Mariko Japanese fantasy encounter(pic)

Mariko Japanese fantasy encounter(pic)

Master: Ray

Unable contact Rachel so decided to see who on my list not met before. Decided to pm Mariko. I had chatted with her long time back but never met.
So pm her yesterday afternoon see if she was available. She responded quite fast and asked me if I am Chinese and I told her yes and tall stature. She replied with a smile icon. Arranged meeting at 7 in her apartment in times square. I decided since Rachel not responding to my request maybe try see if Mariko would play some part for me. Pm her later and asked if she will be willing to don  pantyhose and high heels. She replied yes and that got me more excited.
Arrived and pm her. She asked me to wait at lobby while she come down stairs to bring me up. After a few minutes I hear a soft voice you are so tall! I look up and meet Mariko and she wasn’t as tall as in the photo in fr.
She has that shy demure of a Japanese women never spoken unless spoken to. In the elevator she just politely smile at me while going up to her apartment.
At her apartment I was taken aback by the high side of the hotel she was staying in. It was a studio apartment with all the amenities. She offered me a glass of water and I did some small talk with her. She is 3/4 Japanese and the balance Filipino from her father side. With her looks she has the best features if both countries. First thing that caught my eye was her like the one you envision on a certain USA pop singer J lo.
After the chit chat and water she leads me to the bedroom nice king size bed. She prepares me a tooth brush with tooth paste and I brush my teeth followed by mouth wash gargle; oral  hygiene  important to her ! She next helped me undress and I asked if she was joining me but she declined in her demure voice saying she had already bathe. Wow after a nice hot shower I catch a peek of her in the bedroom putting on a pair of black panty hose in addition to the sexy top and frilly thing. Oh my she really comply to my wishes! I quickly dry myself up and come out of the washroom, she was looking stunning in her outfit with a curvy body to match woo Hoo!
BTW she stands 5’3″ and next with her 6″  inch high heels she was near my height. Gfe experience excellence, she  embrace me and make stand next to her on the full wall mirror than start hugging me with her back showing on the mirror showing her full body in pantyhose/ high heels… Walau eh!
I start by caressing the pantyhose material and her ass oh they are so tender and warm highlight by my hand reflection on the mirror ..Shiok. She moans softly in the process allowing me to have the full feel of her body.
Slowly I guide her to the bed and I sit down with her standing and I put my face into her pussy area oh so warm as she pushes my face deeper into her crotch. All the while she softly moans and then I pull her onto the bed and as she lies down I get on top of her missing her lips and neck. No fk from her unlike earlier fr stated. Guess she wanted daty as she kept pushing my head towards her crotch and moaning as I lick my way down and buried my face once again there. Can feel the dampness as I spread her legs to put my mouth against the pantyhose and her thong.
For 5 minutes I put my face over her crotch nuzzling her pussy through that sexy material. Played her boobs in the process 36c supple and bouncy. Than next stage commence by pulling her pantyhose off slowly like in Japan av movies, she gladly let me do the honors. She lift up her legs exposing her crotch and I immediate eat her pussy protected by her sexy thing without fully removing the pantyhose it was tantalizing and a good feel for me and her; legs over my shoulder and me nuzzling her pussy with moans like in the av movies. She softly tells me please don’t stop; of course not my dear I love this action!
After a while she is asking me to lick her pussy by pulling the thin thong strip back exposing her wet sweet  smell  pussy. The moment I place my tongue there she shudders and moan louder… Good climax I might add.
She likes daty from what I can gather and that’s one sport I’d love to do to any deserving girl.  10 minutes down she climax and ask me to enter her pussy. She pulls me from below and locks her  legs around me all the while I kiss her neck and slowly I work down her bosom. She whisper please fxck me and than she guides my didi  and rubs it against the lips of her pussy hole agh it feels so good getting her juices on my didi  tip. I can feel a surge in the stiffness enveloping my didi. She push me away and prep a cap over my didi  in missionary pose. I enter her wet hole and start pumping for only a few minutes…ahhh so good feel and her moaning like Japanese av cannot tahan and I let go inside the cap while still pumping her..
I continue kiss her face and lips with didi still inside her. She whispers to me with a smile you very good!
I get up and wash up while she tidies her bed. After I had finish shower she goes in to clean up. Oh so nice to see her body in the glass cubicle.
After she dressed up I find out she is a mother to a 10 year old boy. Her age is 30 & she married young at age 18.
I personally recommend anyone for this personal gfe experience.
Better her studio bedroom is damn luxurious. One night rate rm 300!

Name: Mariko

Age: 30

Body: 36c 26 38 lovely ass!

Pussy: shaved and sweet smell: natural wet

Daty: yes and loves it.

Ar : no

Bj: no , she doesn’t like it.

Gfe: 9/10 w sweet smile

Fk: didn’t get any

Height: 5’3″

Cosplay: depends I got mine lol 9/10 for making it happen.

Wir :  yes anytime need a pantyhose fetish.

Damage : rm 300 1 shot. Rm 500 2 shot.

She is very sporting!!     🙂

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