbj and damm it feels out of this world. Not sure if cos batin already or her skill damn good. Cap on then ride me for 10 mins before i cum. 

She looks strong enough that maybe i will take up massage package next time.

Name: Kate
Area : Cheras Maluri
Age: Around 40
Race : Chinese
Face: 5/10 
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 7/10 
Pussy: 9/10 (shaved clean)
BBBJ: 11/10
FJ: 8/10 
Moan : Yes 
GFE: Yes but talk too much lol 
WIR: maybe
Damage: MYR 430 (incl batin)

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT

Chatty massage with Nini(pic)

Chatty massage with Nini(pic)

Master : XG

Got contact of Nini from webmaster.

Contact her and set time and she respond with place to meet, very convenient and very pleasant to talk.
Meet at location in USJ and she bring me up to her unit. Very clean and prepared, immediately shower together and lie down on bed.

First she do massage while chatting starting from back, very good for my aching leg and back from work all day. She very attentive to every part of the body.

After that, turn around and she start to massage my didi, as first time meet, she provide many advice on how to take care of your didi, from washing, to supplement, to even food to eat. Even recommend to make sure release once a week. Have very good laugh and chat while she massage my didi.

After finish massage, she give BJ and boobjob, her BJ so-so, but her F cup boobjob so awesome, especially with extra oil. When she cannot tahan already, immediately cap me and come on top, ride me until she cum at that point cannot tahan dy, i push her down and take her from behind doggy until blow inside her.

When finish she help to clean me up, then shower together and chat some more while she try her luck again to make me hard. Unfortunately no time for 2nd round as I had to go for another meeting at that time.

Pay her and will come again next time.

Name: Nini
Face: 7/10
Body: 8/10 (Thicc type)
Boobs: 10/10 (Fcup, very nice to grope)
Pussy: 9/10 (Clean and very wet)
Massage: 9/10
BBJ: 6/10
DFK: 6/10 (she really like to give tongue)
FJ: 10/10 (loud screamer, when cum can feel her pussy vibrate)
GFE: love to chat, very attentive and caring
WIR: definitely yes
Damage: RM 300, worth the money, don’t watch for time, instead very caring.

Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Category: NL
Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers



Master: Chris

I recently discovered this forum, and i’m so happy. The closure of Mamakspecial and Cheongster was devastating, so kudos to you brothers who put this fantastic new site together. May you enjoy great success.

As my first contribution, let me share with you my recent outings with an OLD contact from Mamakspecial days. For you brothers who are into cheap thrills (haha), you should check out Sally. She was a big topic of discussion in MMS’s “ML With Big Boobs” forum – and for very good reason.

I first encountered Sally 6 or 7 years ago. But since the spas and health centres are now closed – i decided to try and see if she was still in business a few months back. And i was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was. Let us not beat around the bush — she is more GILF than MILF nowadays. A bit chubbier now, but her boobs are still big and juicy, her BJ is still long and slurpy, and her pussy is still tight as a virgin (almost). But her face – not bad lah – but it’s probably why the phrase “cover the face, and fuck the base” comes up.

I have been visiting her every few weeks, whenever the thought strikes me, and i’m in the Brickfields area. I’ve been seeing her (among many others) for years so the SOP is well established. You call her – she will pick up. Go to her hotel. Go right to the room and start the action. It’s always the same – she’ll give you a thorough wash, and then begin her legendary BJ – she’s a pro and can accurately tell your state of readiness, so she will go as long or as short as she thinks you need. If you tell her to stop, you will blow your wad!!

My initial attraction to her was just BJ and CIM – it was magnificent. But then one day i decided to mount her, and that’s when i realised why there are so many chubby chasers around. She is childless, and the extra fat around her abdomibal area (not flabby!!) makes her pussy damn tight. I couldn’t believe it. From then on, it’s been BJ, FJ, and Creampie. She seems to have developed a distaste for CIM now – so i don’t force the issue anymore.

If you’re the type that liked to fuck the aunties at the old school health centres – then Sally is the one for a quick fix. Good service. Won’t break the bank (important during pandemic). And friendly. Warning though: the friendliness may be too much sometimes, she will always pick up your phone call regardless if she’s with a client. 

So sorry lah if you’re the client and she decides to stop to talk to the John. Nice thing is – if you “lose steam” because of the interrruption, she will start again from step 1 – good if you’re not in a rush to get home.

Name: Sally
Race: CKT
Age: 50+
Body: 6.5
Face: 5
Boob: 8
Pussy: well kept, minimal hair
BJ: 9
Massage: N/A
WIR: yes for a quick fix
Overall: 7.5
Damage: 50!!!!! (incl the hotel; so give her more if you can afford it)

Location: Brickfield
Category: CKTMILF
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, serve all brothers!!

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Romance with CKT student – Dee(Pic)

Romance with CKT student – Dee(Pic)

Master: XL

Got her contact from webmaster, texted her for a few days finally got a reply and got to know her price, she is a student but surprisingly charge quite cheap. 

So i set up an appointment and met up with her. I booked a hotel room and told her to come over when she ready. 

I was patiently waiting in the room for 30 minutes then i heard a knock. I opened the door and there she was. She was quite short and petite. Exactly like her photos. 

We proceeded to talk for a while before showering. We showered and make out in the bathroom. Her boobs look quite small because of her size. After shower i asked her to give me a bj and she did it. 

Although her bj skills are not so good, its nice to watch her gag. Then she proceeded to get on top of me and ride me, her pussy is very wet and tight. Can feel every inch of her inside. 

That day didnt manage to try much position because feel too nice. 

Name: Dee
Race: Chinese Student
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10 petite
Boobs: small
Bj: okok
Anal: didnt ask
69 ok
Damage: RM 600

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: CKT
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, serve all brothers!!

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