Angel – Powerful Massage and Nice Batin

Angel – Powerful Massage and Nice Batin

Master: Micheal

I was in the mood for a massage and something ‘extra’ on that day. So I went and texted Angel to book an appointment at night (my friend gave me the contact number and told me that she is good at what she’s doing, which makes me more excited).

Come night time, straight went to her place after work. Parking is easy (outside the compound got ample parking space), and straight to her unit. She the greeted me, and the first thing that I see is her big ‘rack’.

Went inside her unit, and she asked me to sit while she prepared to soak your feet with her herbal concoction. Soaked my feet, and we chit chat for a while. She is from Sabah, and is really friendly. She told me that she’s wanted to lose weight, but from what I see, all of her meat is in the right place. She then asked me to pay first before the session starts.

Once the session starts, she asks you to lie on your back first. Her massage was surprisingly good, no light touches, but firm massages starting from your feet, up to your neck. She uses her knee and elbow to hit all the right places. (I have some soreness in my neck, she massages the soreness away). She said that soreness and muscle pain is from angin accumulated in your body.

She then asked me to ‘bersila’ on the massage table and proceed to do some chiropractor – like position. I’ll tell you, the whole body will feel abit sakit at first, but then your body will feel syok. Then comes the batin session, she sat right in front of you and starts caressing your pp. 

Within seconds, my pp becomes PP already. She stroke and massage the crotch area, abit sakit, but tolerable. After that she ask me to release all or to save. Alang2 there, I said release all, and she proceed with HJ. She didn’t rush the session, eventho the session went past 10 mins after the agreeable duration.

After that, I get dressed, and she gave me a herbal drink. She said it is for virility. Drank that, and my body felt abit nice and calm.

She told me to try to come urut on a monthly basis to buang any extra angin in my body. Will definitely go if I got the time.

Name: Angel
Race: Sabahan
Age: around end 30 or early 40.
Face: 6/10
Boobs: 7/10 (its big yo)
FK: nope
Pussy: nope
WIR: try to go there monthly. Her massage is really good
Damage: RM100
Category: all (she even said she got angmoh customers)
Location: Mentari court

Location: Sunway 
Category: NL

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3 Responses to “Angel – Powerful Massage and Nice Batin”

  1. Madz says:

    Hi bro Michael,

    Mind sharing her contact with me? She seems familiar.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Jeff says:

    Can watsapp me her ctc number to 0102630836. Thanks

  3. Erwin says:

    Hi bro.. can share the contact pls..
    See ur text fill wanna try

    Pls email me
    Thank bro

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