Unforgettable urut batin with Mel

Unforgettable urut batin with Mel

Master: Kevin W

Here’s my FR bro. Just went only on Wednesday.

Been itching for a nice massage + hopefully extras after MIA for a few months. Decided to kepoh around,and found a place near my office at Damansara Perdana which was known for a ML called Mel, famous for her massage and urut batin skills. After contacting the place via WeChat, I was advised to do booking just in case it was packed.

Reached the place around 6.30, which I had trouble finding after wandering around aimlessly. Finally found it and when checking in, I was told to wait as Mel just went out. After waiting about 20 mins, I spotted two girls entering the place, where one of them looked at me and melted my heart which a super sweet smile. I kept praying hard that this was Mel.

Then I was brought in to the last room, and told to undress and wait. Then the same girl came in and true enough, it was Mel which made me damn happy. She was very very friendly and talkative, where we joked about everything from me, to the MP, and even our daily lifestyle. All in all, I had a really nice conversation with her while enjoying her massage.

Her body massage with oil was very relaxing and soothing, where she knows the right places to rub and press without hurting me. At that point, I felt so relaxed and was so close to sleeping but I forced myself to stay awake as she really made me feel like I was chatting with a girlfriend.

And then came the batin. I don’t how she did it, but I was feeling quite tired that day and felt that she might have trouble helping my didi stand. But the moment she started,she grabbed my didi while I was lying face down and she started rubbing and pressing pressure points just around my groin area, my didi went Negaraku slowly and steadily.

After she asked me to flip frontwards, she continued slowly massaging my didi, where she made me cannot tahan when she played with my didis head, the one hand twist massage and finger to tease the didi. I immediately sat up and pointed at her boobs, where she whispered cutely “have to pay toll la”, which was RM50. Already being so horny, I tried my luck by asking if they were anymore “extras”, which she replied no but I could sense might have chance.

So I took the offer and unhooked her bra to reveal a not so huge (I’m a boob lover btw) but cute pair of assets, which I started to work on. She started moaning softly, which turned me on even more. I kept licking her cute nipples and working on both boobs, and she kept moaning so softly while jerking me off. I then tried to rub her clit which she stopped me but not completely. Seeing I got chance, I started rubbing more and her hand motion got even faster. I tried to slow her down but alas, before I could continue any further, my didi gave up on me and unloaded everything.

She helped clean me up, and massaged my didi softly a little more before I dressed up. I chatted with her awhile more, then paid her the RM50 and the counter before leaving.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t tahan longer to see more action, but was happy with the whole overall experience. Made up my mind to definitely come back and try my luck again, since it’s so near my office.

Name: Mel
Race: NL
Age: Didn’t ask but I think around late 20’s.
Face : 8.5/10 (Very sweet look, with abit of makeup)
Body: Slim and petite
Boobs: B (Not very big, but good enough to cup and suck)
Massage : 8.5/10 (She knows how to apply the right pressure at certain joints)
Batin: 9/10 (Not rushing, not simply jerking off only)
GFE: 10/10 (Imagine having a cute NL GF that enjoys joking and talking to you)
WIR : Yes and I heard that there’s a chance to FJ her if you manage to seduce her (licking her boobs seem to be her weakness)
Damage: RM100 for 1hr massage + RM50 for her

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  1. Mario says:

    Pls share her contact pls..

  2. johnC says:

    Pls share her contact and place thks…

  3. jackson says:

    can you share the location plz ?

  4. lorongtepi says:

    can u share contact and loc please?

  5. AJ says:

    Could you please tell me about a way contact to her,because I’m staying Hotel at USJ and this night last night stay in KL

  6. warn says:

    Share no & location…area penang

  7. David says:

    Hi what’s the massage place called ?

  8. nasr says:

    Hi friends,
    Emel me if you wanna exchange FR contact

  9. Alex says:

    Can share contact? Thanks!!

  10. SamuraiX says:

    Please share location thanks
    Email me maxcom50@gmail.com

  11. Joe says:

    Hye bro..

    Pls share the location and contact number bro..??


  12. Joe says:

    Hye bro..

    Pls share the location and contact number bro..??

    Email : freshman112005@yahoo.com


  13. Rekart says:

    bro nice try…ur story line damn god

  14. Cheongmaster69 says:

    Bro..what is the place name?

  15. sailorman says:

    Pls share name of the place and the contact – she sounds good

  16. azhari says:

    Contact no and location please

  17. ahmad says:

    bro can share number and address? thank you

  18. RamseYboY says:

    Can share contact & location? Got photo to share? Thanks man..

  19. Ben Razif says:

    Hey there..its Ben here..can we share the contact bro? Thanks again bro. benrazif@gmail.com

  20. limitless says:

    Bro can share contact and location? photo would be great


  21. alantan says:

    hi, master kevin w, ple share her contact no to 0194759968… thanks a lot master…

  22. Mr JT says:

    Bro, Please email golden key. Don’t mind also share her contact. Thanks
    My emai: leon_jt@aol.com

  23. Mradw88 says:

    Bro…. Pls share contact & location at D’sara Perdana. Izzit at that SPA & Hotel?
    Thanks (@_@)

  24. Jason says:

    Hi bro, can you please share contact details and location? Want to go this week..sterbong@gmail.com


  25. Sting says:

    Hi bro, can share her contact? thanks.

  26. LDK says:

    Hi, can you share her contact and location please? Many thanks.

  27. deej87 says:

    anyone have JJ damansara jaya no ? i have mel no..

  28. Good Guy says:

    Can share her contact at mascock73@gmail.com


  29. Splash6i9 says:

    Anyone has good massage gurl or msg center contacts, d’sara area pls let know..thx

  30. Mr Leon says:

    Pls share golden key & her contact.
    My email: leon_mp@mail.com

  31. Rick says:

    Bro, please share the massage joint name or contact details.


  32. Mamba nz says:

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  33. Sam says:

    Pls contact no ..

  34. JSkong says:

    Please share the contact details.
    thank you.

  35. demak says:

    Pls share the location and contact number bro.


    Email : demakbladehonda@gmail.com

  36. Gentlemen says:

    Hi bro, please share her contact number to me.


    my email is coolzzman1988@gmail.com

  37. zainul says:

    Please contact and golden keys . I want to meet her

  38. ryan says:

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  39. Faly88 says:

    Location pls!

  40. liew says:

    where in D. Perdana bro

  41. Jon says:

    Hi Master, pls share to 0122553393. Thx

  42. Harrison says:

    Please send contact and address to nneka.ella@yahoo.com. Thanks

  43. Azahar Mihat says:

    Pls share me the name of place n contact no

  44. Rizz says:


    Can share contact ? Many thanks in advance.

  45. Lee ann says:

    Hi bro. Exchange contact with me OK ?


  46. Tim says:

    may i have the contact

  47. Tim says:

    contact pls, thanks.

  48. Wan77 says:

    Ctc no n golden key pls Bro tq

  49. ajib says:

    Contact number pls, thanks

  50. Han says:

    Please share.


  51. milf milf says:

    bro… pls share her contact or name of MP… thanks

  52. ZhenYuan says:

    Please sharr no. Nightzhenyuan@hotmail.com
    thanks bro

  53. Shin says:

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  54. thong says:

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  55. nabe says:

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    email steve.grey301@gmail.com

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    pls share contact to 0166488469

  58. lojack says:

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  59. Keith says:

    bro can you please email me MEL contact info or wechat ID??

    this my email address, thank you for sharing

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    this my email vincent_kean@hotmail.com

  61. jj says:

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    My e-mail: jamesnight333@gmail.com


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  64. Zul says:

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  65. steve says:

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  66. Bob Lee says:

    Hey bro can share location of mp or contact. Appreciate it

  67. Bob Lee says:

    Hey master kevin,

    I will be on the damansara perdana area tomorrow can you share location and contact to boblee6662@gmail.com

  68. bali says:

    Can i have d golden key and her contact no

  69. jack lo says:

    hey master could you share me her contact .

    i around the area for few day only please..need to release some steam!! ahaha

  70. Shan says:

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  71. Silverneo says:

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  72. AimanHaq says:

    thanks for sharing that vivid moment, please email me her contact and place please master!

  73. Zack says:

    Hi bro,
    Please PM Mel’s contact.

  74. Johnny Tan says:

    Hi bro

    Please share contact


    thank you

  75. Mike says:

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  78. Daniel says:

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