Urut Batin Haven, hands full of experience! May(CKT)

Urut Batin Haven, hands full of experience! May(CKT)

Master: TyeTied

All thanks to webmaster for sharing this contact with me,texted her last week when i got the contact,seems like she herself was already booked for last week,so i just went for this week 4pm,when i reached the location by taxi,i thought it would be at the apartments,but to my surprise she was located near a shop lot third floor

When i saw her,she wasnt a looker much,just okay,but she just take me to a room and ask me to strip down naked,as i did book for urut batin,i just took off my clothes and lay on the bed.

She just came in and started massaging me,but her hands are really strong,she massage all the stress spot,but while she was massaging me,she kept on teasing my balls while massaging,her teasong was really so good,my flag came up slowly even i already masturbated just 2 hour before.

Massaged my back,my front,note she will also massage your hands and legs and release all of your stress,and crack your fingers and toe

After all that she will tell you in cantonese that she will start the urut batin…

The moment she started,in my mind i was really like “OHMAIIGOD”,she will grab your didi while you laying backside up,and when she kept on rubbing she also press the pressure on your groin area,some parts also near your asshole,so there some outer Ar around there,but no worries she make you feel so good,you will just grunt and moan more passionly then a girl some times,while she is rubbing  your didi she will also play with the didi head,one hand twist massage and sometime use finger to tease your didi,some time even use two fingers and play with your didi hole(in a soft and literally painless but more arousing way),even when i switch to the front she use her hand to massage my didi so good and nice,i was just moaning slightly here and there.her hand play really good

Then she asked how you wanna cum?she ask laying down or face up,since i never tried laying down so i tried laying down even her warm hands really skillful but i cannot cum (maybe because i masturbated),then switch to top side but  this she got “serious”,started slow was really comforting really slow,but she on her engine and slowly revveing it up but still very soft and nice,speed up until i cannot tahan and just slowly slowly made me cum,that was really mind blowing(since this is my first time),after that she told me that my didi is very healthy,that atleast gave me a relief.xD

After that she told me to rest first,after that i lay down about 3 minutes,and then started wiping all the vaseline around my didi and some near my butt and asshole,yet she can make it feel so much erotica there,after that talk abit and just paid and left….

SERVICE:so far only Urut Batin
Age:???(look maybe 28 or 29?)
Damage:100(massage)+50(urut batin) one and half hour
WIR:For the handjob,and awaken my didi? YES!!!

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207 Responses to “Urut Batin Haven, hands full of experience! May(CKT)”

  1. James says:

    Tel contact please

  2. Mud says:

    may i have contact no pls..tq

  3. Sam says:


    Can share contact ? Many thanks in advance.

  4. Kc says:

    Can share contact…
    Thanks a lot…

  5. Ray says:

    Pls share the contact as interest to give it a try.


  6. Bryan Keng says:

    Master TyeTied, please pm the contact pm to kengwaisab@gmail.com…Thanks!!!

  7. double a says:

    Sir, where is the location? 3rd floor shop lot ? where?

  8. Jason says:

    Mind to share me the contact?

  9. Alex Lee says:

    Can i have her contact pls? Tq. alexleesl777@yahoo.com

  10. syarman says:

    contact number please

  11. Ramon says:

    Please share contact..

  12. sean says:

    Care to share contact and key? Seanchee@hotmail.com

  13. happyzday003 says:

    Master: TyeTied, please share with me her contact @ happyzday003@gmail.com
    Thank you.

  14. king says:

    Contact pls

  15. exboss says:

    Cont pls

  16. Tk joo says:

    Bro Care to share contact and key? sjootan@gmail.com

  17. moovykat says:

    Hi Bro TT, appreciate contact info. Many thanks.

  18. danial says:

    Can i have her contact pls?

  19. john says:

    Hi Bro,

    Mind to share contact, I will repay you.



  20. Stuart says:

    Can I have the contact and key please?

  21. didi says:

    Bro,Pm may contact. Tq!

  22. Wong says:

    bro can i hare her contractual no. Tqvm

  23. JACK says:

    Bro..Contact please..

  24. robb says:

    me want also the contact number plzz cannot tahan lor

  25. James says:

    Hi, buddy. Can share her contact at gtrgti888@gmail.com
    Thank you

  26. Brian says:

    Mate,please share her contact. Thanks

  27. mai says:

    Bro share her contact please ..thanks

  28. SG says:

    Hi, if anyone got the contact number for this lady, please share with me at sg.memories@gmail.com

  29. coolboy says:

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  30. NinjaCheongster says:

    Can I has contact please bro gslbns@outlook.com

  31. Zen says:

    Please share contact. Thanks.

  32. Bratt says:

    Can you email me the contact please. Thanks

  33. mike says:

    Please share details

  34. Man says:

    Can I have the contact and key thanks

  35. horny22 says:

    pls share contact.. pm onlyliving22@gmail.com

  36. A Limo says:

    Am interested to try May’s Urut Batin

    Her CTC please….

  37. Aiman says:

    Bro mind to share contact?

  38. Lim says:

    bro, kindly share contact info and loacation please. greatly appreciated if you do so. thanks

  39. jeremi says:

    contact no pls…

  40. whynot says:

    Bro can send me contact…thanks

  41. jayson says:

    Bro, please send her contact. Thks

  42. T says:

    bro contact plz thanks

  43. Michael says:

    May I have the contact please

  44. Danniel Lee says:

    contact number please

  45. azlan says:

    how to get the number?

  46. maxmor says:

    Please share contact please.. anyone.. maxsizetty@gmail.com

  47. Pearce says:

    Can I have the phone number please?

  48. Jayden says:

    It is a shame for me to confess that i never ever has a satisfied and pure Urut Batin, can you please share Dr. ivy contact pls?


  49. vic says:

    Bro, can share the contact at fools01@yahoo.com

  50. Kris says:


    Bro , can you share the details at rkrishn67@gmail.com ?

    Thanks in advance

  51. rey says:

    Hey bro,
    Can you share the contact and details please at mra_2101@hotmail.com

  52. Albert L says:

    Bro!, Kindly share the location and mobile

  53. kane says:

    Hey bro , can share the details ekane0727@gmail.com please ?

  54. Kay says:

    Bro.. Can i have her contact

  55. Chong says:

    Bro,Contact please?

  56. Tan KH says:

    Bro , can you share the details at khtan68@gmail.com ?

    Thank you,

    With kind regards,

  57. LDK says:

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  58. azman says:

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  59. Potato says:

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  60. Jim carry says:

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  61. ricky says:

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  62. rej says:

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  63. Gary says:

    Hi, please pm contact to me at hacc79@yahoo.com.. Thanks bro

  64. jtheo says:

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  65. john says:

    Please provide the number for urut batin. TQVM in advance

  66. urutkampong says:

    urut batin by man and for man….can call 019-2240807

  67. Jason says:

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  68. Wee says:

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  69. Rizz says:


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  73. Alex says:

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  74. jack says:

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  75. Mavan says:

    Pls pm to mavan_12mvn@yahoo.co.uk
    The contact & address

  76. Sk says:

    Address & contact details pls. TQ

  77. Wow! Interesting. Lovely urut batin i am sure alot of people will like her. My client wants a Chinese lady for urut batin too. Where do to go for?

    Valentine Lee

  78. Trebor says:

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  79. Thomas says:

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  83. K says:

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  84. Massage for Men says:

    For Men only…to increase stamina…get manhood massage…send email to urutkuasa@gmail.com

  85. Steven says:

    Would love to hv her contact & address. Thanks a million!

  86. Andy says:

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  88. Shod says:

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  90. Edz says:

    Pm me for contact.. thx as is hard to get a good batin services nwadays..

  91. Adam says:

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  92. Ss says:

    Appreciate the contact. May email me at shivabgsc@gmail.com

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  108. francis says:

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  114. Tenchu says:

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  115. Jason says:

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  116. Jason says:

    please give me May(CKT)number

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  117. BP says:

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  118. David says:

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  125. JC says:

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    Hi, webmaster,

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  132. Aiden says:

    Bro can you provide may ctc to me for urut batin.
    Email : hongweng@live.com.my

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  134. Wstar says:

    Hi. Bro.. old pm her contact.. really need this indeed.. thanks

  135. Loh says:

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  136. Jazzman says:

    Please share telephone contact and place. Thanks a lot!

  137. Steven says:

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  138. QQ says:

    can i get contact…really hard to find a proper batin…and no guys masseur pls…tq. melvin_1@hotmail.com

  139. NN says:

    please master, or anyone else, can you please give me the contact and address? email is anzcitizen@gmail.com

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  149. simon says:

    Are May still working there? Can I have the address please? Thx

  150. Zack says:

    Please PM May’s contact.

  151. MAHIRAH MAT HUSIN says:

    call @ whatsapp irah ye utk urut batin, boleh ke lokasi abg syg 0197777844. irah student UNIKL

  152. Johnny Tan says:

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  166. James says:

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  178. Ella says:

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