A good evening with Xiao Qin milf(pic)

A good evening with Xiao Qin milf(pic)

Master: Vanzai

I got her contact from postmaster I contacted her with WhatsApp and ask her is this evening OK for her to service me ? She was reply fast and ask me what time will be and she said she not work so late. Then I told her I will be there about evening 6 . She told me OK . Then she tell me where is her apartment and how to go find her. Very fast the evening has come actually I really hope to see her because many of FR said that she really a nice milf.
After I reach to the apartment I call her and she let me in . Wah…. When she open the door and I saw the milf that I really like it and her look really like Japanese AV milf and the body is good. In my mind I thinking this is the milf I very love.

She invite me to go in the apartment and we have chit chat for awhile she very friendly. After awhile she bring me to go bath and she bath with me together. Wow… After she took of her clothes my litter brother can not tahan… Stand up !!! Really nice body and big boobs… She help me wash my body and slowly wash my litter brother for a 5 mins bath then we go to the bed and I start kiss her boobs and she BJ me. Her BJ really good and skillful. After my litter brother stand up again she put in the cap then start sit on top of me. After awhile we change position and I really fuck her hard until she was moaning very loud. After a few minutes I request her to CIM and she agreed . So she continue to suck my dick she really make me so enjoy suck until all my sperm cum in to her mouth. Really good ….
After we go wash up and clean together. Then we sit at the living and continue chit chat then awhile after pay her and go back.

Name: xiao qin
Location : cheras
Age : she don’t want to tell me (look like about 40)
Face : 8/10
Body : 8/10
Boobs: very nice and big 
BJ : 8/10
FJ : 8/10 No rush 
Damage : RM130 but I gave her 150
WIR : sure  

Location: Cheras
Category: PRC
Remark: Only serve Chinese

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  1. Jasz says:

    Pls send me the golden key and ctc number..

    Send to my email pls @ mgsoo2003@yahoo.com

  2. Mike says:

    Bro pls share ctc. m1k3ti@yahoo.com

  3. Long says:

    Can get her contact number please?

  4. Kenny says:

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  5. Raymond says:

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  6. Stevo says:

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  7. Yzhong says:

    Please share her number & Golden Key. Tq

  8. Eric says:

    Hey bro! Can share contact ah please? Wanna try her. Thanks! My email is ericsims20@gmail.com

  9. Jimmy says:

    Can share contact pls

  10. Jolly12 says:

    Contact and golden key please

  11. Kenny says:

    Dear Master,
    Please share her contact and golden key please.

  12. Sidekic says:

    wow! thank u so much, dont mind pm me her contact? thanks in advance.. also please let me know pr PM me the golden key to see the photos. thanks

  13. TV ng says:

    Can share the contact?


  14. David s says:

    Wanna swap contact bro…..i have at least 12 contacts…do let me know at waikitsew@gmail.com

    Thanks buddy

  15. Cahaya says:

    Can I have Xiao Qing contact number

  16. steve says:

    please pm me the her contact and golden key.thank you

  17. donkie says:

    Hi can i have contact 0162423534? ty huat huat boss

  18. Raymond says:

    pls share Xiao Qin contact and golden key. Thanks

  19. jordan says:

    bro, can share contact? tqvm

  20. thongning88 says:

    Golden key and contact pls bro

  21. gary says:

    bro can share her contact? i want try her service too

  22. Hiro says:

    Hi bro

    Can help share the golden key & contact?
    Email hirohiroyeah123@gmail.com


  23. WilC says:

    Do u mind to share the golden key, and contact please

  24. Anthony says:

    golden key and contact please tq

  25. Man says:

    how can i have the golden key? interested

  26. Domitius28 says:

    That some really awesome experience bro. Could I have her contact bro, cheers and have a great one !

  27. Nigel says:

    Plz share the contact trough my email at as admin@brightfuturesolutions.cf

  28. zuko says:

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  31. Billy says:


    Can someone share her contact?? Please email me at berger0015@gmail.com Thanks!

  32. Xiaokia says:

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    so so muchhhhh 😊

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  38. pogbamilk says:

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  45. Heng Eng says:

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