NL ANN – Cowgirl Expert-To-Be

NL ANN – Cowgirl Expert-To-Be

Master: Ninja

Let me share my experience with Ann.I got her contact from webmaster. With ‘hint name’ from webmaster, it was easy to deal with her. She straighly mention about the rate. The place. And the important thing is time. She only serve during office hour. Haha.. Since she have another things to do at 6pm.

Reach at her place at 4.30 with her guide (where to park, which junction need to take n so on ). Since I already know that it was quite dificult to come at her place, i told her that i have no credit to call. And she said that she will call me for the direction to the place.

It was easy if know the house. Take the lift, walk pass for 2 or 3 house, then reach at her house. And her fren will open the door. Ninja style. I though other FR was jooking about that. Actually the ninja style was true.Ann was waiting at the hall and invite me to the ‘project room’.

She was friendly. No rushing. She ask to sit down at the sofa. And again..the funny part happen. The broken bed is still there(please read the other FR about Ann). She told that her customer suddenly broke the bed after sit for only a while. We had a chat also smoking. Since my cigg already finish, i paw her cigg.

Undress and was ask to sit back to the sofa. She also undress her self. She started to cat bath and than straight to BBBJ. A bit chubby. But still acceptable for me. Cap on and she started to ride on me. At the same time, i’m searching the hot spot FOV. She moan slowly maybe for respecting her ninja frend.

Less than 10 minutes I cannot tahan and let my soldier explode. I am eating her niple at that time. I dunno why too fast my didie pancut. Maybe the BBBJ before was too good.

Then we continue talking and she asked if I want to do the second round. She play with my didi and it was not responding. Maybe tired with the office load and rushing to her place.I dressed up and waiting the ninja girl to open the door for me.

Oh yaa…she will ask to pay first. Her smell was good. Maybe using pentene syampoo.

Name: Ann (frenly)
Race: NL
Face: 6/10
Body:5/10 (a bit chubby)
BBBJ: 8/10
CIM: Will try next time
GFE: 8/10
Moaning : Soft
Damage: 150

Location: Bukit Jalil
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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  1. tengku says:

    cntact pliss~

  2. Mr Romeo says:

    contact plsss…

  3. jayl says:

    Bro. Mind to share me ctc
    No ? Send to my mail

  4. Jeff says:

    Contact number please !

  5. Adi says:

    contact please

  6. jack says:

    bro how do i contact her ??

  7. Jon says:

    Contact please

  8. bgor says:

    Contact pls

  9. kj76 says:

    share her number please..0192060209

  10. wan says:

    Bro if dont mind please share no. 0149706082 tq.

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