Devi massage legend

Devi massage legend

Master: Bruh

Got her contact from webmaster two years ago and have been visiting her sometimes but after a long break I messaged her for booking.

After that make appoinment after finish my work, straight away drive to her place.

Reach her place arround 10pm and sms tell her i already arrived.

For info her flat is abit dodgy la.

She knows me well that I’m a massage fan.

She greet me with kimono.

She serve me with halia drinks. It taste very nice and she said it could relief the pain. One thing, she is always passionate about her job. Just tell what u want and she will do accordingly.

She brought me to her room, undress me and started oil massage.

After a full back massage, she started her work, with her blowjob which the best i’ve ever had.

I grab her boob while she still giving a blowjob and i also try boobsjob.

She really know how to do proper batin. When almost finish, she ask whether I want to cum or not, I said yes. I asked her to apply more oil and climax the hand job slowly.

For Bro who like good massage and proper batin by big boob lady that quite pretty, Please do get her service. Devi is not only goddess for FJ Service but she’s equally legendary with massage and sorry guys I’m not a FJ Service fan.

Name: Devi
Face: I won’t rate it because u must rate her based on service only.
Body: busty
Pussy:  no smells
BJ: 10/10
FJ: –


Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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  1. Raj says:

    Pls share the contact no my fren

  2. harin says:

    pls share contact pls 01128075489

  3. Tommy lim says:

    Pls share the contact no my fren

  4. Pls forward her phone number says:

    Iam interest with this massage girl Devi. Would like to try her services. Kindly update me her contact info pls

  5. Ramesh says:

    Looks interesting.Please share her ohone num

  6. roy says:

    can share her contact no ??


    Can share her contact

  8. John says:

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  9. Dylan says:

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  10. Andy says:

    Hi, can I have Devi’s contact please? Thank you.

  11. logan says:

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    Thanks a lot.

  12. Jeff says:

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  13. Ong says:

    Pls give me her number

  14. Desmond says:

    Bro pls share contact. Kindly update me her contact. Thank you

  15. Desmond says:

    Pls share her contact 01133993118

  16. Narayanab says:

    I have heard of this Devi for a few years now. Really appreciate if you could email me her contact. Or watszpp me at 0163185 772

  17. Jackwin says: her no

  18. Stevo says:

    Hi, much appreciate if you could share devi’s contact to my email stevoky1003@gmail.con
    Thank you.

  19. David s says:

    I have devi…lin….carrie n maria….anyone wishes to swap? Interested…email me. Cheers.

  20. Vela says:

    Is there any chance i can get her contact number?

  21. King says:

    Bro david s whats your email?

  22. Ahmad says:

    Can please share contact bro

  23. Saiman says:

    Contact. TQ

  24. Damonz says:

    Hi, feel free to share Devi’s contact. Thanks.

  25. Zh3nk0 says:

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  26. Selvam says:

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  27. Selvam says:

    Bro, can share contact to my email

  28. Yuva says:

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  29. Yuva says:

    Hi, please send me Devi phone number

  30. roland says:

    please pm contact, thanks

  31. Peterzaiii says:

    Hii bro, can I get devi ‘s contact number pls???? Thank you so much……
    Wechat : asdf-789

  32. k says:

    bro can share contact and golden key?

  33. Vinod says:

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  34. Syafiq says:

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  35. Yzhong says:

    Hi, I wish her to give me a good bj
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  36. Sidekic says:

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  37. Vinz says:

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  38. Henry says:

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  40. Albert says:

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  41. Tannk says:

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  42. Sammy Lim says:

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  43. Murli Nadarajan says:

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  44. Murli Nadarajan says:

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  45. zul says:

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  46. Kesh says:

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  47. Brian says:

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  49. Ng Allan says:

    Woo nice I like and love to try

  50. Sam says:

    Hi boss, could you please share Devi’s contact at my email Many thanks!

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