Mama Azie 2020 revisited and still a legend!(pic)

Mama Azie 2020 revisited and still a legend!(pic)

Master: Ray

As promised here’s my FR of the legend Mama Azie.

I had met her way back in 2016 & 2017 even gotten a signature pix of her stiletto red heels posted in the earlier reports. 

Then she went off the grid and guys on chat said she’d retired and wished her well.
Thanks to the administrator I got her new mobile number and immediately contacted her.  Quick response she replied and said she still recognised me wuhoo!

Made an appointment for yesterday evening at the same meeting venue, a hotel off the beaten path in SD (Sri Damansara). Was delayed as the previous access road was blocked and had to re-route one big round.  

She gave me the room # and I immediately made my way from the car park.

Mama Azie is very obliging to request. I requested her to dress in a baju kabaya and when she opened the door she was dressed in a black baju outlining her body’s curve … The years had been good to Mama, she still looks the same milf I met in 2017. Only difference is her face is rounder but body wise she Jaga baik baik. 

She made me sit down to catch up on our life.  Her daughter married and she’s now a grandmother too at a young age. She’s already in her 50s but reminds me of Joan Collins ( Gen Y and younger go Google ha ha ) Now she’s got free time to offer her services on a part time basis i.e when she feels like it and her business / family affairs are taken care of.

I made the move stroking her thighs and she hugged and kissed me in return.. took the cue to unbutton her top and she said wahhh ; revealed a grey lacy bra of which she obliged me by pushing her tits out for me to suck and tickle with my tongue. Best pushed on the bed and began sucking her tits..still lush and firm for a 50 + milf.

After a while my hand pushed it’s way upwards to her baju skirt and felt her crotch in silky material panties.. she moaned and lifted her legs to assist me in my task.  I placed my face up her crotch to snuggle on her silky panties and she obliged by lifting her skirt above her abdomen to allow me free access to her treasure cave.

Next her panties got removed and in all awe was her clean shaven pussy.  Still immaculate and no smell.  The moment my tongue hit her labia she was already laid back to enjoy the sensation.  She gently stroked my hands and my head as I upped the tempo and her legs spread wider.

She improvised by asking a time out while she undressed fully of her garb including bra. Then she laid down to enjoy my painting 🎨 session ☺️. I switched to a 69 position with me on top giving her pussy a good top over lick. In return she gave my dick a soft tentalising tongue and mouth blow job.  She took her time building up the tempo till it hit when she pulled my head up and commented “ohh you Masih best bagi mama Rasa shiok!”

Nothing is complete without giving Mama Azie a good fuck. Have her a missionary and follow up her legs high for deep penetrations.  She gave me some encouraging looks of satisfaction subtly telling me she’s enjoying the love making. She went smiling after I released my cum in the cap.

As usual she will make coffee after cleaning up and this time around she made Chinese tea 🍵 too for me while she had her coffee.

We chatted about the MCMO and the shopping mall’s lack of customers. Sad times but she was happy I can visit her. I told her I can come visit again; she replied once a month ok and asked to be given a minimum days notice. 

She gave me a hug and wished me well.  

Name: Azie (Mama to her followers)
Rating 9/10 (legendary GF feel)
Age: 50 (early)
Body: MILF with nice 34C and small nipples
Pussy: No smell, clean shaven and a pleasure to paint!
Kissing yes but no FK
Still love her stiletto platform heels!
Damage RM300 include room 

For appointments, please set up a day before.  She sometimes will not be available 
WIR: YES indeed for a legendary experience.

Location: Kepong , Sri Damansara
Category: NLMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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