Very watery and great tougue – Sabrina NL

Very watery and great tougue – Sabrina NL

Master: Alex99

Here it is my FR on Sabrina.

Got Sabrina’s contact from web master and contact her trying to set an appointment. When I ask her about the package, there is some different from what I read at the FR.
I was thinking just to try out seems the FR was pretty good on her.
On the action day, I go and get the room then text her the room number. After like 5 minutes, a knock on door and there she was. She was very sexy in tight legging and a t-shirt. Can see that her boobs were quite big. Enter the room then chit chat a while. After she put all her things, she went shower. I requested to join her but she reply shy and rejected me. When she finished then is my turn. I just simply washing myself then join her in the bed. She is waiting me naked on the bed.
We start talking east and west before start the action. She start attacking me when we are on the bed chatting. My hand replies her by roaming around her body. Her boobs are big and natural, really nice to hold and lick. We have some FK while checking on each other body.  When I was roaming till the lower part of her body, I check out the little treasure land down there. It is shared and clean. I start using my hand try to test it but she not allowed. But she is okay if I use mouth. I daty her it was okay just a bit of urine taste. She seems like this very much.
We change position, she start bbbj me. Her skill was okay not too rough or too soft. After a while she asked to start the action and I reply yes then she capped me and we start the action. Using doggie and missionary, the action is just normal as others FR so I just skip in detail. In the action can feel her mystery place was very watery. Her moan was natural not too hard and loud.
After the action we clean up ourselves then go back to bed again. Stay there chit chat a while then pay her and left the hotel. I was taking the 1 hour session.

Name : Sabrina
Nation : 1 Malaysia
Age :  didn’t ask
Body :  5/10 (Quite meaty)
Boobs:  7/10
FK : 8/10 (Her tougue was great)
BJ : 7/10
Anal : Not allowed
Fingering : Not Allowed
Pussy : 7/10 (tight maybe the urine smell minus some mark here)
GEF : 8/10 (nice n friendly, no rushing talkative, just maybe she is not in mood that y my service was a bit different with other)
Damage : 200 1 Hour (1 shoot), 250 2 hours (2 shoot)
WIR : Interested to test on other NL recipe

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  1. Isa Kamaluddin says:

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    share contact please

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  4. Keith says:

    Share contact bro…

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi,can i hav Sabrina HP no?
    Would like try her services.

  6. Ken says:

    Hey share contact pls? Is she half malay half thai?

  7. Abam Kawa says: do i get her contact no? Pls share details. Thx

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