CKT Ice in hot pussy(pic)

CKT Ice in hot pussy(pic)

Master: Bryan

“Talking about ICE, long story to talk about her. Ever since i got her contacts, at first i nvr have time to meet her up yet, then we keep contact through hand phone for almost a month, chatting over the phone always, then, i decided to meet her.

The first meeting was good, exciting and ‘kan cheong’ a bit. hahaha… i pick up her at Time square, she is vy talkative, like usual, but the baby face, ahhwooo WOO…. when saw it first glance, can’t tahan dy… i drive fast fast to the destination, get the room key, gentlely hold her hand, we went up the room together.

 Once got in the room, she took off my shirt, follow by her own, then we went in bath room together…. my didi that time oledi hard like steel… in bath room she BJ me, then came out, i lay on the bed, she BJ me again… her BJ is sth that i must praise, not superb but use a lot of heart, slowly, deep throat, kiss it, lick it… wow… i like it most…. BJ is not to get ur sperm out quickly but to let u enjoy….. this is damm good…

 Then, she help me to wear ‘raincoat’, i start to work hard… she moan like kitty, small voice but u enjoy it… i fucked her, bang her hardly… she start to moan even louder…. i bang bang bang… fucked her… kiss her… she hug me, kiss me, we kissing each others…. fuck man, best fucked i had in this 2012, fucked and bang her harder and harder… she scream… i kiss her… deep one, kiss, and bang….. and finally, i explode and fire inside….

after that, we hug each other and hv a rest…. no energy to wake up…. my didi still left inside… finally, we go to bath together again. She is like gf, vy good gf feeling… i told her i will be back for her, and up to date, by the time i wrote this FR to u all bros, i already fucked and bang her for 3 times… hehe….

She is worth you a try and if u willing, worth u to keep her as a consistent one…. i will fucked her again next week… hehe…

Name: Ice
Age: 26
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10
Skin; 8/10
Boobs: B+ cup
Pussy: 10/10 juicy
BJ: 9/10
DATY: NO, i dun want, u can ask
FJ: 9/10
GFE: 10/10
Damage:300 (not include hotel room)

Location: Cheras 
Category: CKT

Remark: She ONLY serve Chinese

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