Massage power Bakso Ling with BIG boobs 42G

Massage power Bakso Ling with BIG boobs 42G

Master: Ray

In search of a massage badly as my regular lady had to take emergency leave to take care of her sick mum, I asked some buddies and one recommend I seek out this bakso Chinese lady.

Her name is Ling, and from buddy feedback she does good massage. Problem it was in Klang town and that put a damper to my trip. But I was told the MP opens till late. So made contact with her.

Found out she works in a centre on the fringe of the city and she asked me to pop by giving her an appointment time and she’ll arrange with her boss. Made an appointment one evening and turns out it was an adventure to get there! It was the night a heavy downpour occured and road visibility was pretty bad to the extent I wanted turn back but Ling text me to come since I was already in Klang.

Made it to the centre following Waze and given directions to meet at the entrance. 

First impressions meeting her; omg she got da BIG boobs standing out of the dress she was wearing and she was in black stockings! Major turn on for me 

She was very pleasant and spoke a smattering of English and BM, my mandarin is 0 so no comm. Inside the centre were Thai, Vietnamese and 1 PRC masseur according to Ling.  She led me into a cubicle with a raised massage bed and told to undress. In the meantime she was quite talkative telling me about tonight’s weather and also she stays upstsir of the centre ( typical).

She dimmed the light after I laid on my front and she didn’t take off her 👗 as she asked if I wanted try massage w quality oil add RM 20, she’s a good sales telling me the virtues of the oil (but in reality nothing special so you can avoid that oil).

Started off like urut Indonesia style, wow she had strong hands and applied ample pressure on my limbs working her way up to my shoulders. It was when she attending shoulders standing in front of I spied her stocking leggings, can resist stroking them with both arms on her thighs and it felt so silky to the touch! She didn’t resist and I commented she had strong tight calf muscles too, which she interjected she exercises frequently by going for walks and visits to the nearby gym. I continue to stroke her legs while she massaged my shoulder area, can get a high just feeling those stockings. 

My next move may gave shocked her , I lifted my head and rubbed my face on her crotch and she let out a gasp and said ” uncle nakal ah!!” But she continued her massage.  All this probing told my instincts she’s sporting to my ultimate goal.  Asked her if she allow me to date her pussy and she lifted up her skirt to reveal a matching pair of black panties 😏 yowsah! ” Nanti says habit dull ya” 

That got me excited and woken me from my sleepy stupor since it was already past midnight 😴.  
Asked me turn around and she gave a very good head massage 💆‍♂️which was relaxing I was going to doze again . Was awoken by her asking what services I like her to do; batin hj or bj? I said I’ll take the hj package and she started touching and stroking the area around my crotch with her nails which had a great sensation.  

My right hand was going under her skirt feeling hel pussy pushed her panty aside and felt her public hair area and touching her pussy lips. What she did next wasn’t anticipated; she took off her panties and hopped on top of the bed! Spread Eagle her legs over my face in a 69 position and exposed her pussy in my face for all view. Pussy was clean and the public area neatly trimmed around the 💋 lovely indeed ha ha!

Grabbed her ass cheeks and dug my face into her pussy like long time no eating pussy…guess she enjoyed it cos her hips were gyrating in a rhythm.  As my painting tempo increased so did her hj tempo on my dick 🤪

It came to a point I cannot tahan no more and came while still eating her wet juicy abalone pussy.
She then got up and clean me up stating wah lama tak lepas ke? I replied yes 😆

A very happy experience indeed. We chit chatted a bit and she told me next time I visit she will wear something special since she now knows my fetish for stockings and panties rub.
Went home a happy 👨

Name: Ling Bakso Chinese 
Age: 33
Height: 155cm
Body: chubby but shapely
Boobs: 42 G ( but sadly I attacked her pussy only )
Daty: yes
Hj: yes
Bj: yes add cost
Fj: sorry not available in the centre, and she’s probably have a bf so no no fj.
Damage: pay centre RM 60 (1 hr) upfront RM 100 (2 hr)
Ling: RM 50 hj, add RM 50 daty. No sex 
Wir: yes if I’m in the mood to goto Klang and to seek her big boobs 😋. 

Location: Klang, Bandar Botanic
Category: CKT
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

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