Wild Wolf Wing(pic)

Wild Wolf Wing(pic)

Master :rudy

Honestly,this is my 2nd time with this wild chick..A crazy sexually driven chick! 

My first meet up with her was a year ago..Then,it’s time for my 2nd visit..With pure luck..i manage to meet up her again. Strike one!

Initially was cancelled,then after 10 minutes..she decides to proceed as she’s too horny that day..Strike two!

As usually,pick her up at the specific LRT station on Monday evening and we went to the same budget hotel hehehe.In the car,we break the ice again as she’s vaguely don’t remember me sangat..One thing great that time,she begins to ‘touchy’ with my ‘close friend’..My close friend pulak ‘naik’ saja hehehe..

We got the keys and enter our room..straight we have 5-10 minutes DFK and raw BJ! Yup! As expected and im loving it..Its crazy man! Luckilly still can tahan for 15-20 minutes..Then we had our shower..Also DFK and touchy2 here and there..

Round 1..DFK,DATY,BJ & BBBJ!..Non stop!..She loves her small boobs to be suck..I did extremely and her moan is real..Fingering,licking etc..Hmm her pussy dah basah as expected & fast.I Her suck technique as always as excellent!Its like she sucking the soul out of my body! Tak tahan already..CIM! Dia tak nak FK..Tuh have to wait for Round 2.

Round 2..Again as same as above but more on DFK and course tak tahan..luckilly manage for my close friend to wear the golden helmet..And pumping time! FK non stop..The bed been dragging/rocking like mad to right heading the wall..As for her moan..i mean screaming loud enough like a howling wolf..Yikes!And its real and she enjoys every minute of it..and her pussy extremely wet..For just 2 ways..Cowgirl and Doggy and just ½ hour..its more than enough my close friend can tahan 😛

We clean up and yet we still DFK..Will this ever end hehehe..We dress up and left the hotel.As usual,she mention before she likes only fresh meat and also better if your close friend circumcised..She took hygiene seriously..Prove?Her pussy is clean shaven that’s why…Hopefully im 3rd time lucky next time..For now,strike three!

Name : Wing
Nation : Local OKT
Face : 6/10(7 ½ as you stare at her longer..Very tomboyish
Figure : 6/10
Breast : 5/10( A Cup ,very perky ones)
Pussy : 9 1/2/10..clean,tight and wet easily
BBBJ & BJ: 12 / 10 (Awesometacular!)
DFK : 10/10 (Awesome!)
Moan : It’s real man!
DATY : 10/10..You can do whatever you want
GFE : 9/10
Damage : 300
WIR : Yes,if im lucky again… 
Prefer : Everybody..better if that feller circumcised. 

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