Unplanned relaxing evening with lust reliever masseur Lin

Unplanned relaxing evening with lust reliever masseur Lin 

Master: Ashraf

Dear Brother,

This FR is about a month ago, which i late to report to all of you because the time constraint and much importantly the internet connection at my working site this past month is nearly to not available haha~…

It start here,

In the first place i already got FL NL Lin contact from webmaster which i plan to contact her next next time~…”al-maklumlah” busy all the way plus got many other activity which make my inner tiger goes sleeping beauty..

One pressure day, right before i went to a presentation, i pass by this one “akak tetek besar” at office which irresponsibly resting her fluffy boobs on table while watching korean drama..oh dem, my inner tiger wake already and feel want to jump to her and sink my face on her boobs that time…my boboboi pointing north already~ however i can’t do that…only imagination run wild~

After finish intense presentation with damn many question, i take a rest while lit up my cigarette before want to facing intense shit traffic that evening, suddenly i recalled the “akak tetek besar” and at the moment my boboboi had the urge to unload…haish~…so my itchy hand open the phonebook and sms FL contact i had several from webmaster to try-try on ad-hoc short notice date session…however i am not sms Lin at first, because as my reading in others FR, Lin is very suitable for who want to massage…i am not a fan of massaging just take her contact because FR said her boobs was nice…

When all FL contact not available and can’t do short notice, finally i decided to try Lin…Although i don’t like to massage but sometimes why not try once in a while and in the end can “celup-celup” too… Oh my goddess, Lin is responding and accept my request and she ask me to come to Batu Caves in one hour…so fine with me and yippeee ka yay~..

Upon arriving, i sms her and not wait very long, she tell me the direction to her place and for me it easy to search and straight to her door without hassle..i not knock the door instead i am misscall her and she open the door slowly…

About her face, what i can say it not much there to say…not so ugly not so beautiful…we can say it had some sweetness and her lips is nice to see..her boobs from outside is nice curve and big enough to meet my hunger to “akak tetek besar” but her boobs not so big la but its there with nice shape…she is short and not thin and not fat..like other FR said, her room is dim, and got big mirror beside bed to peek the session…

Lin ask me to go to her room and she said “bogelkan” hehe~ i said first time massage and then she said she will do the best..yes, its true best and the massage is very smooth not hurt very comforting and relaxing until i am totally forgot i came to Lin to suck her nipple and “celup-celup-pancut” her…nearly one hour of massaging and fun conversation, my inner tiger is wake again and this time for real…all of this “akak tetek besar” fault…i turn to Lin and grab her boobs and ask her to “bogelkan” hahah~…

I suck her nipples very-very much, lick-lick, nyum-nyum while imagining you know who…my finger massage her wet clit and she like “emmm emmm emmm” sound so nice…i think i play with her boobs so much until she said “abang suka nyonyot” ahahahha~ and then after that i quickly kiss her face, kiss her belly button and suddenly she wake and put cap on my boboboi, no time to DATY her, she push me to lie down and she start to cowgirl me with really sexy view with melting sound and “Nyontot laju”…its like “aaaauhhh auhhhh aaauuwwhh” so wow damn and i lose my control plus she kiss me on forehead while moaning…seriously can’t control and boboboi is unload with high pressure “pancut”…perrggghhh…massage+celup=madness….

Clean-up, have warm shower, and had another fun conversation about life while smoke two cigarette and a bottle of mineral water at her living room and then give her friendly hug and then back to home happily~… in the way back, she sms me to come again and she said she want to do it again….

The Next day, my damn boss assign me to outstation at remote site with bad phone coverage and internet access like snail for a month with nice pay…so either Lin is my Good Luck or Bad Luck Charm, i don’t know…hahaha~

Name: Lin
Type: NL
Origin: Malay Indon
Age : Didnt ask
Face : 6/10 – (Just Sweet) Beauty is in the eye of beholder + make-up
Body:  7/10 – Middle (Not So Fat)
Skin: Fair
Boob: 7/10 – Nice Curve, Not So Big (Palm Size)
Pussy: I think not smell
BBBJ: Forgot to Ask
DATY: Not have Opportunity to do that
FJ: 8/10
CIM: Didnt ask
Moan: Best
Rush: Not at all
GFE: 9/10 Friendly, Talkative, Offer Drink, Watching TV together…
Damage: 150
WIR: Yes Soon~

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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  1. rayz says:

    Bro…my email rraayyzz@outlook.com

    game.on !

  2. daniel.s says:

    Bro….i also need to release some tension..m could u kindly email me her contact at last_kit@yahoo.com thanks n appreciated.

  3. Wong says:

    Bro, can email her contact tak

  4. iz says:


    Can email her contact no?


  5. Tom says:

    Hi bro, can please pm and share her contact? Would appreciate that. Thanks a lot. Cheers.

  6. mau says:

    Share her contact pls farizkyo@yahoo.com

  7. jimmy says:

    Hi bro…care to send me lin’s contact? Tq

  8. James says:

    Master Ashraf, please share lin’s contact!
    Thank you brother.

  9. jax says:

    pm her no pls..

  10. Farq says:

    Hi bro, can please pm and share her contact

  11. Merlin says:

    Hi, boleh share the contact and GKey through my email: vermogensberatungs@yahoo.com

    Thank you

  12. Albert L says:

    Please email me the address

  13. CG says:

    Bro, pls share contact. Tnx

  14. Chris says:

    Bro, pls provide contact. My email is cg12cs@gmail.com
    Thanks and really appreciate it

  15. Robbie says:

    Bro, please email me the contact and golden key(frobbie8@gmail.com). Thanks

  16. Jay says:

    Bro pls exchange contact email me at fernandezjeremy9@gmail.com

  17. cougar says:

    Pls send Contact n golden key ya… Thx a lot… cougarthtan81@gmail.com

  18. Jack says:

    Pm contact

  19. john says:

    hp no lin pls… tq

  20. wii5it says:

    bro.. pls email Lin detail at onezya@gmail.com

  21. Big Ray says:

    Hello Sir.. Appreciate if you could share Lin’s contact details with me.

    Thanks bro

  22. joe says:

    bro… pleaaaaaassseee email me how to contact Lin…. joejet40@yahoo.com

  23. ujang says:

    brother..share no dia kat kauaku05@gmail.com…stress aku dgr cite ko nieh…hehe

  24. John says:

    bro… pleaaaaaassseee email me how to contact Lin. mbhaji@gmail.com

  25. Speajoe says:

    Bro hope u dont mind share Lin’s contact. bgnsk2006@yahoo.com.or text me 011 16299075.TQ

  26. n syams says:

    Boleh emailkan contact no. mcm interesting je to try. TQ ye

  27. baristas30 says:

    Bro master, appreciate you can share her number w me, baristas30@outlook.com. am traveling to klang valley tmrw

  28. yNWa says:

    Bro can pM me her contact. Surenz3@yahoo.com

  29. Wan77 says:

    Brp Ctc no for lin n golden key pls tq

  30. jacx86 says:

    Master Ashraf, please share lin’s contac! Stim lor your sex journey..Thank you brother. jacxie1986@gmail.com

  31. PChoi says:

    Please share her contact

  32. Franky says:

    Can I get her golden key and contact details. Thanks.

  33. Ismail.I says:

    Hi Bro,

    Please share the contact.


    Sharing is caring bro!

    Thanks in advance 😉

  34. DD says:

    Hi can i have lin hp no…tq

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