Xiao Yun – Sap Chuen(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Xiao Yun

Xiao Yun – Sap Chuen(pic)

Master: Cas


Dear Bro, this is my 1st FR to share, pls don’t mind my language.

Yesterday after rough work, rain in evening, awakes my desire.
Actually, I don’t know where the hell is Sap Chuen, but worth to search out.

Drive to Pudu area, no luck after turn a few roads.
Never give up so easy, then go another try, finally found located at the opposite the “old Fajar”.

B4 parking already spot few seducing mm, taking umbrella under drizzling rain,
trying to get attention from me. Of course some not my tea.

Once parked, walk out to Sap Chuen, already start feeling very excited and nervous.

Within seconds, already two PRC approaching me “yau wan mah?”
(wanna play?)

Since this my first time, I gotta walk around and choose + survey.

Then, here my Little Cloud, MILF come about, dressed in black: black dress to hip, black bra, looks sexy.
We chit-chat, she stay at Kenanga, start work at 8pm, day time normally at home.

Name: Little Cloud @ Xiao Yun
PRC Sze Chuan
Age: 34 milf
Face: 7/10
Body: kinda slim waist and leg, 33B I guess (45kg +/-)

She bring me to the place, where mm rent for “action”.
I tease with her awhile, break the ice, get naked and go for shower.
P/s, I already can hear next door moaning loud.

She got me bathed, wipe clean and we start ML !

FK: no, only mouth kiss
BBBJ: initially she wanna CBJ, but I refuse, she immediately throw the cap away.
AR: not my type
Cathbath: Good, 8/10, with licking sound and her hand keep caressing me down there.
Me also giving her massage all over her breast, everywhere.

ML : Try a few positions, start with missionary, oh, I tease her with my brother, feel so good doing that.
Then change to one leg up, go faster deeper.
After I tired, I ask her to cow girl, but then what I can feel is, she love “begger cook rice”, the way she fucking me, riding me, I know she want to make me cum, he he… not so fast.
Until doggie is the most syiok, I Errrrrrrrh…. 8/10

Rest a minute, wash up pay goodbye kiss, take photos and leave.

Damage: RM100
WIR: she got to wait, there is another easily 20 over PRC young mm in waiting list.

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