Urut Batin Dr. Ivy

Urut Batin Dr. Ivy

Master: Lee

Planned to find her for some proper massage after a long working and holiday trip. Once i’m back, immediately SMS her for appointment. She didn’t reply me until the very the next day. Straight confirm with her the time and ask for address.
That night, drive to her area and contact her. She just got back from work and ask me to wait a while she get ready for me. Once OK and got her address immediately look for her place.She waiting outside for me. Park car and straight go in.
She directs me to the room at the back. She has lots of pet cat with her. Went into the room and it is dimly lighted, with music and some household stuff laying around. She ask me to stripped off and lay down.I was initially a bit shy and she laughs it off at me.
She starts off with back body massage with oil. She asked me whether the massage pressure is sufficient or not. Surprisingly, she is very good at it.Then we start to talk about massage stuff while she’s doing her job. Talk about my body pain, which part can’t be massage, how to go about it and etc etc. Then talk about DIY. While talking about it, she reach for my Didi and did some inspection on it and gave me some tips on the condition of my Didi and balls. She seems to really know a thing or two about Didi healthcare / performance maintenance. Didi starts to grow while she was checking on it. After that continue massaging.
She then ask me turn face up. This is where thing start to get interesting. She covered my Didi with a towel while she’s massaging my chest. After finish then it’s Batin. She kneel on top of me with my hip in between while holding my Didi in her hand. She starts massaging my Didi with a few repeated pull from base to tip and some massage to the balls. 
While doing that she continue with her tips/recipe for a more healtier Didi and proper usage of it. My Didi starts to grew harder and harder while she’s on it. My minds starts to think dirty and naughty. More over, her bra straps keeps falling off. I think its more than 10 minutes she doing this. The view of a nice lady kneeling in front of me with her hand on my Didi is really a turn on. Anyway, i think i will try to follow her tips and recipe.
After finish, she clean me up with a hot water wipe. Before getting me dressed, she demonstrate to me some ways for exercising my Didi. Again, the moment where a nice lady standing in front of me with my Didi in her hand is really a big turn on.
I can say visiting her will you a different feeling about massaging. I think it is worth to try it out. Its something i have never tried and experience anywhere else.

Name : Ivy
Race : Mix with Thai
Age : Didnt Ask. (But looks young)
Face : 7/10
Massage : 8-10 (good massage pressure. not like other usual place i tried before. more ache after massage. Only thing is, a bit lack of massage on hand and leg.)
Batin : 9/10
WIR : Yes. After i successfully follow her tips/recipe.

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  1. Mayhope1982 says:

    Hi, please can you share the ivy details: relaxtime000@yahoo.com

  2. Ajul says:

    Give contact pls to pilibomba@gmail.com. Tq2

  3. jack says:

    Contact no

  4. Mike says:

    please share with me the contact number~~

  5. jay says:

    pls provide me t phone number

  6. eric says:

    please share contact

  7. Joe says:

    can share contact please?

  8. shaun says:


    Kindlt provide me contact number

  9. Ming says:

    Hi Bro can you give me her contact no please? : )

  10. Jason says:

    Bro, can please share her contact no? Really need some batin.

  11. Jovy says:

    Pls send her details so I can try out. Thanks.

  12. tiddley says:

    Did she change her number? I used to have it but it looks like someone else is holding the previous number.

    Care to share the new contact Mr Lee? Thanks.


  13. John says:

    can U pls pm me d address , Tq

  14. Dylan says:

    Hello, can u pm me the price and her hp no.? Tq

  15. Jackie says:

    Can u pm me her detail?? hp num and price?? THank you

  16. Jackie says:

    Can u pm me her detail?? hp num and price?? THank you


  17. Randy says:

    Share her contact please

  18. mark says:

    Bro please pm location and contact details of Ivy. Been looking for good batin.

  19. bon jovi says:

    Hi bro, can pm me pls

  20. Philip says:

    Can I have ivy contact please

  21. Jade says:

    Please share Dr. Ivy contact please as I have been many years without a Best Urut Batin….

  22. Kenji says:

    hey bro, can i have her contact? I really need a genuine urut batin.
    to kenho_81@hotmail.com. thx

  23. hariz says:

    can u pm her details .tq . hareyz35@gmail.com

  24. Edwin says:

    Please share her contact with me, i’m interested to try this urut batin.

  25. Lee says:

    Hi…please kindly pm the contact number of Dr ivy to xelwyn@gmail.com …thanks in advance.

  26. naz says:

    Hi…please kindly pm the contact number of Dr ivy..nazrul.fadzli@gmail.com …tq.

  27. Bryan Keng says:

    Master Lee, please email the contact please to kengwaisab@gmail.com…need treatment…thanks!!!

  28. Alex Lee says:

    Can i have her contact pls? Tq. alexleesl777@yahoo.com

  29. Lover says:

    PM contact, Thank you

  30. Infekted says:

    Please kindly PM contacts pls.. Newbie here 🙂

  31. Rob says:

    Please share contact details. relaxbatin73@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot.

  32. james says:

    Can PM for contact?

  33. Phing says:

    Hi, please kindly pm the contact no.
    phing.owp@hotmail.com ,thanks

  34. Kit says:

    Hi, please kindly pm the contact no.
    Kkcheng0515@hotmail.com ,thanks for sharing…

  35. Arul says:


    can you pm me the contact no. thanks

  36. karry says:

    Hi there,
    Care to share the contact?

  37. Steven Wan says:

    Hi can you please share the contacy with me? 🙂 stevenwan20@gmail.com

  38. dk says:

    Hi, please do share her contact with me, thanks..msa4961@gmail.com

  39. dk says:

    Hi, please do share her contact with me, thanks..msa4961@gmail.com

  40. alan says:

    Pm me Ivy contact

  41. Clayton says:

    Pm Ivy contact and adress. THanks !

  42. Joshua says:

    Please pm initial_d007@hotmail.com

    Contact Number & Adress THnaks

  43. Haresh says:

    Hi, I would seriously like to meet her. She could help in solving my sexual problems at present. Greatful if I could get her contact. Cheers

  44. Ram says:

    Please pm contact

  45. Jack says:

    please share the contact bro??

  46. Jack says:

    please share the contact bro??

  47. john says:

    Hi bro,

    Can email contact & address? Appreciate that.



  48. Eric says:

    Bro, can share contact and details to me? Email:kazaf_ad@hotmail.ckm

  49. COCO says:

    Can email contact & address? Appreciate that.



  50. nielniel says:

    mind to give contact and address?

    Really appreciate if you do help. =)

    my email: nielniel@Live.com

  51. rick says:

    hi can share detail?

  52. clear says:

    Bro, can you share contact and address clear.ego2@gmail.com

  53. Les says:

    Hi buddy, could you please email her contact to me at:


    I have been looking for a decent urut batin masseuse who knows her stuff since I moved up from the South and I have yet to find one. Would really appreciate your help in this.

    Of course, if need be please get her consent first. I would not want to abruptly interrupt her with her not expecting any stranger contact.

    Thank you very much.

  54. Man says:

    Please do share contact with me man.eastern@gmail.com

  55. ryan_d says:

    Bro…mind to share her contact…really need good batin msg…


  56. art_1504 says:

    hi mate, could you share ivy’s contact please? you can drop the details through my email at e_art@lycos.com. truly aprreciate it.

  57. J says:

    Can you please share her contact and place at mumuj93@gmail.com , thx bro

  58. N says:

    Bro, can I have her contact number pls?

  59. Jay says:

    Hi bro,can share de price and contact number?jscho88@gmail.com

  60. Sexy Man says:

    Please share contact

  61. Hungry man says:

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  62. Shaz says:

    Can I have Dr Ivy contact no…really looking for good real batin massage.

  63. malcolm says:

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  64. mark says:

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  66. Rockeane says:

    Hi, appreciate if can share the ivy contact. Pm at mail rockeanesrocking@gmail.com

  67. Shashi says:

    Can anyone share the contact number..as i have a very frustration problem in manhood.my marriage life just getting worst just becAsuse of this kinda problem.i hope some one can help me on this

  68. Shashi says:

    Can anyone share the contact number..as i have a very frustration problem in manhood.my marriage life just getting worst just becAsuse of this kinda problem.i hope some one can help me on this


  69. alan says:

    can u provide contact for dr ivy pls thks provari32.com

  70. bryan says:

    can i have her contact please, bro?

  71. Adam says:

    Can I have her contact bro??

  72. johan says:

    Can i have her phone number..

  73. james says:

    May I have Dr ivys contact?

  74. Jim says:

    Hi Mr Lee or anyone it may concern,

    I am trying to search for Dr. Ivy’s contact high and low but to no avail for some time. I genuinely want to try her services after reading a lot of her amazing FR’s. Am just wondering if she is still around and offering her same services as mentioned by other bro’s.

    Would greatly appreciate if someone be kind enough to share her contacts and lay down the terms and conditions before contacting Dr Ivy. Here’s my contact point: choclove12345@gmail.com

    Thank you,

  75. daz says:

    Hyee can share with me the recipe for dick n message tips

  76. Lee says:

    contact pls. need some good massage


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  79. Kamasutra says:


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  80. zanny says:

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  81. Eric says:

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  82. adam says:

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  83. james says:

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  85. Delay no more says:

    Dirty place
    Talk too much
    Advice given is widely available in the internet
    Massage sucks.

  86. Adam says:

    Hello friends, can someone please send me the contact info of Ivy the Batin queen number on smart_adam23@yahoo.com. Thank you

  87. jason says:

    Hi…I have been looking for her contact for long long time,but couldn’t get,all daiko here can share her contact??really wanted to try her

  88. Joel says:

    Can share dr ivy contact to joel86ap@gmail.com ?

  89. David says:

    Hi there have been looking for batin massage cause my didi problem T-T. Pls share dr ivy contact to darth_vader_lordsith@hotmail.com

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  92. Gerrad says:

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  94. leolau says:

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  95. leolau says:

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  100. GilbertOng says:

    Pls give me her contact.
    I am newbie btw.

  101. Adam Adami says:

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  102. Adam Adami says:

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  119. zhlim says:

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  120. Charlie Koe says:

    Would appreciate it if you can forward mr Dr. Ivy’s number. Thank you

  121. Lai says:

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  122. Adami says:

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  125. jony says:

    HI ! Can you please share Ms.Ivy’s contact number ? I have read a lot about her, and would like to meet her. Thank You.
    From Jony

  126. WC says:

    Hey, kindly share me her contact 🙂

  127. W-C says:

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  128. DC says:

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  148. Roy says:

    Hye master lee, cab u please share dr. Ivy contact cause my didi got problem ? roy.justin321@gmail.com ty

  149. Aiden says:

    Hi can you share Dr. Ivy contact?? Thanks bro…

  150. Peter says:

    Hey there. I desperately need a good masseur for my didi… Please share me the contact please… My email peterlam2200@gmail.com

  151. rhyen says:

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  152. rhyen says:

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  156. Alex says:

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    Hi mr lee,

    Pls shared Ivy’s contact . Much appreciate it

    Email to cklchin@yahoo.com.


  170. Bb says:

    Is she still providing service in the field? Can share her contact? PM tq

  171. VIn says:

    Is she still servicing?can email me the number?thanks LTB_cuttypiggy@hotmail.com

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    Thank young

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  176. Pukibutomak says:

    I have tried her treatment. And I’m happy with the results. I have fully recovered and my erection has bcome more harder and solid. Those want the Dr Ivy contact can pm me at (pukibutomak17@hotmail.com)
    but there is a rules must be followed(set by Dr Ivy) and her changes is different now.

  177. george says:

    please send me her number. I want to go see her

  178. yowzer says:

    could you please share the contact

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    Please PM contact for Dr Ivy. Thank you!

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    Would you mind sharing your good news with me?
    I need it urgently.

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  182. ownpython says:

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    Bro, can share her contact to me please? Need her help on my did as well. Thanks

  187. Tony says:

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  188. BrotherKit says:

    Hi bros,

    For anyone who is interested to see Dr Ivy for a batin session, just PM me at brudderkit@gmail.com and I will help set up an appointment for you.


  189. Sleven says:

    Hi can share Ivy’s contact. Appreciate the assistance.

  190. JimJimmy says:

    Hi, please do share the contact details of Dr Ivy to me? i would like to have a session with her to check on my props. Appreciate it if u could share to me.

  191. Raj says:

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