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I recently discovered this forum, and i’m so happy. The closure of Mamakspecial and Cheongster was devastating, so kudos to you brothers who put this fantastic new site together. May you enjoy great success.

As my first contribution, let me share with you my recent outings with an OLD contact from Mamakspecial days. For you brothers who are into cheap thrills (haha), you should check out Sally. She was a big topic of discussion in MMS’s “ML With Big Boobs” forum – and for very good reason.

I first encountered Sally 6 or 7 years ago. But since the spas and health centres are now closed – i decided to try and see if she was still in business a few months back. And i was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was. Let us not beat around the bush — she is more GILF than MILF nowadays. A bit chubbier now, but her boobs are still big and juicy, her BJ is still long and slurpy, and her pussy is still tight as a virgin (almost). But her face – not bad lah – but it’s probably why the phrase “cover the face, and fuck the base” comes up.

I have been visiting her every few weeks, whenever the thought strikes me, and i’m in the Brickfields area. I’ve been seeing her (among many others) for years so the SOP is well established. You call her – she will pick up. Go to her hotel. Go right to the room and start the action. It’s always the same – she’ll give you a thorough wash, and then begin her legendary BJ – she’s a pro and can accurately tell your state of readiness, so she will go as long or as short as she thinks you need. If you tell her to stop, you will blow your wad!!

My initial attraction to her was just BJ and CIM – it was magnificent. But then one day i decided to mount her, and that’s when i realised why there are so many chubby chasers around. She is childless, and the extra fat around her abdomibal area (not flabby!!) makes her pussy damn tight. I couldn’t believe it. From then on, it’s been BJ, FJ, and Creampie. She seems to have developed a distaste for CIM now – so i don’t force the issue anymore.

If you’re the type that liked to fuck the aunties at the old school health centres – then Sally is the one for a quick fix. Good service. Won’t break the bank (important during pandemic). And friendly. Warning though: the friendliness may be too much sometimes, she will always pick up your phone call regardless if she’s with a client. 

So sorry lah if you’re the client and she decides to stop to talk to the John. Nice thing is – if you “lose steam” because of the interrruption, she will start again from step 1 – good if you’re not in a rush to get home.

Name: Sally
Race: CKT
Age: 50+
Body: 6.5
Face: 5
Boob: 8
Pussy: well kept, minimal hair
BJ: 9
Massage: N/A
WIR: yes for a quick fix
Overall: 7.5
Damage: 50!!!!! (incl the hotel; so give her more if you can afford it)

Location: Brickfield
Category: CKTMILF
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, serve all brothers!!

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  1. Miracle Red says:

    Pls share her contact and photo

  2. Newbie says:

    Bro,can I have sally contact?
    I can change with you

  3. samcwk says:

    Hi Brother,

    Mind to share Sally contact. Since now on this CMCO condition and we should more to help them to have more income

  4. samcwk says:

    Hi Brother,

    Mind to share Sally contact.

  5. Adrian says:

    Kindly ,email me her contact bro! Thank You

  6. Erwin says:

    Hi bro mind to share the contact

    Email erwintaykk@gmail.com

  7. Erwin says:

    Hi bro can share a contact..

  8. Bro Yes says:

    Bro Chris, kindly share her contact. TQ

  9. Man says:

    Send sally [hone number please

  10. UW says:

    Please let me have her contact.

  11. John says:

    Can get contact number bro?

  12. Mohdrusli kamaruddin says:

    Can u tell me whereabout her place

  13. Dev says:

    Hi, I’m Interested.

  14. Jack Sp says:

    Bro, can share contact pls, thx

  15. Devil says:

    Hi bro mind to share contact

    This my email erwintaykk@gmail.com

  16. Eewin says:

    Hi bro.,
    Can share the contact
    Email me erwintaykk@gmail.com

  17. Kumar says:

    Bro can I get her num

  18. John says:

    Can I get her number or the place?

  19. John Cole says:

    Hi I’m interested may I know where is the hotel or at least her number?

  20. Weezer says:

    Bro, can share with me her contact.. TQ brother

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