Good service – Kimmy

Good service – Kimmy

*** Kimmy is back to service ***

Master: Shane

One day while finishing work, I thought of giving a call to her to arrange for a meeting. The initiation was not as easy as I thought but nevertheless managed to make a booking. 

It was already late and she mentioned that she wanted to go home for dinner first after work. I didn’t have a problem with that and moments later received sms asking whether I can go fetch her since it was difficult to get a cab. 

I didn’t have a problem with that either and went to fetch her at the location. Met her and she brought us to a nearby hotel. To summarize the story, she began to undress and we both bathed together. 

It was nice to have a girl beside you and my didi almost exploded so we went to the bed and began the standard procedures. We did cowgirl first for about 5 minutes and later switched to my favorite position which is the missionary. 

Overall, it was a nice one and the whole thing didn’t last that long unfortunately. I’m not a person who asked many questions so I paid and left. Her appearance is not bad but it’s not my taste. So far, I’m still looking for someone who is somewhat attractive (at least to me).

Name: Kimmy
Race: CKT
Age: 30 maybe
Looks: 5/10
Body: 6/10
Boobs: Normal
DATY: Don’t like
BJ: 6/10
GFE: 5/10
Damage: RM250

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2 Responses to “Good service – Kimmy”

  1. Edison says:

    Hello there, i am not a MIB. i would be grateful if you could share Kimmy contacts with me. I am a member of sucknehneh’s FL list and i hope that sharing with her contact would be appreciated. If there is anything i can assist you please do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you.

    Edison (

  2. ryansamuel says:

    hi, i would also like to have kimmy’s tel no if you dont mind. tq

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