First time with Ah Ling

First time with Ah Ling

Master: Three2

Thank webmaster for her contact. Msged her she reply with hotel location and room number. Knocked on the door, there she is the famous Ah Ling standing in front of me. She looks like a next door housewife or a school teacher to me. She invited me into the room, started with tcss she said she didn’t expect me to be so young, she asked me does I know her age before we met and I told her I always like mature women, she smiles

After talking about 5 minutes she started took off my tees and jeans, then for herself. She lead me into the shower started washing and rubbing my body. My didi started negaraku, then she went down her knee while still in the shower and give me an awesome slurping wet bbbj.

She blow me like she never had a cock for ages. After a while we proceed to the bedroom dried ourself and she tell me to lie on the bed and continue blowing my erect didi for almost 10minutes. Then she capped me and started riding me cowgirl she moaned are soft and gentle, very seductive. Grinding my didi like a hungry milf her moaned getting louder and louder. Beh tahan and released my load while she still grinding me. She smiles . She lead me to the toilet wash up, dry up, pay up and leave.

Name: Ah Ling (CKT)
Over all a good experience with her. Highly GFE everytime with her. Highly recommended for Milf lover
Face: 8/10 – next door wife looks
Body: 9/10 – ok la. Can’t complain
Boobs: 7/10 soft mature tits
Pussy: 8/10 
Ass: 6:10 big
HJ: 8/10 – soft and teasing touch 
BBBJ: 9.5/10 eat my didi like a hungry Milf 
Moan: 8/10. Macam real
GFE: 8/10
Overall: 9/10
Damage: RM150
WIR: Already 

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT

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  1. Kay says:

    Can share her detail pls. Cant tahan edy..

  2. Lengchai says:

    Hi Bro, pls share Ah Ling contact, tq

  3. Ravin says:

    Can someone pass the number pls

  4. Ravin says:

    Can I get her number

  5. Mamakfans says:

    May 1 have her contact? Please

  6. Lun says:

    Sounds tempting!! Do share

  7. KK says:

    Can I have her contact pls….tq

  8. Adam says:

    Pm me contact please. Thank you

  9. Adam says:

    Pm me contact details. Thank you

  10. Sexy Lexy says:

    Share contact pls. 016-3136397

  11. api says:

    can share contact pls?

  12. Mr HK says:

    Webmaster do contact me

  13. David says:

    Hi bro, appreciate u can share her contact, wechat : wwfund
    Thanks so much

  14. Beks says:

    Please share ah ling contact number thank you

  15. Ben says:

    Mind to share her contact? Whatsapp me: 0175137833

  16. Mr HK says:

    Boss do share this good meat.. (webmaster or anyone) could please..

  17. Wayne says:

    Hi can I have ah Ling’s number also? Thank you so much!

  18. Lai says:

    Wechat me kevkev5121 for Ah Ling, Lin & Hani numbers 🙂

  19. Tom says:

    Pls email me her contact to papertossay tks

  20. Johnny says:

    Can share her contact with me please please please.

  21. deadeye says:

    hi bro

    can i have this CKT (Kimmy contact)..very keen on local chinese lady

    very appreciate if bro can share


  22. aef says:

    webmaster..please give me ah ling details

  23. Adam says:

    Can give ah ling contact??

  24. Joe says:

    Hi bro! Would appreciate it if you’d share me her contact number. thanks!

  25. Sbn8668 says:

    Hi bro,

    Can share the number with me?


  26. Terry says:

    hi bro
    can share the contact to me?

  27. kenda says:

    Can I have Ah Ling’s contact please?Thanks

  28. Tancho Tan says:

    Pls share Ah Ling’s contact. Tq

  29. Jonathan says:

    Share ahling contact pls

  30. James says:

    Need Ah Ling 7 HANI nUMBER

    Wechat :SMARTGUY7651

  31. maxlee says:

    Anyone got her contact yet?

    Email me.

  32. GGorgeous says:

    Need Ah Ling contact bro.

  33. Mike lee says:

    Pls share contact

  34. Ku says:

    Please email her contact please

  35. Jack says:

    Please share with me her phone number. Tq

  36. AL says:

    Pls share contact, thanks

  37. Jojomfrog says:

    Hi bro! Would appreciate it if you’d share me her contact number. thanks!

  38. Ranta says:

    Hi bro, mind to share the contact for the legendary milf?

  39. Ranta says:

    Hi bro, mind to share the contact for the legendary milf? missed out the email address::

  40. Mac says:

    Webmaster and bro, can I have Ah ling and Peggy number? Thanks.

  41. Albert says:

    Hi webmaster, can share Ah Ling contact

  42. Jason says:

    Hi bro! Would appreciate it if you’d share me her contact number. thanks!

  43. Jameson says:

    Bro, pls share ah ling contact

  44. Lie0302 says:

    Please give her phone number…

  45. Jack says:

    Please share bro

  46. Jackson says:

    Anyone need this pls pm me at wechat. But u need to exchange with me.
    Id: Zyx01234567890123

  47. Domidick says:

    kindly provide golden key and contact # thanks v much

  48. Benna says:

    can please share contact with me at

  49. Kenny says:

    Wah so much positive comments on this ah ling can send me her contact ah , thx !

  50. John says:

    Bro..can I have her contact no.want to try her out…Thks bro

  51. Johnny says:

    Boss can share contact?

  52. Dave says:

    Hey bro, awesome writing skills lol.
    Would you mind sharing contact pls?

  53. Martin says:

    Can i have Ah Ling contact, thanks in advance

  54. thomas says:

    Hi bro, can share contact

  55. Gecho Kong says:

    Seeking for contact number please . Thank you.

  56. Jj says:

    Share her contact to me please, 0178786616

  57. Jeffery says:


  58. Jeffery says:


  59. Ej says:

    Pls share her contact no pls..tq

  60. Ej says:

    Pls share her contact no pls.. 0162262751 tq

  61. adrian says:

    pls send contact, tqvm!

  62. steven says:

    how can i get the contact? thanks in advance

  63. friedman says:

    email detail bro, thanks

  64. Hailamlam says:

    Hii, can i have ah ling contact webmaster?

  65. John says:

    Please send me contact number, webmaster!

  66. DC says:

    Please share contact And golden key

  67. Kee Kai Loon says:

    Hi Bro, pls share Ah Ling contact, tq

  68. Raj says:

    Share her contact

  69. valk says:

    hello bro pls share her contact no

  70. ethan says:

    Bro can you please share contact? Cheers

  71. Ck says:

    Hi..would like to exchange ling’s contact with hani klang/ devi contact..please enail me at

  72. CK says:

    Hi bro, please share wechat contact for Ah Ling to

  73. Nikk777 says:

    Can share me her contact? After reading so many good reviews.
    Kamsiah kamsiah

  74. dabaixiong says:

    Bro, Can share Ah Ling contact & key. Thks

  75. dabaixiong says:

    Is Ah Ling still operating?

  76. Adam Hun says:

    Willing to pay for Ah Ling’s contact.

  77. Cli says:

    Can you share her contact. Thanks

  78. Ironm says:

    Please kindly share her number to me. Thanks

  79. Fat Tom says:

    Bro, share contact plss….

  80. Ckbe says:

    Pls share her contact to

  81. Kns says:

    Please share her contact, thank you.

  82. elan says:

    Hi Bro, pls share Ah Ling contact, tq

  83. Tammat says:

    Contact no…please

  84. ken says:

    pls share contact

  85. Kingsley says:

    Pls share contact 019-9868438

  86. Ki says:

    Can u share me the contact no. Thank you

  87. Biggie says:

    Share contacts pls

  88. K says:

    Can share contact and golden key please?

  89. Bryan Wong says:

    Do you mind sharing the contact and the golden key ? Thank you so much 😊😊

  90. toms says:

    please share contact

  91. Yong says:

    Can share contact to , thank you

  92. Snowie says:

    Pls share her contact, thanks

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