Friendly Malay FL – Ann

Friendly Malay FL – Ann

Master: Alfred

I got her contact from a friend. I was nearby her area and text her for. She replied OD at 2pm. Reach there and was to park outside and wait for instructions.
20 minutes later was asked to take the lift and me directed to her unit.
She was friendly. No rushing. Was ask to sit down, chat a while before the action starts.
Undress and was ask to laid down on the bed. She started to cat bath and than straight to BBBJ. Cap on and she started to hump. She tried to minimize her moan as she afraid yah the neighbors might hear and suspect. 
After 15 minutes I unload. Than we continue talking and she asked if I want to do the second round. Too bad, need to rush back to office. I dressed up and left.

Name: Ann

Face: 5.5/10

Service: average (but she is friendly) 7/10

Damage: 150

*she will request for payment before action.


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50 Responses to “Friendly Malay FL – Ann”

  1. Nicholas says:

    Contact number, please. Thanks.

  2. zwankuko says:

    Can get she phone number

  3. Ahmad says:

    Hello sir..can i get this girl contact number please..tq sir

  4. mr wong says:

    contact me pls i need information

  5. robert says:

    contact please..

  6. captain says:

    contact me pls, need info. thanks.

  7. Jackie says:

    i want nunber the girl

  8. jimmy says:

    contact number tq

  9. mild says:

    bos minta no fon die..

  10. thomas says:

    can i get her contact

  11. James says:

    Contact pls

  12. prem says:

    pls give the contact no. thanks

  13. clantong says:

    Contacts pls….

  14. yeoh says:

    can i have contact number ?

  15. sam says:

    Contact pls

  16. sam says:

    Contact pls. Tq

  17. sam says:

    Hi…pls..can i get the contact no plssss..tq

  18. Rick says:

    Can I have the number please…

  19. Rick says:

    How do i contact this girl?

  20. am says: no pls.

  21. ayam says:

    contact number pls

  22. Dan says:

    Get me the contact number tq

  23. tang says:

    Bro… pls share it to me. Email me really appreciate.

  24. Sam says:

    Contact no. please

  25. ping says:

    Can i get the contact number?thx

  26. Eddie says:

    Contact no please.. Email me-

  27. sean says:

    hello can u have her number
    can sms me 0173396029

  28. Jack says:

    Share contact please. Tq

  29. Anon says:

    Malay FL Bangi/Putrajaya 0132885458 (call/whatsapp)

  30. raiz aziz says:

    request for details pls

  31. C says:

    Bro, can you share the golden key and her contact?? Thank You!!

  32. me says:

    Sorry.that not her.number…somebody.ada…

  33. Jindey Gill says:


  34. najib says: no n key pls

  35. seeker says:

    can i have the contact number

  36. raj says:

    I have fia contact.. Anyone would like to exchange fl

  37. bryan says:

    If wanna exchange ctc..pls email me

  38. al says:

    phone please 😉

  39. al anh says:

    contact num pls

  40. kamal says:

    contact password if any please

  41. 91909 says:

    Need her lovely number please.

  42. masta says:

    wanna Local malay FL ,can contact me..01111082243

  43. faris says:

    Contact number, please. Thanks.

  44. James says:

    Bro, contact number please. Thanks!

  45. Axlrose says:

    Contact number please bro?

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