My visits to HANI in Klang – Best Massage(pic)

My visits to HANI in Klang – Best Massage(pic)

Master: Fjs

I got her number exchange with Devi FR with webmaster.

The next day i whatsapp her, said hi and she said Yup. And thats about it. Nothing more. Try to make appointment with her but failed. A week past and i call her again. After a few whatsap she replied yes. Set an appointment at 4 pm. Ask for location she said she will let me know later. Took KTM to Klang and Uber to her apartment. During the trip she whatsapp me her add. Arrived at 10 min past 4 and went up to her apartment.

Arrived at the door called her and she open the door. She not quite i expected. She is kinda cute and petite about 5 feet tall. Walk through her living room not too many cats this time around. She walk me to the room.

In the dimlite room she asked me to strip naked. Went to the restroom first and then strip and lie on the floor mattress. She sat on my side and said hi and ask me how i am doing. She is very friendly and talkative and will put you at ease. Very opposite when you whatsapp her and talk to her on the phone.

The massage session start , she put some preassure on my back using her hands. My back pops 3 times. and i can feel the release of preassure. What a good feeling. Then she continue using her knees. Like all the brothers said she is very skillfull in massaging using her knees and she is  talkative. She talks the entire time. Her massage is AAA. Its so good. Then she turned me over and start massaging my leg and my thight and do the urut batin ..the real urut batin. Kinda painful a bit.

Then she asked me what kind of package i want. I said i want everything except FJ. She qoute mew the price, i agreed and we proceed. Suddenly her personality change from a friendly talkative MILF neighbor type to a sultry cougar type! She kinda jeling at you and rub my inner thigh and ask me what do i want first. I said i wanna see her boobs. She smile and took of her tshirt. Wow Niceee. She wearing a fancy padded blue bra. I squeezed her boobs thru her bra… man o man o man , what a good feeling. So soft yet “kenyal”. started to peel of the cup of her bra without taking it off. Take a peek on her nipple. Lovely dark brown nipple and yes like the bro said the left nipple is inverted. I touched it and toying her nipple the inverted nipple started to come out from hiding. Hehehe. I sucked it softly and then hard. She whispered to me not too hard please and dont bite! LOL.

Then she lay on top of me and dry grind her pussy on my crotched. Dry grind with her panties on. then she hugged me and lick my ear, kissed me and run her tounge thru my both nipple. Then my navel and straight to my flag pole. Wow what a feeling asgood as Lin Gombak, maybe slightly better. after 5 min i feel like i wanna cum. I asked herv to stopped i said i wanna suck her tits like a baby while she goncang my pole. She said ok. So we change position. She bersandar on the edge of her bed and i lay my head on top of her thigh and facing both of her boobs.

I unhooked her bra, checked her bar size and it says D cup. I think she is only a nearly C cup, between B and C. I saw a C cup Malay and American and it is bigger than hers. Her boobs is still nice though no strecth mark, not sagged and good siz , amazing for 43 years old Milf with 3 or 4 kids. About 5 min of goncang and tits sucking ..i came. The she clean me up and ask me to lay down and she massage me for another 5 minutes. What a service. I clean up put on my clothes and pay her. Thanked her and give her a hug and left. Now my Holy Trinity of Cheonging is complete. Lin Gombak, Devi Klang Lama and Hani Klang. What an experience.

Name: Hani of Klang
Location: Klang
Nationality: NL
Face: 8/10
Boob: 8/10 B to C cup  
Pussy: Dark and shaven.
Service: 10/10
Damage: 150
WIR: Yes

Location: Klang
Category: NL
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese 🙂

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  52. RICHARD says:

    Hi bro please share her contact.. and also devi klang lama and lin gombak too.tq bros

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