Yao Yao @ Pudu PRC

Yao Yao @ Pudu PRC

Master: Ray

This is my second trip to Pudu area.

I arrived in the evening after work by train and walk to the sap chun food court. But instead of sitting in the food court like previously, I went to the opposite coffee shop which was quiet.

Ordered a drink snd watched the prc girls mingling in the food court. There were 2 girls sitting outside looking over at me. One got up and approach my table. She asked if I would like some fun in mandarin. I cannot communicate mandarin luckily she know some cantonese.:-)    Her name Yao Yao.

She led me to her cubicle located at the rear of the coffee shop, among the flats. After entering surprised it wss clean though from outside it look dirty and worn.
Typical of prc they undress within minutes without much ice breaking. She bathed my didi and wash her pussy before leading me back to the room.
Standard sop start bj. She didn’t  use condom not like the last experience. Not much action then she allow me lick her pussy shaven and dry; didn’t quite like it cos over serviced 🙂

Daty only last 5 min thsn say want to fj. Quick cap me and ride cowgirl. Pussy quite tight and she moan Sounded fake from experience but keep you in the mood.  Tried missionary style next.

She squeeze my butt with her thighs shiok till I came.
After I bathe she give me glass of water. Tried chit chat with her. Found out she here on student pass but never attend classes.  She didn’t disclose when she will return China.

Name: Yao Yao
Age 29
Looks bust 32-33b, wearing pop up bra make it look bigger!
face 7/10 ; got a nice butt
Height 165cm
Skin fair
Damage rm100
Wir : no comment cos she can disappearing few weeks/months down the road.
Overall: 6/10

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