Urut Batin Queen – Ivy

Urut Batin Queen – Ivy

Master: Planetnak

Went to see her yesterday. I actually tried to see her last week, but this woman is so busy, I could only get an appointment yersterday.

 It was by far the most interesting massage I have ever had.

 I went to her house, in kelanajaya, at about 2pm. And had to wait for about 5 mins. 
 Then she called me to come. She’s very small and petite. 
 Asked to go to the room , where I stripped off.
 Only problem is cats, there are loads of them and I’m allergic to cats actually. Luckily my nose didnt start acting up at that moment. The cats are all in a room, but two or three were roaming around.

 I went to the last room, which was dimly lit, lay on the bed, and she came in. very very talkative woman, which I like, kept talking about health issues, the sites which she has been featured,sex issues, people, her studies etc , we had a really nice conversation in that room, so nice that I didnt notice the 1 and 1/2 hours just fly.

 She started with a nice body massage with oil, very relaxing, and she knows all the places to rub and press. Sort of a combination balinese and local NL massage. ( I’ve been to them all, think I’m an expert at massage now!).

 My body, my arms , my legs, felt really relaxed. And then she started the batin. Original, no hanky pankybatin here. massaged my balls, and then started massaging didi. A very nice repeated pull from base to tip. While massaging there, she told me about all her secret petuapetua, and gave me her recipe to have a nice hard dick in the future. I wont tell it here, if any of you are interested, you’ll have to go see her yourself. And from the Fr’s I’ve read and heard off, her recipe must work. But have to get all that stuff, and follow her instructions, thats the hard part.

 Anyway, the one and half hours flew. I could have been there another hour I think without noticing the time. I liked being with her. Its like being with a really talkative girlfriend. My HM is really quiet, so I really enjoy being with women who know how to talk.her GFE is excellent. 

 It was supposed to be a pure batinurut, but I started getting horny, imagine a nice woman pulling on your dick, while being extremely pleasant, I was horny as hell actually. But she refused to jerk me off ( I asked very politely…..) but I understood, she’s being very careful. Anyway, I couldnt get back to work because I had spent too much time there ( and enjoyed every moment), so I drove straight home and jerked off. Couldnt tahan…..And I dont know what was in that urutbatin of hers, but it was one hell of an explosion.

 So guys, I recommend fully. I know that one mans meat is another mans poison. I also know that some guys just like a quiet urut , where they sleep off. Whatever, I think you should try her, at least once, for a different kind of experience. I doubt I can ever follow all her petua’s, but I will definately go see her again .

Name : Ivy
Race : Mix with Thai
Age : Above 25
Face : 7/10
Massage : 9/10 (She know where is the point to press)
Batin : 10/10 (She is just like a Banana specialist for me)
WIR : Yes and very soon will bring chewing gum for her.

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  1. karpov99@yahoo.com says:

    how to meet her where n how much my: karpov99@yahoo.com

  2. lan says:

    Kindly share with me. TQ

  3. Lie says:

    Can I get Ivy phone no.


  4. Arnold says:

    Can i get Ivy number and the location please.

  5. shan says:

    Can I get Ivy phone no.

  6. shan says:

    Can I get Ivy phone no…

  7. Up says:

    Bro can I have Ivys contact and address? Tks

  8. Bobby says:

    Hi admin, would you please provide me with Ivy’s phone number. You can send it to my email address.thank you.

  9. joe says:

    Can I get Ivy phone no…

  10. Paul says:

    Dear admin, How can I reach her. Looking for real massage and batin. Any highly recommended? And how can I get the golden key? Looks like very hard to get isn’t?

  11. Fujimaru says:

    How to make booking. Pls share ctc fujimaruswinger@gmail.com… Thank u

  12. prem says:

    i need a real urut batin. Please give the contact no.

  13. shay says:

    hi how can i get Ivy contact num ?

  14. shay says:

    hi how can i get Ivy contact num ?I want to try this urut bat in.

  15. Ryan says:

    can i have her number.
    Thank you

  16. Gary says:

    Pls provide me her contact number. Tq

  17. Joe says:

    Dear admin or anyone that knows, can share with me ivy’s contact?

  18. Guna says:

    hi can i get Ivy contact number.thanks

  19. bryan says:

    bro, can i hv her number pls

  20. Admin says:

    Kindly email to edenlow@gmail.com if u want the contact and golden key.

  21. Jay says:

    Hi Admin,

    Already send you the email…


  22. alex says:

    can i have ivy ctc number for booking? Thx in advance

  23. Jayzon says:

    Please PM me Ivy’s contact at whystayhealthy100@gmail.com. Thanks.

  24. Core says:

    Please PM me Ivy contact. Thanks in advance

  25. lk says:

    Please pm me ivy no, thanks.

  26. John says:

    Kindly share contact and golden key


  27. mark says:

    Please share the details of Ivy. THANKS!

  28. Geon says:

    Share contact please, thanks

  29. Philip says:

    Share contact please, thanks

  30. Yong says:

    Please share her contact with me, i’m interested 🙂

  31. Jade says:

    Please share the contact of IVY pls as I have been many years without a Good Urut Batin!!!

  32. Tim says:

    Can give me her number? I need it!

  33. John says:

    Can give me her number? I need it!

  34. Mud says:

    can give me contact no pls..tq

  35. Alex Lee says:

    Can i have her contact pls? Tq. alexleesl777@yahoo.com

  36. rick says:

    can share pls? thank !! and what is the damage

  37. Aizen says:

    Can you give ivy contact? I need batin massage right now

  38. Kit says:

    Can you please me her contact to make appointment with her. Thank you for sharing…

  39. jason says:

    Can you share her contact with me?

  40. clear says:

    can share pls? thank !! and what is the damage ? clear.ego2@gmail.com

  41. SG says:

    Did anyone manage to get the contact number? Please share with me at sg.memories@gmail.com !!

  42. Albert says:

    Can you provide contact number and cost? I would like to get her service. Thank you.

  43. N says:

    Bro, can I have her contact number pls?

  44. Ash says:

    Bro, may I have her contact number please? Thank you very much.

  45. Zan says:

    Bro may i have her contact number please..thanks

  46. edward says:

    Hi admin…..contact details required.

    Pls e mail. Tq

  47. Lim says:

    bro, kindly share contact info and loacation please. greatly appreciated if you do so. thanks

  48. casper says:

    can share the contact with me pls? thanks

  49. Sathna says:

    Can i get her contact too?? Balls need help badly

  50. Hungry man says:

    Can i get the number dr.ivy pm pengren89@hotmail.com

  51. John says:

    Hi sir, pm me the no plz, my brother needs a repair….tq

  52. Michael says:

    Please share the contact. Thanks

  53. sicker says:

    can i get ivy’s number please?

  54. Zin Cen says:

    Hi, Can i get Ivy’s number and address? Please. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a great massage.

  55. Joe says:

    Pls share contact number, tqvm

  56. Paul says:

    HI I have devis fon number for exchange for Ivys fon number


  57. malcolm says:

    Please send me more details.

  58. Philips says:

    Interested in massage to improve circulation tx

  59. mark says:

    Interested, can pls provide ivy contact , tq!

  60. Zan says:

    Did anyone hv her contact number??

  61. syah says:

    send the contact number please

  62. kam loy says:

    pls send me the urut batin Ivy contact pls

  63. Big Boy says:

    Do send me the contact of IVY plzz

  64. newbie101 says:

    please give me ivy number please..

  65. ernie says:

    please provide with contact. thank you.

  66. Mr M says:

    I m tensed and wanna try. Pls share contact. Thks.

  67. Alan says:

    Can I have her contact please.
    Want to get a good massage from Dr Ivy…

  68. maxmor says:

    Anyone got Dr. Ivy contact please share to maxsizetty@gmail.com, cause i only have 1 week in KJ here.. i need that massage. thanks.

  69. Zan says:

    Email me at midnight_race@yahoo.com her contact number plzz..thanks

  70. Jayden says:

    It is a shame for me to confess that i never ever has a satisfied and pure Urut Batin, can you please share Dr. ivy contact pls?

    • Sam Robert says:

      Hi Jayden
      Did you manage to get Ivy’s contact no?
      From the posts I see 2 great “urut batin” Ivy + May
      Everybody seems to be asking but no body seems to be getting
      If you have would mind sharing

  71. Jayden says:

    It is a shame for me to confess that i never ever has a satisfied and pure Urut Batin, can you please share Dr. ivy contact pls?


  72. beyo says:

    Can share ivy contact no

  73. Sam Robert says:

    Are Ivy and May real persons?
    So many of us are begging for contact number, but no reply

  74. james says:

    Contact no pls

  75. Stephen says:

    Hi Bro,

    Can you pls forward me Dr Ivy number if you have.

    Thanks in advance

  76. Mahen says:

    Hi admin, cn i get Dr.ivy contact number.thanks

  77. luncai says:

    Hi admin, can i get Dr.ivy contact number and details pls .thanks

  78. George says:

    Hi pls could u share ivy’s contact number with me please? My email is rayhsgoh@gmail.com and mobile 0122998901

  79. Steve says:

    request for Ivy phone number please 😀

  80. Wee says:

    Pls give ivy contact tqvm

  81. Albert L says:


    kindly share the mobile no

  82. Kclau says:

    Can someone share the number please.

  83. herb says:

    Hi Admin

    I’m seeking your assistance to provide me the contact/mobile number of IVY.

    Please email me at african.herbzman@gmail.com


  84. Jack says:

    Hi admin!

    Great blog!

    Would appreciate if you could pass the number of Dr Ivy as well, thanks a bunch!

  85. Richard says:

    Hi. Pls share contact for ivy

  86. Kay says:

    Pls share contact tq

  87. john says:

    Please share contact

  88. amin says:

    Please share with me the phone no .send it to my gmail.

    Thanks bro

  89. Kay says:

    A proper batin is rare. Would be great if you could share details of contact.

  90. desmond says:

    please share contact, many thanks

  91. Kai says:

    pls share contact ashkarl89@gmail.com..tq

  92. long says:

    Contact number please

  93. cock says:

    Can i have ivy contact?

  94. Ck says:

    Pls share . Tq

  95. DJ says:

    Hi fren,

    Please email her contact number.


  96. didi says:

    Please email her contact

  97. Max says:

    Can i have her number please. Want to have real urut batin.

  98. Max says:

    Can i have her number please. Want to have real urut batin. My email maximozacharovszki@gmail.com

  99. Eric says:

    Contacts please. And pricing.

  100. maxwell says:

    Can you share the contact plz….

  101. Sam says:

    I am so interested. Contact no please

  102. salmaan says:

    Hey contact numbers of that goddesss plz 🙂 msc.sheriff@gmail.com

  103. Wong says:

    Hi…i will be in kl soon. can share?

  104. Joseph says:

    Can I get Ivy’sno.

  105. Jason says:

    Please send me contact phone for Ivy thanks

  106. zamree godang says:

    Please phone no nk urut batin 2 jam….

  107. gary says:

    hi , please share contact to me at hacc79@yahoo.com

  108. John says:

    Please share contact to henryfoo2@yahoo.com

  109. NK says:

    Can I have contact number and location

  110. chekarlz says:

    can you give me ivy contact or email me at karlz.aes@yahoo.com

  111. john says:

    Please can I have her contact details. Thanks

  112. Jason says:

    Hi bro, please share her contact. thanks

  113. Terrence says:

    Pm contact please

  114. Jay says:

    hey admin,

    would really appreciate if you could pm me the details on how I can set up an appointment with Ivy.

    thanks and regards

  115. Jay says:

    oh my email add is jaywood_24@outlook.com.

    Thanks a lot


  116. Jack says:

    can I have Dr Ivy contact?

    email: koko_lee2005@hotmail.com

    thanks in advance.


  117. levin says:

    I luv to see ivy, how can i get her service.

  118. Alex says:

    Can send her contact no?


    Thanks a lot!!

  119. kiddy says:

    Can send her contact no?


    Thanks a lot!!

  120. zhlim says:

    hi bro, can i have ivy contact number pls.. thanks

  121. Jack says:

    Hi admin! Can share the Ivy contact. Tq.

  122. leonly says:

    can i have her contact number?

  123. Wee says:

    ivy Contact n location pls tq

  124. Max says:

    Can I know how do I contact ivy?

  125. Max says:

    Ivy contact and location please

  126. John Tan says:

    Bro.. Can send me her contact? johntantg@gmail.com

  127. Oon says:

    Hi, may i have the contact of ivy?

  128. Shah says:

    Contct no. Pls

  129. jack says:

    Please give me the contact of Ivy, thank you.


  130. Nice Guy says:

    Kindly share with me, her number and Golden key (if any). TQ

  131. DC says:

    Kindly mail me her contact. In need of such massages.

    BTW, how much does it cost? her service

  132. edmund says:

    where is the location adn contact no?

  133. micheal says:

    Please provide Dr Ivy’s contact number..eswar9006@gmail.com

  134. micheal says:

    eswar9005@gmail.com please send to this number

  135. Juzmen says:

    Please provide Ivy’s contact to Juzhard@yahoo.com. Tq

  136. Hamir says:

    Pleas give her number or contact me 0134661081

  137. Jamie says:

    Hi! Could you share Dr Ivy contact details..appreciate it

  138. Steve says:

    Hi bro, please share contact details
    email steve.grey301@gmail.com

  139. steve says:

    Hi bro, please share contact details
    email steve.grey301@gmail.com

  140. Josh says:

    Anyone, pls share Ivy ctc number.
    Email at baizoo800@yahoo.com

  141. alan az says:

    Hi Admin, pls share contact as I much needed a good TLC to boost my performance

  142. alan az says:

    Hi Admin, pls share contact as I much needed a good TLC to boost my performance alan.az6555@gmail.com

  143. Aries says:

    Hi…kindly please send me the contact num… wanna go n try…

  144. resh says:

    please share ivy contact num and location.


  145. resh says:

    please share ivy contact num and location.

  146. fahmi says:

    hey admin,

    would really appreciate if you could pm me the details on how I can set up an appointment with Ivy.

    thanks and regards

  147. alan says:

    want to try new PRC excellent massage at subang ss15 ? contact me alan8888tang@gmail.com

  148. tan.kelvin says:

    can share her contact number for me, really appreciate, i like a good and real massage

  149. Tew says:

    Hi there, can send the ivy detail. Really appreciated. Thanks


  150. Pal says:

    Don’t mind share

  151. bird says:

    can pm me the contact pls.. oneline_67@hotmail.com

  152. Billy says:

    Hi can you provide me details of dr IVY

  153. Kelvin says:

    Hi, can pm me ivy detail for me plz…

  154. Roy says:


    Can you give me the contact info for ivy? thanks in advanced. Also, if possible the golden key.

  155. antony says:

    Hi can pm her contact?

  156. Kit says:

    How to get her contact? Pm. Tq

  157. Den says:

    Hi can pm her contact? Thanks.

  158. Panda says:

    Can i get ivy contact?

  159. Evo Guy says:

    Can give her no.?

  160. Android says:

    Hi. can share details?.need help.

  161. Kenan says:

    Hi..can I have her no and location thanks so much.. how much is the price cos I been looking for urut batin quite sometime d..not the jerking one
    My email is kenanmy@hotmail.com

  162. Izwan says:

    Hi. Really need some help on the urut batin thing. Do u mind sharing the phone no. please. Thanks again

  163. mokane says:

    mind to share contact please?

  164. Tan says:

    Hi, any bro kindly share her contact yltan1@gmail.com

  165. Speedy says:

    Please provide her contact. thanks.


  166. Hanming says:

    Hey bro, could you pls pass me her phone number. Thanks

  167. Jacky says:

    Hey all, anyone has Ivy’s contact, please share to email: nymphox147@gmail.com , truly appreciate it, need all the help for future adventures!

  168. kevin says:

    Hi can U pm contact please?…asianzmc@yahoo.com.my

  169. Rully says:

    Please comen to email

  170. Rully says:

    Hi can u pm contac please 0178726946

  171. ryan says:

    can PM me Ivy tel number to 0163318599?

  172. Evo says:

    Can pm number to 0165316687

  173. Aiden says:

    Anyone have her contact , ok to share?? need a good massage..Thanks…

  174. Marvin says:

    Pls share the details pls

  175. Kk says:

    Pls share the contact to mkyen11@gmail.com. tx

  176. Tenchu says:

    please email me

  177. vmrecca says:

    Please email the detail thanks 🙂

  178. jason says:

    able to share her contact for Dr Ivy in jasonlbh67@gmail.com

  179. jai says:

    Contact no pls. Thx

  180. Mohammed Hashim says:

    Hi, can you please provide me her phone number and the cost for urut batin?

  181. Kent says:

    Pls share the contact really appreciate
    Send to kentsilverneo01@gmail.com

  182. Maran says:

    Can email me dr ivy number?

  183. ED says:

    Hi, can share her contact please. thanks.

  184. MassageSeeker says:

    Guys if u wanna try a good urut batin can try at PJ. Shoplot facing Hilton,right next to KFC. Around 200 for 90mins.

  185. Mike says:

    Chief, contact details pls. TQVM

  186. kenny says:

    hi can pls sms ivy Hp num pls to 016-2872399 . thanks

  187. kenny says:

    hi would you mind send ivy Hp num pls to 016-2872399 . thanks

  188. Mark says:

    Please give me ivy contact. Thanks so much

  189. Kristy says:


    Can share her contact no and location ?
    Thx in advance ?

  190. Joe says:

    Share contact number with me

  191. zul says:

    can share her contact no

  192. Nonono says:

    May I know her contact? Please.

  193. Q says:

    Hey there. Great FR. Would appreciate if you would share her contact

  194. Pukibutomak says:

    I have tried her treatment. And I’m happy with the results. I have fully recovered and my erection has bcome more harder and solid. Those want the Dr Ivy contact can pm me at (pukibutomak17@hotmail.com)
    but there is a rules must be followed(set by Dr Ivy) and her changes is different now.

  195. Jimjim says:

    Please share contact

  196. Dx07 says:

    Pls share Dr Ivy contact through my email

  197. Ronnie says:


    Not sure if still available but would like to find Ivy.

    Many thanks for sharing.


  198. Satia Kirthiraj says:

    Contact me I want a massage..!!!

  199. Satia Kirthiraj says:

    Contact me I want a massage..!!!0122730229

  200. Satia Kirthiraj says:

    Sorry the number is 0122730228

  201. Nawaz Muzari says:

    Hi ,
    Please share Ivy contact no

  202. JOHN Das says:

    Pls share Ivy contacts.. Tq

  203. JOHN Das says:

    Pls pm ivy contacts.. Tq

  204. Jimmmmy says:

    Again lots of requests? Did anyone succeed in getting her number? Pls kindly share. After all we are paying right. Many thanks

  205. daveraynor says:

    please share contact bro

  206. Slash says:

    Pls send me ivy contact number

  207. Alan says:

    I to contact her ?

  208. BrotherKit says:

    Hi bros,

    For anyone who is interested to see Dr Ivy for a batin session, just PM me at brudderkit@gmail.com and I will help set up an appointment for you.


  209. Willy Ben Chen says:

    Contact please

  210. James says:

    Can I have Ivy’s number? Thank you bro.

  211. Jecko says:

    Sir i really need true batin massage pls pm jockomo89@gmail.com

  212. Outof says:

    As i know to do batin u need to jerk off first. If batin b4 that is not right. But again am not the expert

  213. Angus says:

    Pls give contact

  214. Kenj says:

    Appreciate if you can provide me ivy’s contact details
    Thank yoh 🙂

  215. Prince says:

    Bro i will be marry in august so i really need that petua.

    Appreciate if you can provide me the details and contact number

    Thank you

  216. Tony says:

    Share contact pls

  217. joejo says:

    Please share her contact.. thanks bro

  218. Ray says:

    Hi. Can u please share the contact no of ivy the great masseuse. Tqvm

  219. lp says:

    Please send me the contact ya. thanks hoiz6012@gmail.com

  220. roy says:

    Please share the contact details to 0126186179

  221. Helmi says:

    Please share Ivy ctc number and location.

  222. frankie says:

    Kindly email contact

  223. Inndran says:

    Please email me the contact number

  224. Smith says:

    Please i want shes contact number. Sendiri at My e-mail: shahptrz911@gmail.com

  225. Smith says:

    Please i want shes contact number. Send at My e-mail: shahptrz911@gmail.com

  226. Indra says:

    Can I get the contact number

  227. Denes says:

    Hi I need the massage how to contact Dr ivy

  228. haris says:

    Can I get the contact number?

  229. Sharp says:

    Revert me in email on this..tq

  230. Matsom says:

    Please send ivy contact number, need to have urut batin

  231. Zamil says:

    Can i have her contact please?

  232. Lee Guan says:

    Contact pls, can email?

  233. ikhwan says:

    can i get the phone number

  234. bungkasa says:

    interested to try. pls revert me in email. bungkasa@gmail.com

  235. Ryner says:

    Please email me ivy contact number,TQ admin

  236. sam says:

    can i have ivy contact no.

  237. kalai says:

    can sen u re wat sep namber tq

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