36C gentle soft 168cm Japanese Girl – Mariko(pic)

36C gentle soft 168cm Japanese Girl – Mariko(pic)

Master: Anonymous

Last week met a 28 yr old Japanese girl called Mariko. (think she looks older). Call her number to set up appointment but have to wait because got other customer. So wait for about 2 hours because she say only free at 4pm. 

Drive to the hotel and enter her room. She wears very casual only but very tight. Asked her body and she say 36C 27 38. I think she is telling the truth.
She ask if want to start BJ but I want to do it longer so say no need. Her body already make me very hard. Then she want to change and I say no need because her tight t-shirt is see thru and miniskirt very sexy already. 

Then i help her take off her shirt and bra. Her boobs fall out damn huge!!! My hands start squeezing and she moan. Then she ask me to lie down and start taking off my clothes. Very good GFE feel and she talks very polite and soft in English.  

She goes on top me and pull her panties to side and rub my bro with her very wet pussy. Then she stand on bed and take off her skirt and panties. Her pussy really beautiful. Then i do her doggie style. 

Her pussy really easy to go in because wet. Then she ask if want to change post, i say ok and  do on the chair. Her ass face me and is really round and white. After half hour I quickly take off the cap and unload in her face =P

Name: Mariko
Race: Half Japanese Half Philipine
Location: KL
Face: 7/10
Height: 168 cm
Figure: 10/10 (36C-27-38)
Breast: 10/10
Pussy: 8/10
BJ: never try
GFE: 10/10
Damage: 300 incl room

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  1. alvin says:

    Could you pls pm me mariko contact number many thanks.

  2. ck85 says:

    Hi can I have Mariko contact ckimpact@gmail.com

  3. don says:

    Cheers, may I have Mariko chan number and some pics if possible? contact me brand2525@gmail.com

  4. koli21 says:

    hi… can i have mariko contact, please send to runiruningman@yahoo.com.. thanks

  5. X-Man says:

    Bro, wanna try half-japanese girl…care to share the number..tq v much..

  6. X-Man says:

    Bro, I wanna try half-japanese girl…care to share the number? tq v much.. pls email me samiddx@gmail.com

  7. ady says:

    Pls share the ctc with me. Apprecite and tqvm m.adif@nbp.com.my

  8. John says:

    Bro, please share with me her contact and golden key at johnhyde2015@gmail.com

  9. jeopardy says:

    May i have the contact no ,serious customer tq

  10. jeopardy says:

    May i have the contact no ,serious customer thank you bro

  11. Sammy says:

    Bro can share how to contact her ?

  12. Asto says:

    Bro share contract pls

  13. Kelvin lee says:

    Can share contract bro

  14. daveraynor says:

    share contact and golden key bro

  15. Har says:

    Can I have contact number

  16. Har says:

    Contact number please regular customer

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