Evening with Janet(pic)

Evening with Janet(pic)

Master: Gene

So it was a Thursday afternoon that i made an appointment with her. The last time i met her was not so long ago (3 months?) but unfortunately she couldnt remember me. Well maybe deleted my wechat. The time is set to 12pm and this time couldnt fetch her from her place because i took uber after getting off from the nearest lrt station.

Waited for an hour before she show up wearing a short and a top only. Nothing special but maybe dont want to grab attention if wear too sexy. So she book a room at a nearby budget hotel and we went it. Once inside, she got the towels and had a simple shower then afterwards she ask me to shower alone. Came out later and she removed her towels and started to touch me once we sat o. The bed.

She played with my didi for a while and asked if i want start with a bj or not. I said ok and almost cant tahan so i ask her to stop and do normal style. Dunno why there’s no feel and so she suggested to switch to doggy. Again not much excitement and she was wondering what is going on. She gave a handjob to wake up didi and i just said let’s do it again this time doggy style. After a few rounds managed to unload and can see she’s relieved that it’s over. Maybe she frustrated and tired.

So we washed up and paid her. Overall the session was ok. Nothing that great but you get what you pay for. In the end the job was done. We went separate ways once outside the hotel room.

Name: Janet
Age: 40?
Body: 6
Face: 5
Boobs: 6 (soft and shapeless)
BJ: 5
FJ: 7/10
GFE: 4/10 (kept playing with phone or watch tv)
WIR: hmmm..
Damage: 200 

Location: Setapak , Gombak
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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18 Responses to “Evening with Janet(pic)”

  1. senju says:

    Hello bro, please drop golden key and contact number to syaume92@yahoo.com

  2. Tankok says:

    Hello bro, please drop golden key and contact number to tankok1@yahoo.com

  3. Mixer says:

    Hey Bro can u drop golden key to my email

  4. kumie says:


    can you drop golden key to the email?


  5. Alvin says:

    Pls share golden key, lengchai@gmail.com

  6. andrew says:

    contact number n goldeen key please

  7. Amir says:

    Dont believe her. Kena main ngan dia! Picked her up from her apartment and arrived at nearby hotel. She asked full payment for hotel room. Then promised to text me the room number. But never text me back. Gone with money. Pompuan sial!!!

  8. Kenjay says:

    Pergh i feel you bro. Happened something similar to me too. Wow i tot i was the only victim

  9. mrbombastic says:

    Can i have golden key please. Thank you

  10. joe says:

    bro pls pm golden key or her contact no may be..keen to meet her.. tq bro

  11. Frank says:

    Careful of her

  12. tosai says:

    Attitude sucks like hell

  13. Mictcj says:

    Bro, pls send contact and golden key & contact to michaeltancj84@gmail.com Thanks

  14. Matspek says:

    Hello bro, please drop golden key and contact number to mat_spek27@yahoo.com

  15. Tuan says:

    Same with other bros here. 1st experience bad attitude. Never considered us as customers just toys. 2nd time kena trap. Bye to this amoi

  16. Lee Ron says:

    key pls

  17. Nama says:

    Pls drop golden key

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