Virgin Viet – Real Story‏, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Damansara, Vietnamese Ah Ying

Virgin Viet – Real Story‏

Master: Peter Boy

I have been reading various articles posted by fella cheongsters but upon ” checking-in ” to all the machines highly recommended by cheongsters, it is much regretted to comment that 90% of the time I ended-up with disappointment, neither because I was expecting too high nor a passable looking guys but just found that they are too commercialized, money number one, service number 2, they just don’t bother much about our feelings & the ” kheks ” we are looking for !!!!!!!!!!!!

Without high expectation one of my OKT friend Kelvin called me, asking whether I am interested in ” Virgin ” ?

I asked him ” kanineh, sure or not ” ? so easy to find meh, must be an artificial one lah “

He answered me ” Bro, don’t take my word, just bring her to see any doctor of your choice, if NOT original virgin I let her stay with you for a week without a single penny, what say you ? “

Walao eh, so sure ? Ok, tallk cock no use, ask her to wait for me 3pm, I will be there to ” Q.C ” her personally.

So quickly complete all task in hand, without much delay I just tekan minyak to ” swift ” to his outlet Summer Inn, waiting for almost half an hour still see nothing, I started to feel uneasy & asked him ” what happened to her, takut kah ? “

” Ooh, no lah, she’s now make-up in the room, she’s also feel so nervous to meet you, after all this is her 1st time & you will be her first man. “

Well, sitting down there with nothing to do, keep looking at the clock hanging not that far away from the wall, again I feel impatient, why time passes so slow at this moment ?.

” O.K boss, Ah Yin is here” wooooh…………so naive, she dared not even look at me direct & felt so shy.

” Ok bro as you know the standard market price is RM 8000.00 but sinceI took her direct from the agent in Vietnem I just asking for RM 5000.00, if you pay to any 3rd party agent it will cost you at least RM 8800.00 to 9000.00 ” , for only a shot I asked ? ” No….no…. for a week lah, she’s yours but please be tender, so when are you going to bring her for ” inspection ” ?

I replied ” no need ” , I trust you since I know you for more than a decade, just arrange for me immediatelly, so payment how ?

He replied : ” 50 : 50, just pay deposit 2500, the balance by the end of the week when you surrender her to me ” Ok, fair & square.

I just waited for the OKT to arrange a room for us, upon checking-in of coz I ” raba-raba ” a bit, she can speak a little bit of broken english, god bless, ice-breaking on the go……………….we talked everything, from Hor Chi Mein to Halong Bay……………… ……………………

About an hour later she asked me to take a shower first & I did in-accordance to her request, later she took her shower too but without my presence, she was so shy to let me view her body, she has even double confirmed to make sure the toilet door is locked, but from the translucent shower screen I could actually see the nice shape of her body, so nice……………. with peak boobs like mount Everest.

She came out with a tower covering her body, I made her lay flat on the bed & started to massage her, she felt so geli-geli, I took time to make her relax as preparation.

About 15 minutes later I took away her towel, her beautiful body just appeared right in front of me, immediatelly I ” negaraku “, my didi just couldn’t resist such seduction.

I opened her legs wide, trying to penetrate into her fresh virginia but couldn’t make it even after several attempts, she just suffered & shoulted ” pain……pain………oh……….no………no….. ”

I sweat from top to bottom, finally managed to enter her pussy, ” polk….polk….scrup….scrup…. i could see her ” white colour discharge ” gently flew out from her small tiny hole….so concentrated unlike KY, I knew this is so-called the most primitive lubricant of mankind.

About 20 minutes I could not tahan anymore, my boiled sperms just shoot direct into her passage, and I gently pulled-out my little ” angry-bird “, to my surprise I could not see any blood nor stain on the surgface of white mattress, fuck man………….you bluff me ?

Immediatelly I called the OKT friend & he rushed-in, I keep pointing at the mattress & asked him, this is so-called virgin ? are you sure ? why no blood, not even a drop of blood ? what the fuck man ??????????????????????

My OKT friend was so angry too, felt cheated by his agent, keep accusing her ” Are you really a virgin ? why no blood “.

She said nothing but keep crying, later on the OKT called the agent & they communicated in Vietnamese, like chicken & duck I just couldn’t understand a single word, she just did nothing but keep crying, the communication last for more than 40 minutes, she kept denying my complaint, keep assuring me that she has never done that with anyone before.

I told my OKT friend, so how ? how much do I have to pay you now ? don’t tell me I have to pay her RM 3000.00 per shot !

As the OKT is a rational guy, he immediatelly took out RM 2800.00 from his pocket & refunded to me, considered this as a normal deal, meaning I just have to pay her RM 200.00.

I just did not care much, straight away walk out from the room & proceed towards my car to leave this bloody fucking place.

About 2 hous later, my friend called me that she opened the window from her level 6 hotel room, seems to commit suicide, he requested me to come over to help him to cool her down.

As a matter of death & survival I said okay to him, reached there about an hour later, she just starring at me with angry eyes and told me to sit far from her, she’s very disappointed with me as per her body expression.

The OKT phone rang, the Vietnemese agent keep assuring that she’s a virgin, the agent told us that she was staying just no far away from her kampong, she guarantee she has never had any boy friend since then, she has also suggested to us why no just bring her to see a gyneacologist, if this is her first time for sure the specialist can confirm that, after discussing with my OKT friend we accede to her request.

Togather with my OKT friend we went to a gynea near by, everything was done within 20 minutes & ends up I need to food the bill of RM180.00, the gynae confirmed she was still a virgin before meeting me as the ” cut ” is still fresh, definately the injure is done within 24 hours, actually she may have broken her virginia membrane due to aggressive sporting activities.

I was stunt now, really don’t know what to say, I brought her back to her room & tried to apologize to her, she was so scared of me now, she just sitting at the other corner of the bed, seems so worry I will ” attack ” her again.

I told her, dear, I am so sorry, I will pay the OKT as promised, I will not touch you,, I left with BIG cock driving towards ” Carefoul ” to buy a big teddy bear for her.

About 8 pm I knocked her door again, I gave the teddy bear to her, again I told her I have to leave now if she still hates me for my fault, finally she told me : ” Can you come tomorrow coz now I am still very scare of you “

No choice as I knew there’s nothing I could do, mereely makes her hate me more should I stay back by her side.

I left, keep sms her at the night, & I promised her I will buy her lunch the next day, I did as what I promised with good ” char siu paw ” & some ” loh mai kai “, she was so happy to meet me now.

This time I hug & kiss her lips tenderly, initially she was still a bit resist but eventually I pass her a letter well written in Vietnamese : I miss you dear, please forgive me for my ignorance, I don’t mean to hurt you dear, can we have a new start “, while she read the letter her tears dropped like hell & now she hugs me so tight, I know I can do something now, yeah…………………………..

Time flies, no doubt it has been more than a month since we last met, but as a matter of friendship she still keep sms me, asking whether I am free to see her again, this is the truth, a real philosophy that : ” A lady can forget about how many man she had, but can never forget the first man in her life “.

So fella brothers, I guaranteed you she’s still very fresh, please do not wait, her juicy pussy is still wet……………….I share this upon her request, she will be back to Vietnam about 3 months later, she needs to support the study of her younger sis & her mum is sick, please treat her well unlike what I did, so sorry to say that.

Name : Ah Ying
Originated : Hor Chi Minh ( Vietnam )
Place : Sri Damansara
Age : 21
Look : 7 / 10
Boobs : 8.5 / 10
Nipples : light brown
Body : 35C / 25 / 34
Moem : Yes, very natural
Height : 168 cm
Weight : About 50 kg but nice to hold
Pussy : Very very very very tight
Water : Yes, a lot, very concentrated discharge
GFE : Absolutely
Damages : MYR 188.00

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