Hot local Chinese girl : Kelly(pic)

Hot local Chinese girl : Kelly(pic)

Master: Kamal

Hello guys, been constantly hook up with this local Chinese Amoy – Kelly, to satisfy my b2b desire and hj. Feel horny again last week Monday, and contact Kelly again to book a session with her.

She said ok, and went straight away to Damansara Uptown. Whatapps her when I already downstairs, and she give me the hotel room number.

Wow, the gorgeous petite girl, white skin, smiley faces in sexy black lingerie opening the door. My didi already hard. This time around, I already take hype100 pils to make sure I stay strong and last longer. hehe..

She help to uncloth my shirt, pan and underwear.. and I take the opportunity to complement her beauty while my hand grabbing slowly her hair, body and boobs, she is a gentle girl, so please be gentle, not to spoil the mood. Then, she undress herself, wow again I cannot tahan already seeing her naked.

Went for a quick shower, she really knows how to clean your body especially your didi lah..

Massage session start, she put the baby oil and start rubbing all over your body, on the front and back. The massage is really good, because she is genuine massager. She smile a little bit, when she saw my dick is already hard, and play a little bit with her finger. She ask me to turn around ( back side facing him) and she will first put her leg on top of your back to do the massage work, damm it feel good.
Then, my front facing her, and she continue with b2b. I cannot hold myself and grab her boobs and butt. Her pussy is a little bit  not shave but it look nice.

She play gently with my didi.. making sure I not releasing my load too quick. The best part is that Kelly can speak Malay very well and is knowledgeable. So we can chitchat better and bond.
I give her a kiss and took opportunity to kiss the boobs and body. She will ask me when I’m ready, so that she can go full swing and do the HJ so my didi can exploded.

I cannot tahan with the boobs and curvy butt (not big but suitable for this white petite local chinese girl). Luckly i take the pill and lasted almost 45 minutes with her.

Name: Kelly
Nationality: local chinese ckt
Face: 8/10
Boob: 8/10
Pussy: shaven
Service: 10/10
Damage: 500 b2b and hj
WIR: yes

Location: Petaling Jaya Damansara Uptown
Category: CKT
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

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  1. Niruz says:

    How can i get to see photos and contacts of ladies?

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