Lan Lan – Nova Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Nova Hotel

Lan Lan – Nova Hotel

Cheongster: musket

Second time to this place in BB. Hotel in Jalan Alor. Limited stock as only has 4 PRC. The stock in this place is always “fresh” as the girls are here for 2-3/52 only. OK value as you get a clean hotel room with air-con.

So CK the stock in the room. Most are SYT in the mid-20s age group. Noticed this girl with big eyes and large boobs. Doesn’t look like the typical PRC actually as her eyes are big.

So paid and took her. Did not noticed she had a few tattoos until she was in the room. Nothing big, just a few on the ankle, wrist to indicate her misspent youth. Good thing is she doesn’t smoke. GFE OK only. Told me she came from Shanghai. Took off her gear and ready for shower. No pre-shower hanky panky to warm things up. With large boobs in PRC comes a tad of fat at the midrifts. Boobs are large and real with dark, smallish nipples (pregnant before most likely).

She washed my didi well and she chuckled when I tweaked her nipples playfully.

Ask to lie down on bed and action started with gentle cat bath on my nipples and body. Very nice and gentle, moving down 1 side then up the other before going down for a BBBJ. OK skill as mouth not to big so cannot deepthroat me. Reached half way only 🙂 Lick shaft, blow blow blow the head kinda style. Didi already fully erect. She spitted but thank goodness she was very lady like and didn’t have the disgusting hacking spit. Roamed her. Nice soft boobs. Prefers her boobs to be grabbed rather than her nipples being tweaked. (First time I encounter this and I was very gentle with the nipple play. My mandarin is not too great but I find these PRC girls use strange terms for supposedly sensual feelings – ? no mandarin equivalent.

Most of the time they stop me when they’re ‘high’ calling it ‘itchy’ (‘Yang’) but this time this girl says she becomes ‘numb’ (“Ma”) with my nipple play. Strange. Rarely do they ever say “Suang”). Gently ran my fingers along her slot without fingering as from experience PRCs don’t like it. She was bushy as the pubic area but the area around the labia and slot was hairless. Nice. Didn’t try DATY. Chuckled every time I try to flipped her long hair away to get a better look (More siok ma.).

Asked her to cap me and action started with cowgirl. As most of you know, PRC are rarely good at cowgirl and this one was no exception. She even told me she was not that good in this position. Kinda hard to get the rhythm right when I thrust from below but every time I did this she moaned loudly. In fact her moaning was quite loud during the session, quite like a jap porn video. Grabbed her boobs and sucked on nipples while she squat and pumped and moaned away.

Switched to missionary as she appeared tired. Very good moaning throughout the pumping. I must be large for her or something as she was quite tight and her moaning were real. Pump her in several variations of missionary – standard, grinding (she likes), leg over shoulder and deep (She almost screamed), fast and slow etc. While pumping, I grabbed her arms up over her head and kissed her inner arms and down the sides to the boobs and nipples which made her really wet and slippery. Good thing she didn’t push me away and enjoyed this. Not much eye contact though as her eyes were closed most times. No kissing allowed although she didn’t mind me licking her ears. Strangely I most enjoyed it when she grabbed my arms when she was aroused of all things. She covered her mouth with the back of her hands to prevent FK. Pump like this for a long time. Even tried a bit of side pumping with her legs up. Licked her calf and ankles and played with her clit.

Pulled out to switch to doggy and noticed fluid running from her pussy to the inner thigh and bed. She was really high and wet!

Doggy her kao kao. She has quite a nice ass for a PRC. Brushed my hand away when I tickled her asshole. Very nice view with the grippy labia on my shaft. Just straight doggy with no variation but pumped her for a long time until tired.

“I’m tired. You go on top” I said in Mandarin. “I’m also tired” she replied with a smile. Asked her to do reverse cowgirl but she refused so just straight cowgirl. I think her legs were wobbly or something cos she didn’t guide me in properly so a bit painful so didi became soft. Also tired and sweaty from the exercise. So asked her to lie beside me for a break and get did hard again. Good thing she didn’t immediate pull off condom. She tried to TFK to get it up again and succeeded when she combined it with catbath.

So doggy her again. Pump pump pump her for a long time but still couldn’t come
so switched to missionary again. Time almost up so grabbed her large boob with both my hands (they’re more than a handful) and squeeze while pumping increase my arousal. After a while can feel the orgasmic wave coming. The way she BBBJ me earlier I don;t think she would allow CIM but I wanted to come on her body for a change (first time trying this BTW) so whipped my didi out and tried to yank out the condom. It was slippery on the outside but at the same time gripping my shaft tightly on the inside so it just snapped back when I pulled. Very funny actually. But quick rolled it off and jerked off on her tummy. She looked at me with a frown but was OK with it. 🙂

Damn tired but siok exercise.

Place: Nova Hotel
Origin: PRC
Name: Lan Lan (“Blue Blue” I think)
Age: Mid-20s
Looks: Pretty – 8/10.
Boobs: Large and real. Bulging out her dress.
Height – medium ~ 150cm
Body: slightly chubby. Nice ass.
BBBJ: OK. No teeth.
DATY: Didn’t try.
FK: No
FJ: Good but a bit passive. Not the athletic type. Cow girl below par but I have a psychological fear of this position with slightly chubby girl. (Can fracture the didi if she is unskilled in this – a medical fact).
GFE: Not up to my ISO. Too SOP.
Damage: 188
WIR: For other girls as she’s here until 28.9

* BBBJ=Oral Sex without Condom, FJ/ML=Make Love
* CatBath=Body Licking, GFE=Girlfriend Feel, Damage=Cost
* WIR=Would I Return, DATY=Oral Sex on Woman

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