Heavy Breakfast with Hani(pic)

Heavy Breakfast with Hani(pic)

Master: Omar

I got Hani’s no. long time ago but haven’t got time to make an appointment with her, have cancelled twice before due to some urgent matters, finally yesterday morning since am at klang visiting my relative and got nothing to do, try my luck to contact Hani, To my luck she reply within 15 minutes but saying she just woke up and why not I make an appointment earlier. She ask me to go to another place first while she preparing for our appointment (take her bath maybe) and ask me to come to her apartment half an hour later at 9.30am. So there I go to car wash cleaning my car. She reply me quite late at 9.45 but luckily I also just finished washing my car. She afraid that I cancelled the appointment because of her late reply.

Arrive at her apartment, lot of cats there. Straight away go to her room. Ask me to get naked and lied at the mattress. She open a radio. Maybe to cover the sound because her daughter was at another room. She’s living there with her daughter and her niece.

Start the session with a massage, like other bros said, the session was good, she really an expert in massage. She quite talkative, we chit chat all the way during the massage session, about her cats, her daughter’s job, her planned vacation during charismas holiday and she show me one of her conversation with client, said she got irritated with lots of question asked from that guy, So bros, if you want to make an appointment with Hani, just straight to the point, to many question will guide to disappointment.

After finishing massaging my back, ask me to turn then continue to massage by leg, then massaging my little bro. still continue chit chat but she burp a lot during the whole session. But I just ignored that. After the massage session she sit between my legs and ask what package did I want, said to her I want a full package. With a smile she walk to her cupboard and took out a condom hiding at her fold clothes , got naked and start BJ me. The BJ was good, she eat all my little bro.

BJ last for 10 minutes than she cap me. Start with cowboy while she cowboy me, I sucking her boobs. Her abalone is quite tight. Good as teenage abalone, she really took good care of her main asset. Then she lied back make me on top of her. I bang her fast. During the session you can hear her daughter was outside the room walking in front of the room many times, Hani close her mouth but always smile during the session maybe did not want her daughter her a weird sound from the room as she said that her daughter know she providing a massage services but not the “extra”.

Load my cum in her, after that wash, she on the other hand straight away put back her cloth saying she want to go out after this so no time to take bath. Pay her when I want to leave see her daughter and her niece at the living room. Ignore them and just leave the house. Overall the service was good and maybe will make another appointment with her.

Fyi, next week, her relatives from home town will come staying at her house, so maybe she will not take any client during that time and on charismas she will off for holiday.

Name: Hani
Race: NL
Skin : 8/10 she said that she take collagen daily
Body: 8.10 quite nice for a MILF
Massage: 9/10
FJ: 9/10 no rush
GF Exp: 9/10 very talkative and open minded
Overall: 9/10 will repeat
Damage: RM150 (full package)

Location: Klang
Category: NL
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese 🙂

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  1. Aaron says:

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  37. Daniel says:

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