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Wings Rematch

Cheongster: sexworms

Just finish the WAR with Wings and sorry to said, i lose both the battles and war as well as the 3rd and 4th battle comes to an end (only can equal my personal best 4shots – but still cant break the record 5shots in approx 3hrs). Haizzz .

1st round – Start with heavy petting and some BBBJ b4 i stop her to go for the bath. Continue the petting in the shower where she do some thorough cleaning my didi with both her hand and mouth. Dry up then we jump straight for the action on bed with some Fast N Furious BBBJ for abt 5mins. Need to stop her coz im feeling gonna cum soon and ask her put on the cap. I took the initiative to climb on top of her and do her missionary. Once inserted, she rock her body so fast (eventho im on top – tot can control the pace) together with some pussy gripping, i lose the round 1 battle in less than 10 mins.

2nd round – After resting for few mins, now its her turn to take charge and BBBJ my semi-erect didi back to life. BBBJ for abt 10mins, she on jump on top ride/rape the soul out of me(even the hotel bed also shifted place). We luff abt that after we find out the bed shifted after she unmount herself. The round 2 battle last for 20mins.

Half Time – While catching my breath(and my soul), login to MMS to do some live reporting.

3rd round – During the half time break, we took a shower to regain some freshness. Start with some DFK and raba2, she took the initiative again with catbath and BBBJ. We take up the Spoon position (as both also quite tired after 2rounds) and slowly enjoying ourself but that doesnt last long as she climb on top and cowgal me (front 1st then back-she like to dominate). This time last abt another 15mins gua (lose the sense of timing jor).

4th round – Basically im half-dead , just lying there and let her do whatever she want (im at her mercy). She suck my half dead didi (it takes a full blown furious BBBJ for 15mins) back to life and ride me again furiously. In order to end the battle with some pride, we change to doggie for the grand finale. The WAR ends in approx. 30mins.

Full Time – Lie dead on the bed for abt 5mins b4 head to shower. Clean up, dress up and get ready to leave. She jokes that if there is a round 5, i might not able to drive home(coz leg start to develop weak knees)

SW out
~She consoled me saying 4shots is consider very good altho cant break the record, she said not many can match that – Consolation for me ~
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