OLD is GOLD – Celine CKT

OLD is GOLD – Celine CKT

Master: BABA

Celine, a mother, Wife, typical working-home maker woman.in her mid 40’s, nice long hair, big ass and tits, a little weight on her but all in the right places. Years go by as I always fantasized about having sex with Aunties.

It got more and more intense as time went on and it didn’t help any better from me to go and see her in hotel that she has already booked. I even brought up what was said about me wanting aunties only and not young girls . She said that there was nothing wrong about that. She blushed and said that it was flattering that I would find her attractive and got meat in all the right places and a nice butt and boobs, everything I love on a Woman. She touched my hand and then I kissed her.

It was like fireworks going off and I had this tingly feeling in my pants I have never felt before, it was great. I immediately put my hand on her breast as I was kissing her and pushed forward to lay her down as I was on top. I started kissing her neck and she started unbuttoning her shirt, as each button came undone, I started seeing more and more beautiful chest. As her shirt came open I started kissing down the middle of her neck to in between her breast and I pulled the shirt open more and there were her huge beautiful tits in my face. I started sucking and groping the most beautiful tits I ever saw.

I licked her hard nipples and nibbled on them as she was in a deep breath. I sucked on her breast for a good 10 minutes before kissing her again. Then she sat up and took her shirt completely off and as she layed back down I started kissing down from in between her breast to her belly button pulling her pants off as I was doing so. I then layed between her legs and kissed around the linings of her underwear and then started pulling them off. When I took her underwear off completely, I looked down and saw vagina right there for the taking. It had a little bit of hair, I liked shaved pussys but her, I didn’t care how much hair she had it was beautiful.

I then played between her legs spreading them even more as I was kissing around her crotch and then gently rubbing the pubic area. Then I lunged my face and tongue right at Auntie pussy and it was so taste and the smell of her wet pussy drove me nuts. I had her pussy in my mouth and inches from my eyes as I licked her like it was the last thing on Earth. I ate her for about 5 minutes and I asked if she liked 69 and without hesitation she got right up and I layed down and it was the greatest sight ever. Her leg going over my head with her entire crotch in my face, a perfect view it all, pussy and ass.

As she crouched down I started kissing and sucking on her ass cheeks and she loved it, and I spreaded her ass cheeks and started licking her ass, as I did she moaned so loud and told me she hasn’t gotten eaten or her ass licked in years. I put my tongue so far up her big beautiful ass, it was great. I squeezed her ass cheeks and sucked her asshole for 10 minutes. Then I started eating her pussy as she was sucking my dick. I had my tongue in her pussy and my nose and a finger in her ass. She cummed all over my face and trust me I didn’t waiste a drop as I licked every drop of it I could. Moments later I told her I was cumming but she keep going and I blew my load deep down her throat. She gave the best head I ever had, she played and sucked on my balls and gave my balls attention all the time and knew how to suck dick great.

I was so excited, I was still hard like I never came. She got up and layed next to me telling me that she was glad I approached her and that she needed some good sex. But all this talk a few minutes rest, I was brick hard and ready to blow her brains out. I told her that it was just a warm up what we just did and she had an amazed but exciting look on her face. We started kissing as I rolled up on her. She looked deep into my eyes as she spreaded her legs and took my penis and put it in her vagina. It was like slow motion; there I was entering her pussy. Years and years of fantasy all coming true.

I took my sweet time entering her because I wanted to enjoy every minute of it and take it in. I started fucking her slow and then picked up speed. She started to breath heavier and then I pulled out and got in back of her on our sides and we fucked sideways. It was great that way, like doggie but lying down on our sides. It was so intimate as we looked each other in eye as we fucked. She then got up and got on top of me and started riding me until she came, it took everything in me to hold myself from Cumming but I held it. It was so fuck having her ride me while I sucked on her tits and nibbled on her nipples to make her cum even more. She must have cummed buckets because  my crotch area was soaked.

She then got on all 4’s and looked back and smiled and said I know you must have always wanted to do this to me. As she go on all 4’s and before I put it in for the grand finely, I had to taste her some more. I licked every inch of her ass, asshole and wet cummed soaked pussy. Her cum tasted out of this world. 3 minutes later I then took my penis and with her assistance put it in her pussy from behind and fucked her doggie style.

The whole experience was surreal, from the slappn sound of my body slamming against her ass as I fucked her doggie style and hearing her moan and scream that she was Cumming again. Just seconds after she came I blew my load.

Name: Celine ckt milf
Body: small chubby height 4’9″
Boobs: 36b
Pussy: natural bush nice ; wet when aroused and natural no smell
Bj: yes very nice and good job
Anal ; ,no no
Body: 7/10
Gfe: 8/10
Moan: yes.
Damage RM 200+ 30 room.
Wir: yes 

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT

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