Wonderful Massage and Batin with Zara

Wonderful Massage and Batin with Zara

Master: Pal

Recently felt to get a body massage from NL, so requested for Zara NL. Got the number and whatsapp her. She replied after few hours. 

Fyi, she like when ppl WhatsApp her instead of calling her. Set up appointment with her and went to her house which is in shop lot. Parking as usual, need to find one at shop lot row. 

Before that, she will usually tell only massage in WhatsApp.. anything extra you should ask her during the session which she feel safer than to text in phone. Took complete massage session but sadly she don’t provide b2b. She stays with her housemate apparently and once you step in to her house , she will bring you to her room. 

Once inside her room, she will ask to open your dress and you may opt to shower yourself if you want to. During the massage session she do it gently and if you talk to frankly, then will try to tease your balls and that time you may request her a bit extra; open her shirt. 

She don’t provide fj and no bj. Throughout the whole massage session she will keep teasing your cock until it get really aroused. Once you turn around and there I started molesting her and rubbing her body everywhere. 

She will allow you kiss her boobs and insert your hand into her pants. It was so good feeling , her boobs quite nice I’d tell. She will talk to you friendly if you if you treat good. 

End of the session she will sit on you and do hj. There you go I shoot mine, the She even waited for some time and do 2nd round of hj. Then I washed myself as she’s preparing for next customer. 

She said next time can give French kiss if I come again. Overall it was a good session for a light day service. 

Name: Zara
Originate: Indon 
Area: Shop PJ
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10 
Boobs: 8.5/10 (So Fluffy)
Pussy: Never try. 
GFE: 8/10 
WIR : Sure will go again
Damage: RM120

Location: Sri Manja flat / shop parking+UG parking 

*** She & her NL flatmate have 4hands. Have not tried yet. In the list.

Location: Petaling Jaya , Old Klang Road
Category: NL

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14 Responses to “Wonderful Massage and Batin with Zara”

  1. Robert says:

    Hi bro. Mind sharing Zara’s contact please. Would love to try her massage.

    Thanks bro.

  2. Massageguy says:

    bro can let me know where can find it please thx

  3. jay says:

    how to contact

  4. roamer says:

    bro, where can get her number?

  5. Ben94 says:

    Hi there, appreciate if you can share her number. Would luv to try the massage

  6. Ritz says:

    Hi bro, can share Zara’s contact please? TQ kindly 🙂

  7. cheq says:

    Hi, can share with me her contact / her master’s contact?

  8. Vince Patrick says:

    Can i have her number bro?

  9. Vince Patrick says:

    Can i have her contact bro?

  10. Vince Patrick says:

    Can i have her contact bro? TQ

  11. Edy says:

    Bro, boleh bagi contact No? email to me zaidy.mpsolar@gmail.com

  12. Ken says:

    Hi bro. Mind sharing Zara’s contact please. Would love to try her massage.

    Thanks bro.

  13. Me says:

    Hi, can i get her contact no. Thanks

  14. Chief says:

    Hey bro, can share the contact please?

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