Afternoon with Janet(pic)

Afternoon with Janet(pic)

Master: Ben

I’d like to share my experience with this milf after a friend shared her contact with me. I read about the fr too and most of them dont seem like a good experience. Since i only had one contact of fl, i decided to try it. I messaged her through wechat. Her wechat doesnt have her picture, just using baby as profile pic and some sharings of her son. We agreed on the price and location. This gave me excitement that i could be meeting a rather good looking woman.

On that day, i arrived at the location and texted her. She replied after 15 minutes and said she just got back and will be there in 5 minutes. After waiting for another 30 minutes then only she shows up. Total waiting time was 45 minutes. Already a bad impression and made me feel slightly mood off. When she finally turned up, it was disappointing. And some excuses given. Later on that. She guided me to the hotel and demanded that i gave her 100 for booking the room first. I felt slightly overpriced for booking a budget hotel.

Anyway i gave her and waited 15 mins before she texted me the room number. I thought man this is getting on my nerves. Before i proceed, let me describe her appearance. She was a pale looking typical chinese milf with a weird color lipstick, wearing a short and some sort of single top. Nothing sexy or special but just like ah lian. I’m not especially particular though but even i cant accept this kind of appearance when meeting customers. But nvm, i’m here to have fun. That was what i was thinking back then.

So i went up and the door opened. She asked me to bathe first so i obliged. Once i’m done, i asked her to bath too but she refused saying she just bathed at home. I was like ok whatever. She stripped naked and said let’s bj and it was good but i wasnt looking at her face. After 5 minutes she said she was tired and gave a handjob while watching tv. This turns me off and my didi was getting weak and aroused on and off since she just concentrated on tv and phone only without talking. Suddenly i remember why all the non-positive reviews on the fr. I had to ask for missionary and she just lay on the bed motionless while i pumped her. She did put out a soft moan, a fake one i guess since i can see that’s she not interested. I cant unload because of this so i asked her to hj me instead. Then i unloaded and it felt like heaven for a brief 3 seconds. There was no time to relax and The best part was she did not even care to wipe it off but instead gave me some tissues and she proceeded to clean up herself leaving me having to wipe it myself.

My turn to clean up. Ok now another surprising news. She demanded that i pay her 250. I was shocked. I asked isnt it only 200 that we agreed (remember the 100 deposit for hotel room). She said it was over the 1 hour time frame. I looked at my watch and it was indeed over 1 hour but by just 10 minutes. I reasoned with her saying this is not the right etiquette but she insisted. Ok fine i paid her not wanting to argue since i dont want to stoop to her level and thinking of her poor son.

I even had to send her back to her apartment. Not a word spoken or even a thank you from her when she alighted from my car. Wow. Unbelievable. But nevertheless i did unload in the end so it was job done. If you guys want a straightforward fuck, pay and leave, without gfe, then this might be a good choice for you. But if you’re looking for a special time, then look elsewhere. For that price, i believe you can find a better one.

Name: janet
Appearance/face: 3
Age: looks like 42+
Bj: 5
Hj: 6
Fj: 3
Gfe: 1
Price: 350
Wir: no

Location: Setapak , Gombak
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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  1. joe says:

    Who.need janet number can watsaap me at 0102260662

  2. Kit Chai says:
    Golden key please bro

  3. Kikilala says:

    Cn send golden key to

  4. Remu says:

    Wonder why ppl still wanna meet this lady who’s well known for cheating ppl..

  5. Howie says:

    Please share golden to me

  6. Die says:

    Hi, can I have the golden key and her contact please

  7. Bbb says:

    Hi, can I have the golden key and her contact please.

  8. Zaid says:

    Poor wasted

  9. Jupiter says:

    Can send golden key and contact pls?

  10. DK says:

    Master please share the contact

  11. joe says:

    Who need hani contach number watsaap ne at 0102260662

  12. kent says:

    Jenat number 0102431628

  13. 2cool says:

    Hi Can i have Golden key and contact?

  14. jack says:

    hi bro

    please send the golden key. i’m probably will be in KL next week. i want to book her in early.

  15. Jackel says:

    Hi, Please can i have the Golden key and contact?

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